• Published 15th Mar 2013
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The Story of a Brony - Tower of 0

What happens when an ordinary brony finds himself in Equestria.

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Wolfie's Big Reveal

The moon high above Wolfie and Applejack was the only ligt the two had at the moment as the stallion was leaning his head off to the side of a building to puke again.
"You need to work on where you're from, surgarcube." The mare stated, keeping a look out for the stallion,
"I k- BLRRRRRRRG! Know... but where?" The unicor turned back to the only pony he could count on, wiping his muzzle clean.

The two continued to walk, not aware that they were now beng stalked by a curious Twilight Sparkle.
"Nopony else has to find out where you're really from." Applejack continued, a white hoof crossing her shoulders.
"Applejack, noone is going to find out I'm really from Earth, but to be quite frank, I'm actually liking bein a pony. Wolfie reassured his only trusted friend. "That's why I trust you not to tell anyone."

"He's not really Sketch? Then who is he?" Twilight whispered to herself. Wolfie's ears perked up and his head twisted to the side.
"Did you hear that?" Th stallion asked, bringing the hoof down with his eyes darting all over in the direction of a now hidden Twilight.
"Ya might just be hearin' things, surgarcube." Applejack tried to calm the alert Wolfie.

The stallion eventually went back to walking with his friend. Applejack took the lead, taking Wolfie back to the farm with her.
"Y'all can stay in the barn for the night, I think there's a latern up in the loft, But I'll get you a blanket from the house." She offered up the temporary abode by opening one of the barn door.
"Thank you. It would be nice to get some rest after today." The stallion nodded in thanks towards the mare, entering the barn.

Twilight had retreated back to her library for the night in a bit of rage at her discovery. Applejack was sitting with Wolfie on a blanket she had found in her room, helping him identify some constalations she knew. The purple hoodie was slung over a rafter, waiting to be washed, while his fedora was in his lap. The ornage mare was leaning into the white stallion's shoulder out of her own fatigue, her eyes drooped a bit, but Applejack enjoyed the feeling of Wolfie's shirt rubbing against her face.

Wolfie soon fell asleep sitting up with Applejack leaning against him, just fast asleep as he was at this point. Wolfie could see a nightstand beside him, a bit blurred, but surely was a nightstand. He awoken a few minutes later to the dawn and tw voices just outside the barn. The unicorn sat up straight and listened in, only to quickly identify Applejack's voice.

"Look Twi, he's not what you think he is!" There was a hint of worry present in Applejack's voice as he listened in.
"And you're not worried at thefact that he might be a changeling?! Here to spy on us?!" Twilight's voice had anger present in it.
"Now what in tarnation would give you that idea?" He heard Applejack respond in surprise.

Wolfie climbed down from the loft, making sure to grab his hoodie and fedora before heading for the doors. The argument was still heating up as he opened the door to peer out towards the two mares. Twilight had her back turned towards Wolfie, Applejack had yet to notice he was even awake yet. The stallion pushed door open even further to catch one last remark from Twilight.

"He can't stay for all I care!" Was the lavender pony's remark.
"An what do you expect of me? Just go home like that? Well here's a news flash, I can't even if I wanted to." This comment made Twilight nearly jump from her skin when she realised the pony that snuck up on her.
"And why can't you?" Twilight asked, narrowing her eyes at him.

"Because I was thrust into this world from another, through what I thought what was a sinkhole. Boy, was I wrong on so many levels. I was once a human, when the sinkhole appeared, but whatever happened while I was inside that thing turned me into a pony, and I actually like it for once. So you can forget about me being a changeling and sending me home because I can't go back, espicially not to abandon such wonderful friends I could make."

Twilight went from anger to calm as she wandered through her mind, remembering something she had almost forgotten about.
"So that's what the spell does." The lavender mare pondered, bringing hoof to chin.
"Wait.. WHAT?" Both were herd from Wolfie and Applejack at the same time.

"Well, I was given a spell a few days ago by Celestia. She thought I could figure it out without having to cast it, but I guess it makes a tempral bridge across realms?" Twilight tried to explain.
"Well, that's nice to know. I was brought here by some unicorn's lost spell." Wolfie threw his hat on his head, just behind his horn.
"Tempral whose-it-whats-its?" Applejack had to ask to concern the fact that Twilight lost most ponies explaining theories and spells sometimes.

"A bridge across different worlds, which just so happened to have opened up in my living and suck me in." Wolfie simplified the explaination the best he could, only to get a nod from Applejack.
"Maybe, just maybe, I could reverse the spell to open up another tempral bridge so you can go home." How was it that Twilight was now willing to help even though she was just angered a few minutes ago by her accusing Wolfie of being a changeling?

Of course, Twilight pushed Wolfie back into the barn along with pulling Applejack in aswell. The door was shut behind them after that, Twilight was in the middle of the barn, trying to reverse or conjure up another portal. She was determined to return Wolfie back to Earth where he belonged, causing a bright flash within the barn itself and another bridge was open.
"All right Wolfie, in you go." The lavender unicorn declared, turning towards the stallion and second mare in the barn.

"I don't want to go back." Wolfie simply said, bucking against her wishes.
"You can't be serious. You can't stay here. You don't even belong here!" Twilight excalimed, another look of stunned surprise.
"That may be so, but the others don't know I'm not from anywhere in Equestria besides you and Applejack. I'm ok with this form, I just got-

The dream ended right then and there, a different pony sat straight up and looked upon his surroundings.
"That's it!" He yelled, awaking a familiar orange pony next to him. "No more hot sauce before bed!"
"Would ya quiet down just a bit, someponies are trying to sleep." The mare stopped the stallion on his tracks.
"Sorry AJ, just had a weird dream caused by your stupid challenge." The stallion layed himself back down, back towards the mare
"Not my fault y'all lost the bet."

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