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For most of his life Spike has yearned to be treated as more than a hatchling; only five years younger than Twilight by all rights he should be considered a young adult, or at least a teenager, by pony standards.

His mind, though still developing, is at times equal to an adult pony's thanks to the many years he spent working alongside his studious caretaker. When forced to focus can could quickly outpace and outwit most colts his age.

His body on the other hand is tiny and adorable.

As with all dragons the pace of his growth matches the demands of the world around him; with the carefree, relaxed life of a librarian's assistant there have been few demands a baby dragon's form could not meet. Until now.

Faced with other dragons, rivals and peers much more fit for survival Spike's body has started working overtime to catch him up and prepare him for the long, difficult life of a dragon. Fortunately, this means he will soon have a body that matches his mind; large enough to take care of himself and get a small token or respect now and then.

Unfortunately this means he has hit puberty.

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