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Life was good for the Williams kids. They had more friends than they could count, a wide world to explore, and adventure around every corner. Life was good, and they were happy.

Then, one day, they woke up.

They woke up and all of that was gone. In it's place was a cold, uncaring world of skyscrapers, business, societal norms, and mundane without magic. The Williams kids were distraught...but as time continued, they closed those wounds. Ponyland's chapter was over. They moved on.

That was more than fifteen years ago. Megan, Danny, and Molly all moved away to pursue their dreams, but once a year or so, they all come back to their hometown to catch up.

Twilight has kept herself busy ever since she was able to complete Starswirl the Bearded's spell and earn her place as the new Princess of Friendship; filing new friendship reports, cleaning out the library, and most importantly, reading up on how to correctly be a princess.

Except, one day, she woke up with an impending sense of dread, exacerbated only by the fact that both the sun and moon were sharing the sky. Fearing the worst, Twilight cast a powerful spell, an arcane S.O.S that reached out through the vastness of space and the places in between to call forth the most powerful and adept heroes in the universe. It summoned Megan, Danny, and Molly instead, as one would expect.

With no time to waste, the Williams siblings and the Main Six left Ponyville for parts unknown and soon discovered fantastic creatures beyond Equestria's physical borders, but also quickly realized that there are forces beyond their comprehension watching them always. Perhaps one may call them gods, and these gods saw them all as nothing more than tools to be used and discarded. There's only one thing they can do:

Tear the gods off their thrones and cast them down.

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