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Hola friends! I am a Spanish writer! And I love to write stories with a little mashup between mlp and anime!


Hola! Amigos! · 6:49am Aug 15th, 2014

Hi! I have move away from fan fiction for a while because I am coming to fimfiction! I just mlp so much! I even adore the cute little characters. I've also moved to the USA in San Francisco, and I am learning my English, and may I say it is getting better every since day!

So today I say goodbye fanfiction, and hola to fimfiction!

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1348397 how come you deleted your story it had alot of potential to be a great story

1343051 oh I'm sorry I said thank you

Um hi you replied to a comment I said but I wasnt able to see the comment because the story is now gone. Please tell me what you said I dont like to think I wasnt able to hear someones thoughts on my comments so I ask please tell me what u said:pinkiehappy:I would apreciate( I think I missed spelled that ) if you told me

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