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The background of the flashback was fuzzy, not perfectly remembered. However, she was clear as day.

A smile cracked across her face, beaming as much as her name suggested.

"Danny, ...We are going to be the best of friends!" Hooves circled around him in a tightening grip.

A trickle of surprise dashed over Dan's face before he smiled warmly as well, returning the hug.

"You're right.. The best of friends," His voice trailed off as the flashback reached its end.

A time lapse of eight years passed. Dan's eyes glowered with hatred, eyes fixated on darkened figure.

"Leave her alone! It's me you want," He placed a hoof forward as if to challenge, but no sooner, a searing pain blasted into his chest.

The impact lifted his hooves from the ground, his body toppling backwards. With a sickening crunch, he felt himself smack against the wall.

Warm liquid trickled out of the new wound, weaving its way down his coat. Instinctively, he held his hooves to the area, cringing from the pain washing over his frame.

His eyes cracked open, focusing on the figure of his friend. "Sunshine!" his voice broke off into a pained whimper. The figure rose, manacle eyes glared at them both.

The crooked smile stretched across his terrible face, jagged teeth glinted in what little light still remained.

His ear-splitting laughter boomed from his throat, as he lifted a pristine sword towards the lightly colored pony.

Sunshine began to stand to her feet, faltering slightly. However, a surge of determination caused her to push past her weakness.

She angled her head back, an empathetic expression on her face as her eyes met Dan's. A smile suddenly formed on her lips and her head whipped back ground to face the dark one.

She crouched down towards the ground, building up every last ounce of power that she could muster in her legs.

With a mighty launch, she kicked from the ground, powerful wings extending to catch the air. She gritted her teeth as she flew toward's the dark pony's figure, one last tear of joy escaping from the corner of her eye.

The tip of the sword met her body, missing her wings, but still pushed through her form. She made no noise, and did not falter in her speed as she smashed her hooves into the dark figure, lifting it up from the ground.

The dull sensation of pain began to creep over her adrenaline rush, but she could not give up yet. Cringing all the way, she raised herself and the dark pony to a frightening height.

Dan's eyes widened as he watched the decent, gathering speed at a nearly unrealistic rate. With a loud crash, the two figures met the ground, the dark pony's body pinned under hers.

His last breath wheezed out, and his figure disappeared into the air. Silence fell over the realm for a bit as the dust settled back onto the ground.

Dan's energy built back up as desperation took over. "NO!", his roar bellowed out as he gained his feet. Shaking, he ran over to the scene, finding his friend laying on the ground.

Crimson splattered all over her body as wounds continued to bleed. Her chest still rose and fell slightly with the sign of remaining life.

Dan fell to his haunches, using his front legs to scoop her up. Tears built up in his eyes, still not wanting to comprehend what just happened.

Sunshine's eyelids cracked, looking back up at Dan's wide ones. The same glint of confidence glimmered in her expression, pushing aside the pain that seared over her body.

"Goodbye, my friend. It was fun knowing you," She finished her last sentence strong, drawing her inner hast breath. She then exhaled in a content sigh, her head dropping against Dan's chest.

Dan sputtered for words to say to her, but it was too late. "Wait..wait.." He didn't want to let go yet.

He gently touched her cheek, realization that she would not wake back up. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He bellowed once again.

Despair, hatred, sorrow, and his love for her all build up at once. The high emotions broke through into the physical world, causing a magical burst that shattered the ground.

His eyes began to change in color and brightness, his glowing mane lifting in the surge of power. The surge caused him to yell once again, the power building up in his body.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", the power seemed to react to his sound waves once more, and the destruction spread out even further, flattening the area.

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