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I have Asperger Syndrome, Erb's Palsey in my left arm, and am somewhat out of shape. I enjoy video games, watching television, roller coasters, and reading.

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Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest thing alive and is living peacefully on Mobius. His peace isn't to last as he receives a gift from the heavens in the form of a blue pony with wings and a rainbow mane and tail. Will he be able to keep her safe from Dr. Eggman?

This is my attempt at a PWNY-verse-ish fic. Since Tatsurou (whose stories are wonderful and you should check them out) already did a Rainbow Dash fic, I felt it was safe to attempt this. I know it's cliche to put Rainbow and Sonic together, but in my opinion, that's why it works.

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During a foreign speaker event, Diamond Tiara uses a racial slur she learned. She gets in trouble and is forced to apologize the next day.

Author: Just figured I'd warn you: I'm not good at rhyming, but I'll try to keep Zecora in-character regardless. Also, this will feature accidental racism, as DT doesn't know the meaning of the word she uses, so if this is not your thing, do not read.

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