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Fan Help Requested: This is the Problem with Seasons coming out while you write · 1:08am Feb 13th, 2018

So I'm almost done with the next Epicness chapter, and should be done by tomorrow or maybe tonight (I am so gonna regret saying that), but there's one thing I wanted to address that didn't exist when I started the story. Or rather, some pony.


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STILL ALIVE! · 4:53am Feb 7th, 2018

Yes, I am still alive, and I've got some good new for you guys! I've been working on Epicness and I should hopefully have an update ready by the end of the week. I hope you guys who have been patiently waiting will enjoy it.

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Equestria Girls Watches Death Battle is Up! · 9:24pm Dec 24th, 2017

Link to first chapter here!

I'm so sorry for the delays of updates in... everything, but I'm working on it. Take this Christmas Gift, and I should hopefully have another one ready for you tomorrow.

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Audience Participation · 9:12pm Dec 2nd, 2017

So, it's not going to be coming out any time soon, but I wanted to ask you guys your opinion for something for the next chapter of Epicness. Now that we actually have a canon version of them, should I make the hippogriffs that I intend to show up look like they do in the movie, or do what I was going to do which was basically just griffins with pony hind ends.

Personally, I'm looking forwards to doing the former, but what about you guys?

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So, here's what's been happening... · 5:03am Nov 14th, 2017

So here's the deal, I've been working at all a call center which I recently got let go from. Don't worry, I wasn't fired, I was just the victim of quotas and high turnover rates. They even said they'd be willing to rehire me. I've also been doing grad school and trying to lose weight (managed to lose 16 lbs in three months). So yeah, barely had time to work on anything, and when I did I also am playing video games and watching shows in addition to writing. My schedule is cleared up for a little

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In Irma's Way · 3:57pm Sep 10th, 2017

s PathJust so you guys know, I live in Florida, so obviously I have Irma to worry about. I'm not going to get hit dead on, but I'll probably be out of power for a few days. Of course this means I'm off from work and College for a while, so I'll try and get some of my stories done over that time, but don't expect updates any time soon.

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Recommendations and ideas. · 4:18pm Aug 29th, 2017

So there's this YouTube or that I've been subscribed to you for about a year now named super eyepatch Wolf. He's got some great contact, mostly analytical and focused on anime, and he put out one very recently


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I HAVE A PATREON! · 3:19am Aug 23rd, 2017

And I don't expect you to give me any money. At all. Seriously, this is just something I thought I'd do to see what happens. I'm not gonna hold anything hostage until I make enough money or have enough subscribers, its just something available for those of you who like my work and would like to help me out a little. If so, here's the link:


If not, no biggie.


A Gift for those who want it · 5:55am May 12th, 2017

FIrst thing's first: Definitely working on more chapters, sorry not out soon, hopefully will have on out by the beginning of next week. Sorry.

Next, I made a couple of animated gif for you guys to use. Hopefully, one them will become a meme. I'll let you guess which.

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The Archive of Badass · 5:23am Mar 20th, 2017

So, I was just thinking one day and I realized... there's a lot of different flavors of badass, aren't there? And since I'm the kinda guy who does stupid shit like this why not make a list of the different kinds of badass and my own personal opinions on what characters fill them best? And hey, why don't all of you suggest your own categories and/or examples or just agree and disagree with me?

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