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Chaff in My Head Cannon: Herd Mentality in Equestria · 4:26am Jul 12th, 2016

Bare with me here, this is probably going to get weird.

Ponies, and horses in general, are herd animals by nature. They follow similar dynamics to wolf packs, though it's a much more fluid arrangement. Whereas wolf packs tend to be linear, pony herds are more like tiers of dominance, with more than one pony able to be at any one tier.

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I choose to believe you're really Bob Dole because that's the possibility that appeals to me. I'm shifting the burden of proof onto skeptics who would challenge my belief.

2186483 I've played that game already. I'm retired now and so I'm only following when I have actual need to know when someone specific has something new. I'm fine having no followers.

BTW, fimfiction is not like politics. People don't like to follow people who don't follow anybody else.

2186443 It's games like that that makes people doubt that I'm the real Bad Horse. :trixieshiftleft:

2186416 I didn't say that. For all you know, I really could be retired US Senator and one time Presidential hopeful Bob Dole.

And I just happen to also be into My Little Pony. My grandkids got me into it. They'd come over to their pawpaw's place and we'd sit on the couch and watch cartoons together while their Grandma Lizzy bakes cookies in the kitchen.

Some, or all, of this might not be true.

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