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Queen Nightmare Pulse

Hello there. I am queen of the Nightmare ponies and the dubstep world. I am an undead alicorn that can be your worst fate if angered. Make sure to stay on my good side. I am an OC, yes.


Hello everypony! · 8:25am Jan 12th, 2014

Hello there, I am this user's OC, and I promise that this is the very last time that this account and this account's group will be entirely changed. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Queen Nightmare Pulse, the queen of the Nightmare ponies and the only mare member of the Youtube pony dubstep group, Hoof Step. I am Hoof Step's artist and vocalist. Please, tell me a bit about yourself, I promise that I don't bite...hard.

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932457 Hello my name is precious I am a 13 years old lady and i really love mlpfim .i spend most of my time reading comics and fanfiction my favorite genres are romance, dark, slice of life and sad. I love listening to music and drawing i also dabble a bit in writing my own music, poems and storys. The music genres i like are all rock types, swing, pop, rnb, dubstep and many more. I like to code and make video games i know how to code in java and c++ and when i'm not doing any of thous things i usually just sleep or draw (digital art or on paper) although i must admit i'm not the best a drawing i am pretty decent at it and i plan on improving. At the moment i think when i grow up i want to be a forensic scientist this is because i think id be very skilled in the matter because i am gifted and talented in IT, Math and science. Even though i sound like this really busy ambitious person i am very lazy but when i have to do something i get up and try to do it because i know that its the right thing to do and every time i give 110% because i like to strive to achieve best. I hope that tells enough about me i tryed not to give any information which is to PERSONAL.

931520 Oh, Pinkamena isn't here anymore...but this is the last time that this account will ever change. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Queen Nightmare Pulse. :twilightsmile:

Well, I only said that because, when you mentioned your "secret ingredient", I wasn't sure if you were threatening me. I wanted to make it perfectly clear that it wasn't going to work on me.

I told you before. If any pony else had seen what I've seen, they'd rather volunteer to be your next batch of cupcakes, than go back there. That counts for me, too.

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