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It is Hearth Warming Eve time and a tragic, sewer dwelling, Pegasus born with bat wings and a set of sharp teeth named Fluttershy Cobblewing AKA The Pegabat is planning to return to normal society after a lifetime living in the fringes of society which included a time being a sideshow freak at the circus and as a prisoner in a lab owned by the ghoulish and sadistic Crystal Emperor Sombra. Fueled by her cruel and horrific backstory she desperately longs to be accepted into society as a fellow pony not as a freakish monster at all costs. In order to achieve this she teams up with corrupt businesscolt Filthy Rich who wants to rule the city with The Pegabat as his puppet mayor by unleashing a horrific crime wave on citizens of Ponyville. But Ponyville's superhero Mare Do Well AKA Princess Twilight Sparkle is the only one who can stop The Pegabat and Filthy Rich's scheme. Based on Tim Burton's Batman Returns and Elfen Lied.

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