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I believe that stories help us to ennoble ourselves, to fix what is broken in us, and to help us become the people we dream of being. Lies that tell a deeper truth.


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  • TSecond Chance: Darkest Hour
    Sequel to Second Chance. Matthew Harris and the Equestrian Armed Forces have been searching for an unknown enemy who has been plotting to destroy Equestria. However, what started as a hunt, will soon turn into an all out war.
    Subject 19 · 9.9k words  ·  10  0 · 260 views
  • TLost
    Christopher Razka is the CEO of one of the largest weapons manufacturers in the world. After a long board meeting that goes less than well, Razka hopes to get some sleep at home. Then some strange creature appears out nowhere beside his bed.
    Subject 19 · 11k words  ·  36  11 · 696 views
  • TThe Cutie Mark Hunters
    An experiment and a doctor set out to help the ponies of Equestria by starting their own practice, calling themselves the Cutie Mark Hunters
    Subject 19 · 6.2k words  ·  10  1 · 223 views
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  • TSecond Chance
    For quite some time there have been heavy tensions between Equestria and Prance. The princesses don't want to admit it, but war seems inevitable. However, there is one pony who can help.
    Subject 19 · 17k words  ·  15  4 · 631 views
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