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My Small Writings: Blogposts are Cathartic; The Name of The Doctor (SPOILERS may slip through). · 11:58am May 19th, 2013

At a time when I should really be studying, instead I'm watching Doctor Who. Specifically, the finale.

I cannot believe. I doubted Moffat. Never again.
(Short sentences. They convey the impact. Though I doubt their grammar.)

The impact of the episode left me reeling, and now brings two questions to mind. What in the universe could possibly be worse than the Time War? One shudders to even imagine. And what can possibly cause the Doctor...to not be the Doctor?

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Doctor Who adventure with some romance (not Derpy, may be one-sided) · 12:12am Dec 24th, 2012

For those of you who happen upon this account out of curiosity or to marvel (or cringe) at the rather odd number of people I (attempt to) follow (or are a follower/any other reason), if you are a Doctor Who fan and don't mind the possibility of romance, check this fic out Through the Centuries I loved Him by Tardis Brony. I've read all that's posted and thought it pretty cool, try it out and see if it's the kind

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Spreading a rather good story (if action, adventure and epicness is your thing) · 6:34pm Sep 22nd, 2012

To any who happen to visit this page on chance, or to comment or are a follower look to this story and give it a shot: Equestrian Elite: Tartarus Infernum. This story is quite underappreciated and deserves better. Give it a chance. Cheers.

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