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Writing for Happiness · 11:21am Jun 15th, 2016

Hey folks! Hope y'all are doing well. :heart:

I try not to do too many blog posts like this because I don't want to come across as preachy or that I'm telling any of you how to live your life. You're all wonderful and should do what makes sense to you and ignore me if what I say doesn't jive for you, because I'm no more qualified to yammer about these things than anyone else.

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What Did Blueblood Say? (Crystal's Wishes Bonus Content) · 8:04pm Jan 24th, 2015

Hello folks! :twilightsmile: I'm very grateful to all of you that have taken the time to read my story, Crystal's Wishes. If you've read up to The Royal Pain, then I've got something for you! Of course, if you haven't read that far yet, then this is a bit of a spoiler but won't ruin anything. Either way, enjoy!

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