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Join this group, especially if you're involved in the project.

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this place is dead and im surrounded by idiots

If i can do anything to help ... just ask. :ajsmug:


Wow, sorry that I have not been here in a while. I doubt anybody has.

Saw the group and i was like "meh why not." So yeah. Should you guys NEED a role filled..... i'll see if i can do it.
Also is cherry going to kill silky. Cause im thinking shes gonna kill silky, on accedent of coarse.

I won't, I promise. I can't say the same for the two Pinkamenas though.



Please dont hurt me...:fluttercry:

Is anypony able to join and most likely get gruesomely mutilated?


But it's all dead for some reason D:

A greetings to thee fellow bronies and pegasisters! I think this group might find me as an addition to be interesting.:pinkiehappy:


298129 dude you need to write something

Comment posted by Pinkamena777 deleted Dec 30th, 2012

296812 alright then,Cya till then

296768 alright then he'll get back at you whenever he comes back

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