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Updates on the current story status. · 10:02pm Feb 13th, 2014

So a few of you may have noticed that "Roboteers are you ready!?" has been updating less frequently reasons for this are as follows. 1) im collecting ideas for the next few chapters so I can make them more "Dramatic" as it were. 2) Real life is a bitch. 3) So is writers block. 4) Other ideas invade my mind.

Also FTL is too damn addicting.

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Hello again! Thanks for the Fave of Dear Idiot! It means a bunch to me!:twilightsmile:

Thank you for the Fave of The Song of Syhlex! I greatly appreciate it!:twilightsmile:


Thank you for the favourite!

Thanks for the favorite! :twilightsmile:

Thank you so much for favoring Equestrian Earth!:rainbowwild: That really means a lot! After you're done reading a moderately sized bit, what would you say your favorite parts of the story were so far?:twilightsmile:

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