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Been forever since I've been here. I've practiced my writing and am returning now to finish one story.

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King Ferrum is dying, and a heir must be chosen. His four sons must embark on a quest to find the Crystal Maiden and prove their worth to become the heir to the throne.

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(AU) Assumes that the events of Equestria Girls never happened. Destroy any memory you have of humans and their world before reading.
(Dark/Gore) Light at first, but may develop into darker, heavier bloodshed.
(Anthro) The characters are all humanoid, with fur, horns, wings, etc. Instead of man/woman/child, I use stallion/mare/foal.

Five years have passed since the crowning of Princess Twilight Sparkle. An evil force by the name of the Six Sinestros seek to revive their master and plunge the Known World into darkness. Aiding Twilight in stopping them is another alicorn, whose past intertwines with that of Equestria.

On Hiatus because I'm currently editing the chapters.
Many thanks to Stanku for pre-reading and suggesting editions for my story.

7/13/2017 - Cancelled for the time being, probably forever. I recognized the story as a self-insert and how the plot suffered for it. I have since moved on to other projects as this story is something that no longer interests me.

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