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Old Man Dusters

British actor, filmmaker, and author of The Titan's Orb, I'm also a YouTuber known as Old Man Dusters. I love noodles.


THE TITAN'S ORB REMASTERED · 1:39am May 23rd, 2017


So, after a good few months of hard work, I have officially completed the remastered edition of The Titan's Orb.
Complete with added scenes, realism checks, images, dialogue, and more grammar fixes than 50 Shades of Grey... :rainbowlaugh:

I've made the text a LOT easier to read with double spacing.
So yeah, overall, The Titan's Orb is now a LOT more enjoyable overall as a story.

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Titan's Orb Trivia

- Rainbow Dash claims to be completely straight, but so is spaghetti until it gets wet.

- The police officers in the chapter "Planning a Summer Holiday"
were indeed, PC Danny Butterman, and Sgt. Nicholas Angel

- Conscio has a Scottish accent.

- Chernobyl is the world's most friendly radioactive wasteland.
It's also the world's ONLY radioactive wasteland, so the accolade is meaningless.

- While the Fel is the name for the Death Magic in the books, Hawnu Rey’eng often
addresses it as "Anti-Mana".

- Oliver joined the Royal Marines shortly after Callum's departure to Chernobyl.
He passed every test, but he later backed out because they weren't violent enough.


Happy New Year Ladies & Jellyspoons! · 11:10pm Jan 1st, 2018

2017, what a year.
What a bloody year.

I can easily say this year has been my most eventful in all 19 years of my life.
Believing in connecting with my followers, I thought I'd list all the crazy shizzle I've been through this year so you might know a little more about the author you love! :heart:

So, here we go!

  • I've been at the centre of a court case. (Don't worry, I wasn't the accused, I was the victim :pinkiesad2:)

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2419991 hmmm, I'm still teetering on whether I want to stay or go, but I just thought of something and I really want to see if it goes where I think it does. twilight gets her shit kicked in for being insensitive as fuck. if it doesn't, and twilight ends up with a Human boyfriend I'm leaving. That's just too much.

2419823 No worries mate, the fact the book frustrates people is a good thing.
It means people have genuine emotion towards my story, and aren't just reading it for shits & gigs.

I've replied to your rant with a little bit of consolation. :twilightsmile:

2189410 heil grammar!

Girls und Panzer.


Also you will probably see my heated review of your recent chapter. Eh heh he.... yaaaaa. Sorry bout that. As you can see I was Triggered(TM).

I understand that..
I was terrible when I first wrote this book, there was barely any grammar and I had 8000+ word chapters.
It was utter shite...

I even closed the story and re-wrote it, because it was so bad. :rainbowlaugh:

It takes time.
Funny enough, I improved my grammar by text RPing with grammar-nazis. :rainbowwild:
Now I AM one.

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