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Thank you for joining Roseluck on her journey. It's not one she would want to take alone.

-Thank you for the favorite of Ghost of a Rose, ChaosFlight. I hope you enjoy following her journey as much as I did guiding her through it.

Thanks for the fav!:moustache:

Ponies come and ponies go. Whether into the swirling void or into restful sleep, the only thing that keeps a loved one around after they're gone are our memories of them and the places they share with us in our hearts.

Thank you for making The Incandescent Brilliance a part of yours.

Thank you for the favourite, and thank you for the support, and I hope that once more in the future we may travel the universe together.

- KR

Thanks for following RAINBOW DASH and her MARVELOUS MECHANICAL WINGS! :rainbowdetermined2: hope you enjoy!

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