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Dear SpitFlame #12 · 8:09pm Jan 1st, 2014

Dear SpitFlame: What is your favorite activity or hobby other than writing fan fictions?

- Latpip

Before I begin, I will say happy new years to you all. With the time this blog is being released, it's officially 2014. I know you people keep bitching on when I'll update my stories. Please have patience, I'm working pretty freaking hard to please my fans.

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Dear SpitFlame #11 · 6:57am Dec 31st, 2013

Dear SpitFlame: What's your favorite video game (other than halo)?

- chiefMEGAblocks

WHAT!!!! No halo? Screw that, halo is the only game for me.

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Dear SpitFlame #9 · 8:59pm Dec 28th, 2013

Dear SpitFlame: What is the best song?

- RussianRoflcopter

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Dear SpitFlame #7 · 4:47pm Dec 26th, 2013

Dear SpitFlame: Coke or Pepsi?

-AK yearling

To tell the truth, I don't know why people ask this. I mean, they're the same thing. Now when I say that, my friends who are die hard coke/pepsi fans lash out at me. But guys, really, they're the same goddamn thing. Just different freaking names. Since that answer will not satisfy you people, here's my answer.

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Dear SpitFlame #6 · 4:13pm Dec 23rd, 2013

Dear SpitFlame: What is the most intense peroxide you have ever created?


For all you people who don't know, a peroxide is a compound containing an oxygen–oxygen single bond or the peroxide anion, O22–. The O−O group is called the peroxide group or peroxo group. In contrast to oxide ions, the oxygen atoms in the peroxide ion have an oxidation state of −1.

Bitch, consider yourself educated.

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Dear SpitFlame #4 · 5:09pm Dec 21st, 2013

Dear SpitFlame: Pie or Cake?


Seriously bro? Come on, we all know that pie is way better. I mean really, cake is good and all but I rather eat actual food than some sweets. My favorite kind of pie in probably chicken. Just gotta love the meat. I also love chocolate cake, but bitch please, pie all the way.

P.S Applejack is the best baker

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My new Christmas User Pic · 7:10pm Dec 9th, 2013

I know it's late since everyone have added Santa hats or something to their pic. But I finally done it to mine. So, what do you think?

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Halo 5 news. 343 has been listening to the fans! · 5:43am Dec 8th, 2013

So I am more excited for halo 5 than any game to come out in 2014. Many of fans have gave in suggestions and what they want in the next halo game, and 343 workers have announced that they will try to add everything that the fans want.

This includes: Duel wielding, silenced SMGs, ranking system like halo 3, dedicated servers, more customization, longer campaign, skulls, the Arbiter, etc.

So I cannot wait for halo 5. I heard that it will come out November next year.

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