• Published 15th Mar 2013
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The Story of a Brony - Tower of 0

What happens when an ordinary brony finds himself in Equestria.

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His Arrival and Meeting Fluttershy

Our little tale starts with you average, everyday, hero.... uh... I mean... brony, who's ambitions were greater than he. And by 'average' I mean a quirky, loudmouth-on-occassion, bright minded man who didn't really have much to do at the time. He didn't prefer his real name as much as the nickname given to him, which was Wolfie. Wolfie has adorned a black fedora on his head to cover most of his dark brown shagged hair, wearing a black t-shirt covered by a purple hoodie that zipped, blue jeans, and canvas shoes. Not to mention the glasses on his face that helped him see better with far distances. Wolfie was leaning back in a chair, glasses on the tip of nose, fedora pulled over his eyes, trying to get some sleep from his busy, yet eventful, day.

Earlier this morning, when Wolfie was still in his morning daze, he ran into the doorsill to his bedroom on the way to the bathroom. Slipped in the shower as he was getting out and caught himself on the sink. Not to mention a slight coffee burn. His day didn't start to good, and neither did it get better as he progressed through the day. Knowing Wolfie, he never let anything bad screw up his day, kind of sees a light in the dark with any bad day he had. Never stops as it seems, with Wolfie being happy through rough events. Never seemed natural to anyone else but him.

Anyway, as his day progressed, Wolfie was riding his bike off to work. He enjoyed bike rides that much, no kidding. While riding, as it may seem, was just like anyother ride to work, crack of dawn, cars just whizzing by, and Wolfie in his work clothes. And worked the rest of the day til closing time. Just a typical day; get up, shower, dress, ride bike, work, ride bike home. Although, as Wolfie thought more about his day, the more it seemed a bit off. More of a targeted stream of events towards him. He was abruptly interupted by his house shaking like mad.

All the rumbling made him fall back in his, fedora flying off and glasses putting themselves up on his face. Wolfie took a quick look around to find that he ahd almost fallen victim to a sinkhole near him.
"Well, great," He grumbled rolling off the chair and standing up straight, "stupid hole swallowed my hat. I'll get a new one tomorrow, just need to call somebody to get out here and check it out..." Wolfie turned to go get on the phone to get some authorites, as he did, a sound like a vacuum being trurned on filled the house. There was only one problem, he never turned on the vacuum in the first place, so, what was it?

Wolfie was about to reach for the phone until he felt a gust of wind from behind that sent a shiver straight up his spine. Before he could react, Wolfie was tripped and began being sucked in by something. Before he knew, darkness had consumed everything in sight. He felt like falling the whole time. Up until the point he fell asleep, hearing only the wind blow past his ears. An unprecidented amount of time passed until he fully fell asleep, thus, blocking all sounds from his head. Wolfie later woke up with his head aching and stuck up in a tree. The time seemed to be somewhat early in the morning as the sun was just rising. Grogginess filled his aching body as he looked around, Wolfie noticed his fedora on a nearby branch and decided to reach out for it. A somewhat mistake as he reached out for his hat, a hoof came into view and surprised him.

"Wait... what?" Upon further inspection, Wolfie found his color had changed from his distinct tan to a white fur color, his purple hood was stilll present along with the appearence of his glasses on his new muzzle. He inspected more elements that were present about him revealing a tail that was about the same in length to his tail and a drawing pad with what looks to be a quill drawing something on the pad itself were present on both sides of his rump.
"Well, ain't this a bit of a treat." Wolfie had false enthusiasm running about his voice. Sure, he watched the show in its entirety and found several different ponie to his liking, but never truly wanted to be a pony himself.

Wolfie rubbed a hoof on his to soothe some of the pain to come across another element, an unicorn horn sticking out of his hair... er.... mane, I guess.
"Well.... this is rather.. surprising. Also considering I don't know anything about being a unicorn..." Wolfie grumped, slumping onto the current branch he resided, slowly tilting off to the right. Before he realised that he was sliding off, it was too late, he slid copletely off the branch. He struggled to keep a grip on the branch, hit his back on one branch, fell off that one for another to nail him between the legs, and finally landed his back on the ground, hind legs stretched up the trunk of the tree while his flank layed at the base.

Wolfie could feel his eyes rolling inside his head as a yellow and pink splotch came into view.
"Uhm... are you... all right?" He heard a familiar soft voice ask. Wolfie blinked a couple times to straighten up his vision, making the splotch take the form of another pony. He knew it was Fluttershy, but didn't want to put her on the spot.
"I think so...." Wolfie looked up into the teal eyes of the pegsus, not bothering to get up.
"Ar-are you sure? You look like you're hurt." The soft voice emitted from the yellow pegasus again.

"I'm sure. Just give me a moment."
Wolfie turned over and attempted to make a stand. He evnetually just fell back over.
"Well, I guess not. Hold on." Wolfie stiffened his legs out, forgetting what he was going to do. He just decided lay down instead of trying to move any further.
"Anyway.... who are you?" Wolfie was trying to play dumb towards her, not to alarm her. But his question did put her quite at a crossroads. Fluttershy just mumbled her name to the point Wolfie could barely catch it.
"Fluttershy, eh? Nice name you have there." He smiled warmly at the now shy pegsus.Fluttershy reacted to the smile with her own sheepish smile.

There was rustling going in the tree above, like something or someone is crashing down.
"I should move, shouldn't I?" Wolfie asked the tree staring Fluttershy. But before he could try, Wolfie's own sketchbook landed right next to him, causing him to stare at it for a bit.
"Now that would be a no." He said calmly. Wolfie now wondered how his sketchbook ended up with him here.
"Are you going to pick that up?" Fluttershy asked, staring at the strange unicorn in confusion.
"Can't, don't know any magic." Was Wolfie's simple answer. "Oh, and I'm Wolfie, by the way."
Fluttershy kicked her hoof on the ground a bit. Wolfie tried to stand again, this time he didn't fall over. He smiled warmly at Fluttershy again for his success.

"Not a very talkative one, are you?" Wolfie asked, crossing one leg over the other and leaned against the tree.
"No..." Fluttershy replied looking away so her mane would cover most of her face.
"Well.... know any other ponies?" Wolfie shot out that question in an instant after her reaction. Fluttershy nodded
"I was about to go help a friend with a slight problem she's having."
"Sounds like fun, could I possibly tag along?" Wolfie stood straight up from the tree, smiling a bit towards the pegasus.

Author's Note:

I"m aware of the number of fics like this, but I wanted to give it a go. Sooooo, while I don't care and keep writing, you all can go about your business, comment, like, dislike, what ever floats all your guys' boats. Doesn't mean that I don't like hearing what you guys think anyway.

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