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Tirek, Chrysalis, Flim and Flam, what has happened to them after their last appearance?
This is a question that has many possibilities and opportunities for interpretation. From Tirek going insane to Chryssalis' hidden relations we explore, while also giving underway to some headcannons, the continuations of the arcs for all our favorite villans.
*Arcs will range from short to long stories, depending on the character.
*Rated Teen for some darker themes.

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In this rewrite of Unexpected-A Fluttercord story, Discord seems to find himself attracted to the small mare that had reformed him into someone he hadn't known in years: Fluttershy. Turns out, though, that his feelings aren't one-sided. Deep within both hearts, these feelings are mutual. Find out how over time, certain events and places cause this internal love to bleed into reality, as darkness arises over the coast and beyond it!

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I watched silently as Twilight and her friend's partied, and I hated it.. We had come so close, but yet so far.
Along with me, Sonata and Aria watched as their day went on, and they hated it too...
All until a certain somebody revealed us the portal!

Yes, if we can just get into that portal, we'll be able to get our necklaces back, right?


Full list of characters are: (From most important to least)

-The Dazzlings
-The Mane Six (Without Twilight!)

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Set after the events of Twilight's Kingdom, Discord explains to his closest friends about his tragic past all in one sunny afternoon.
Although, how will they react as they bring out of of the most personal things in his very own life?

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This story is a sequel to Unexpected - A Fluttercord Story (OLD)

This story is quite a bit old, and will not be finished due to the fact that I'm basically redoing the entire Unexpected story and it's sequels. After this "rewrite" is finished, this story, along with it's prequel, will be laid to rest as unofficial material. Sorry for the inconvenience!

It has now been 4 years after Fluttershy's and Discord's marrige, and the couple are now gifted with a baby filly. But can they be prepared for the inevitable to come, such as Fluttershy's eventul death? Or what about little Harmony's powers? Will she be praised or neglected for her looks? That's what you'll have to find out!
All of the people's stories that I have read and liked that have in some way inspired me to write this story are in the description of my first story, Unexpected. Although I have been moved by many others. I thank you all!
(Disclaimer) Derpy's and Discord's families' relationship isn't in any way suposed to be relating to their relationship in Daughter and Bride of Discord by DisneyFanatic. This is my own original way.

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Pinkie loves to have fun! She likes to have fun, in PonyVille, Canterlot, Trottingham, Jasper Nevada-wait what? That's right! Not long after getting her cutiemark, Pinkie earns the ability to "break the fourth wall" and has made plenty friends since.
But what happens when one day, she jumps the barrier but then can't get home?
Find out in Pinkie's Adventures to the Fourth Wall and Beyond!
CREDITS: I was inspired to write this after reading Less Than Chaotic by TheTalentlessPony, a great fanfiction to check out!

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AppleJack is always busy, but because it's winter, she doesn't have much to do. So while she tries to find out what to do, saying that she's busy, Rainbow starts teasing her. When she does that, AppleJack just ignores her, but after a couple weeks AppleJack finally tries a secret prank she's been planning a long time. But what happens when the prank almost tears apart AppleJacks and Rainbow Dash's friendship?

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This story is VERY old. My first story ever to write on FIMFiction. Because it has many views, I will not delete it yet since it has been completed I will not technically "redo" it. This explains anything that you find wrong like pacing/grammar/etc.-this was half-done when the season 4 finale aired! Yet because this story is so very old and I've changed in opinion, I will be not exactly "rewriting" it but am going to lay this story to rest by titling it as unofficial as soon as the new story gets finished. Hopefully, it will turn out much better than this one!

A cute story for those who appreciate Fluttercord. This story is currently finished, and doesn't have any inappropriate language or scenes. Discord gets himself injured while collecting some herbs, and Fluttershy is quick to help him. After many incidents, their relationship has increased to where they confess that they love eachother. But, they must keep this secret, for if the others find out, what would they do?

Even after so, what will happen when an old villain shows up once again?

BY THE WAY, I have been moved by glorious stories like Sweet Temptations, Marrige Life, many stories that I truly love. I in no way try to write like any other author, or copy anypony else. If you notice something in here that is alike another's, it is just a mere coincidence. After reading Bride of Discord, it's sequel, and many other stories, I decided to write this story. Thanks to Bride of Discord's author, DisneyFanatic23, who has helped me with editing.
In fact, thanks to everypony!

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