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This is an account for the co-written stories of Princess Maxii and George Fluer Party. We totally rock and we make everything 20% cooler.

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Have you ever woken up and everything is different? You're the same, but everyone and everything else has changed? Four ponies wake up in an alternate dimension where everything is backwards and everything they know is rendered useless. Can they survive this world and find a way home?
*Contains swearing, scenes controversial enough to add a sex tag, and varied areas of gore.*

Written by Princess Maxii and GeorgeFleurParty.
Edited by Wertmon505
Cover Art done by Princess Maxii

Before any negative comments are posted or dislikes are made, this account was made by both the writers mentioned in the description. This account was made for the co-written stories.
And no, it is not against the rules to do that.

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