The Story of a Brony

by Tower of 0

First published

What happens when an ordinary brony finds himself in Equestria.

An ordinary brony finds himself in Equestria. Which raises many questions, the biggest question of which was what exactly happened to bring him there.

His Arrival and Meeting Fluttershy

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Our little tale starts with you average, everyday, hero.... uh... I mean... brony, who's ambitions were greater than he. And by 'average' I mean a quirky, loudmouth-on-occassion, bright minded man who didn't really have much to do at the time. He didn't prefer his real name as much as the nickname given to him, which was Wolfie. Wolfie has adorned a black fedora on his head to cover most of his dark brown shagged hair, wearing a black t-shirt covered by a purple hoodie that zipped, blue jeans, and canvas shoes. Not to mention the glasses on his face that helped him see better with far distances. Wolfie was leaning back in a chair, glasses on the tip of nose, fedora pulled over his eyes, trying to get some sleep from his busy, yet eventful, day.

Earlier this morning, when Wolfie was still in his morning daze, he ran into the doorsill to his bedroom on the way to the bathroom. Slipped in the shower as he was getting out and caught himself on the sink. Not to mention a slight coffee burn. His day didn't start to good, and neither did it get better as he progressed through the day. Knowing Wolfie, he never let anything bad screw up his day, kind of sees a light in the dark with any bad day he had. Never stops as it seems, with Wolfie being happy through rough events. Never seemed natural to anyone else but him.

Anyway, as his day progressed, Wolfie was riding his bike off to work. He enjoyed bike rides that much, no kidding. While riding, as it may seem, was just like anyother ride to work, crack of dawn, cars just whizzing by, and Wolfie in his work clothes. And worked the rest of the day til closing time. Just a typical day; get up, shower, dress, ride bike, work, ride bike home. Although, as Wolfie thought more about his day, the more it seemed a bit off. More of a targeted stream of events towards him. He was abruptly interupted by his house shaking like mad.

All the rumbling made him fall back in his, fedora flying off and glasses putting themselves up on his face. Wolfie took a quick look around to find that he ahd almost fallen victim to a sinkhole near him.
"Well, great," He grumbled rolling off the chair and standing up straight, "stupid hole swallowed my hat. I'll get a new one tomorrow, just need to call somebody to get out here and check it out..." Wolfie turned to go get on the phone to get some authorites, as he did, a sound like a vacuum being trurned on filled the house. There was only one problem, he never turned on the vacuum in the first place, so, what was it?

Wolfie was about to reach for the phone until he felt a gust of wind from behind that sent a shiver straight up his spine. Before he could react, Wolfie was tripped and began being sucked in by something. Before he knew, darkness had consumed everything in sight. He felt like falling the whole time. Up until the point he fell asleep, hearing only the wind blow past his ears. An unprecidented amount of time passed until he fully fell asleep, thus, blocking all sounds from his head. Wolfie later woke up with his head aching and stuck up in a tree. The time seemed to be somewhat early in the morning as the sun was just rising. Grogginess filled his aching body as he looked around, Wolfie noticed his fedora on a nearby branch and decided to reach out for it. A somewhat mistake as he reached out for his hat, a hoof came into view and surprised him.

"Wait... what?" Upon further inspection, Wolfie found his color had changed from his distinct tan to a white fur color, his purple hood was stilll present along with the appearence of his glasses on his new muzzle. He inspected more elements that were present about him revealing a tail that was about the same in length to his tail and a drawing pad with what looks to be a quill drawing something on the pad itself were present on both sides of his rump.
"Well, ain't this a bit of a treat." Wolfie had false enthusiasm running about his voice. Sure, he watched the show in its entirety and found several different ponie to his liking, but never truly wanted to be a pony himself.

Wolfie rubbed a hoof on his to soothe some of the pain to come across another element, an unicorn horn sticking out of his hair... er.... mane, I guess.
"Well.... this is rather.. surprising. Also considering I don't know anything about being a unicorn..." Wolfie grumped, slumping onto the current branch he resided, slowly tilting off to the right. Before he realised that he was sliding off, it was too late, he slid copletely off the branch. He struggled to keep a grip on the branch, hit his back on one branch, fell off that one for another to nail him between the legs, and finally landed his back on the ground, hind legs stretched up the trunk of the tree while his flank layed at the base.

Wolfie could feel his eyes rolling inside his head as a yellow and pink splotch came into view.
"Uhm... are you... all right?" He heard a familiar soft voice ask. Wolfie blinked a couple times to straighten up his vision, making the splotch take the form of another pony. He knew it was Fluttershy, but didn't want to put her on the spot.
"I think so...." Wolfie looked up into the teal eyes of the pegsus, not bothering to get up.
"Ar-are you sure? You look like you're hurt." The soft voice emitted from the yellow pegasus again.

"I'm sure. Just give me a moment."
Wolfie turned over and attempted to make a stand. He evnetually just fell back over.
"Well, I guess not. Hold on." Wolfie stiffened his legs out, forgetting what he was going to do. He just decided lay down instead of trying to move any further.
"Anyway.... who are you?" Wolfie was trying to play dumb towards her, not to alarm her. But his question did put her quite at a crossroads. Fluttershy just mumbled her name to the point Wolfie could barely catch it.
"Fluttershy, eh? Nice name you have there." He smiled warmly at the now shy pegsus.Fluttershy reacted to the smile with her own sheepish smile.

There was rustling going in the tree above, like something or someone is crashing down.
"I should move, shouldn't I?" Wolfie asked the tree staring Fluttershy. But before he could try, Wolfie's own sketchbook landed right next to him, causing him to stare at it for a bit.
"Now that would be a no." He said calmly. Wolfie now wondered how his sketchbook ended up with him here.
"Are you going to pick that up?" Fluttershy asked, staring at the strange unicorn in confusion.
"Can't, don't know any magic." Was Wolfie's simple answer. "Oh, and I'm Wolfie, by the way."
Fluttershy kicked her hoof on the ground a bit. Wolfie tried to stand again, this time he didn't fall over. He smiled warmly at Fluttershy again for his success.

"Not a very talkative one, are you?" Wolfie asked, crossing one leg over the other and leaned against the tree.
"No..." Fluttershy replied looking away so her mane would cover most of her face.
"Well.... know any other ponies?" Wolfie shot out that question in an instant after her reaction. Fluttershy nodded
"I was about to go help a friend with a slight problem she's having."
"Sounds like fun, could I possibly tag along?" Wolfie stood straight up from the tree, smiling a bit towards the pegasus.

Meeting Applejack

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It didn't take too long for the strange unicorn that Fluttershy ran into got used to his new form and the hooves he had to walk on, seemed to be unjoying them more than what his previous form. His own sketchbook was in his mouth as he walked next to her, barely even saying a word but had a clear smile on his face. Fluttershy didn't even want to interupt Wolfie while he was trotting down the road. He had no clue as to where they were heading exactly, but it seemed Wolfie didn't really care that much.

It didn't take too long for the two companions to reach the outskirts of Ponyville, the town was bustling with life. Wolfie's eyes grew wide, the smile into a grin. Seeing Ponyville bustle with ponies on a screen was a different experiance than actually seeing it for yourself, or, atleast, that's what Wolfie thought. Anywaaaaaay, Fluttershy and tha now child-ish bounding Wolfie were well on their way through Panyville. Wolfie would disappear somewhere, then pop back up over there. It was like he was in Candyland.... I think... or Ponyland atleast. It seemed that everytime he would go off and pop up somehwere else, it'd scare Fluttershy nearly off the ground.

Everytime Wolfie made Fluttershy go "Eep!" He seemed to squee and run off again. He never lost track of her, but Fluttershy always lost track of him. Even if she was on alert, he would scare her still. Wolfie seemed to be happy exploring the actual Ponyville and going back to Fluttershy. Suddenly, he stopped completely next to Fluttershy (Who jumped again mind you.) and thought of something. He might need to come up with a pony name to avoid certain complications of having his human name.

Wolfie slid his sketchbook on to his back and kept his pace with Fluttershy.
"You know," He spoke up, catching the pegsus' attention, "I'm just now thinking this, but, what if I need a more fitting name than my current one? 'Wolfie' doesn't exactly fit my mark."
"Well..." Fluttershy started he response quietly, "your current name isn't that bad. By the looks of your mark, 'Sketch' could be more appropriate. What would I know about Cutie Marks and names?"
"Just a thought is all. Where are we going anyway?" Wolfie was a bit more calm by now, but had his eyes looking at scenery.
"Over to Sweet Apple Acres, I think Applejack Needed something." Fluttershy responded, I think she smiled at someting.

"Applejack hm?" Wolfie knew the exact pony Fluttershy mentioned, but didn't want to say anything about his origins and how he knew them.
"Yeah, I think you might like her. She's one of the most friendly ponies here in Ponyville." The yellow pegasus explained.
"Who's the other?" He asked without hesitation.
"Pinkie Pie." The simple answer from Fluttershy rang in Wolfie's ears.
It's wonder how he has yet to actually run into her during the trip.

The name of 'Sketch' started to fill Wolfie's thoughts at an increasing rate. Sure, he drew and what not, but how would he if he didn't know how to write with is mouth. Many complications came to his mind at this moment, but were quickly changed to thoughts of the orange pony they were going to visit. Wolfie adrmired Applejack in a way, just didn't know what exactly it was that made her stand out to him. Can-do attitude? AJ's accent? The slight freckles occupying her cheeks? He never figured it out why or what.

"What does Applejack need help with?" Wolfie decided to pipe up.
"I don't know, really, must concern an animal if she asked for me to come help her." Fluttershy responded after a few minutes of thinking about her answer.
"Couldn't be that bad then." The unicorn said, probably thinking that he might be wrong.
Then again, this is Fluttershy here. The sweetest pony around, yet, not somepony to mess around with when she pulls the Stare.

The yellow pegasus and white unicorn had fianlly reached the farm that Applejack was accustomed to. That orange filly spotted Fluttershy until she got close enought to notice the next visitor.
"Well howdy there Fluttershy!" Applejack greeted the pegsus, stopping when he noticed Wolfie, "Who's your new friend y'all got?"
"His name is...." Fluttershy paused for the moment, "Sketch. I found him in a tree near Ponyville."
Wolfie looked at Fluttershy with a raised eyebrow.
"Well, good thing you came sugarcube, there's a bull raging aroud the orchard and I have no idea how to stop 'im" AJ explained her situation to the pegsus.

Fluttershy nodded as she was listening to that orange pony, catching every detail thrown her way.
"All right, I'll see what I can do." Fluttershy then flew off somewhere in the orchard. Applejack watched her leave then turned to the unicorn still present.
"A tree huh? What were ya' doin' in a tree outside of good ol' Ponyville?" AJ asked, catching 'Sketch' off guard.
"I... uh... really like to take nap in trees?" Wolfie replied sheepishly, with a false grin as he got eyed by the mare.
"I ain't ever heard of a pony that likes napping up in trees as if he were a cat." She eyed the unicorn further.
"Then you can consider me the first." Wolfie said all smug-like.

Applejack stopped eyeing him and backed off a bit.
"Well, 'am Applejack, pleasure to meet ya'!" She quickly took one of his hooves and shook it roughly for a breif moment.
"Nice to meet you too. Second pony I've met since coming to Ponyville." Wolfie drew his hoof back and planted it on the ground. "What have you even tried on the rampaging bull?"
"Well, I've tried to lasso for my rope to snap. Trapping it, but he tore it down." AJ kept on thinking about other ways whe has tried to subdue the bull.

"Have you tried riding him, might just be bored." Wolfie asked the contemptlating AJ.
"Are you crazy? Nopony rides an angry bull casually like it's their business!" Applejack gave him stunned look as soon as she heard him.
"You never know, some things-" Wolfie was immeadiately cut off my a burst of mud hitting him square in the face. Fluttershy had galloped by screaming and happened to have kicked up some mud in the process. Wolfie had to blink for a little while to get the mud away from his eyes.

"Applejack, can you hold a few things for me?" Wolfie asked the orange pony, sliding off his hood and handing it over to AJ along with his sketchbook. She simply nooded and took up both items from him. The unicorn marched on by to find that the bull followed Fluttershy to the other two ponies. Wolfie lowered himself to the ground, staring at the animal. Applejack tossed the hood over her back while placing the book on top of it.
"There's no stopping you, is there?" She asked, staring wide eyed at the stallion.
"Not really, no." He replied, stamping a hoof on the ground to match the bull's.

Both Wolfie and the bull snorted, eyes locked, lowered to the ground. The bull was the first to charge, his target was Wolfie. Wolfie didn't bother to move away from the bull's path and got slammed onto the bulls head. Attaching himself the bull's face, Wolfie smiled.
"You have such a nice pair of veiny eyes." He cooed jokingly before flipping onto the bulls back and hung on for dear life. The bull bucked viciously in a desperate attempt to get the pony off his back. Wolfie was still hanging on tightly.
"Woooooooooooo!" Wolfie yelped out joyusly as Applejack just watched with her mouth gaping in awe.

The bull kept bucking furiously, still making attempts to get the unicorn off of him.
"Oh c'mon! I know you can do better big boy!" Wolfie taunted the bull, trying to bring out it's worst.
The bull ran foward and stopped abruptly, send Wolfie off his back and planting muzzle-first into the dirt. The bull's expression changed from rage to concern.
"Are you all right?" The bull bellowed, looking at the figure in the dirt.
Wolfie got up, brushed some dirt off his dark shirt and nodded.

Applejack was suddenly befuddled at what was just witnessed by her eyes.
"Dude, you have one heck of a buck. Guess that's what I get for entertaining an animal of your size." Wolfie turned to the bull and lightly hit his fore leg.
"Yeah, well, thanks for the little show and compliment." The bull responded to him before continueing on for the day. Applejack galloped over and smacked Wolfie across his mud covered face. There was barely a reaction from the unicorn as some of the mud flew off.

"Are you crazy?!" Applejack yelled at Wolfie.
"As if I wasn't before, I guess I am." He responded with a blank face, "Um.... mind if I get a quick bath?"
Applejack glared at him, but eventually nodded.
"Come on, you darn fool." She ordered, walking past him. Wolfie started following Applejack, trying to wipe some of the mud off. His attempts were less than sucessful, to say the least.

There was a sizable splash made when Wolfie jumped into the tub full of water in the yard. He submerged himself completely and emerged again.
"Sketch," Applejack started, looking at the Wolfie fontaining water from his muzzle, "may I ask you something?"
"Sure, go right ahead." He allowed for the question, but didn't brace for what was to come.
"Where did y'all come from exactly? Ya know, before you came here to Ponyville" When she asked, Wolfie's ears shot up, then folded down.
"Uhm..... uhhh.... well... a place far from here. Very far infact." Wolfie was still searching for a solution so that he doesn't have to say where.

"But where in Equestria are you from?" AJ's expression was changing a bit.
"Hmm.... story for another time then." Wolfie replied, hopping out of the wooden tub to slide his shirt and hood back on, grabbing his sketchbook in his mouth.
"Will you stop avoiding the question?" She stopped Wolfie before he could trot off. The stop caused him to drop his sketchbook, which opened to a certain page within.

The unicorn and the pony looked towards the now open sketchbook. The page it was open to showed a particular present pony sleeping against an apple tree. The next showed some sort of vehicle.
"If I tell you.... you can't tell anyone, understand?" Wolfie looked up towards Applejack with a serious. All AJ did was nod as she closed the sketchbook's cover and started to listen.

Meeting Pinkie Pie

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Wolfie was heading back for Ponyville after telling Applejack where he was actually from and his real name. But guess who decided they should tag along with him, yup, none other than Applejack herself. Wolfie may have allowed her to come with him back to town, but it seemed he wanted to stay as silent as possible until they reached town. Applejack didn't think the same thing and was a bit curious about the realm he was from.

Applejack bumped Wolfie to get his attention, he previously had his head lowered until that happned.
"So... what did y'all look like before you ended up here?" She asked with an innocent look plastered arcoss her face.
"Hm... I didn't have hooves, this white coat was actually a shade of tan skin, my hair or mane was the same, I didn't have a tail, and I never actually walked on all fours." Wolfie replied, looking at himself as he walked.
"Sure sounds nice." AJ seemed a bit facinated at the thought, but she quickly brushed it off as she was happy being a pony and nothing else.

Wolfie looked back towards the road, Applejack was intent on staying by his side.
"What about yer eyes then?" She asked on a last notice.
"My eyes?" Wolfie asked with confusion. "I don't think there's-" He cut himself off in realisation that he forgot his hat.
Wolfie quickly took off in a full gallop to reach the other side of Ponyville, almost leaving Applejack in the dust. She soon caught up with the rushing unicorn.
"What happened bck there?" Applejack asked, trying to keep up with Wolfie
"I forgot something is what!" Was his response, keeping his gallop going.

Applejack was about to tire out, but Wolfie was the first one to put a stop to it by tripping over something. As it turns out, that something Wolfie tripped on turned out to be peculiar pink pony that was on the ground for some reason.
"Pinkie, what in tarnation are you doing on the ground?" The hyperactive pink pny sat up with a wide smile.
"I heard there was a new pony in town and I wanted to greet them! So I started looking for them" Pinkie seemed to hop with her response.

Applejack looked beyond the grinning pink pony and her eyes widened.
"Oh my..." she whispered to herself. Pinkie cocked her head off to the side in confusion as to what AJ was looking at.
"Could I possibly get some help here?" Wolfie's voice caught Pinkie and reacted to it by turning herself around. As it turns out, there was Wolfie, his horn sticking out of the ground, hooves crossed as his whole body was suspended in the air.
"Sorry surgarcube." Applejack responded, trotting over to the unicorn and attempted to dislodge him from the grass.

"Ooooooooh! You must be the the new pony I saw earlier! I'm Pinkie Pie! What's your name?" It looked like Pinkie had forgotten Wolfie was stuck in the ground when she intorduced herself.
"Grr... OW! Sketch... nice to meet y- GAH! Why do these things hurt!?" Wolfie introduced himself, also attempting to dislodge himself from the ground below with the help of Applejack. With the slightest of pop noises, Wolfie was out of the ground and on his back, looking towards the sky.

"Thank you, Applejack." Wolfie started to rub his horn, pain still present somehow.
"Y'er welcome!" Applejack said with a smile. Pinkie then started to hover her head into veiw of the unicorn's with quite possibly the largest grin he has ever witnessed from her.
"Can I help you?" Wolfie asked, staring into the light blue eyes of the pink pony.
"Just to tell me that you want a party for you arrival in Ponyville!" Pinkie responded with a jump of excitement.
"That's sounds more relaxing than what I've been through." Wolfie rolled over on his stomach and stood up fully.

Wolfie picked up his sketchbook off the ground and placed it back on his back. Pinkie decided to to hop off after sqealing for a bit to go get a party set up.
"Where'd she run off to?" Wolfie asked, turning his head to Applejack.
"Probably off to Surgarcube Corner to set up your welcome party. She throws one for anypony new in town." Was Applejack's response, looking off in the direction of the hopping pink pony.
"Atleast she didn't find out where your home was."
"I don't have one here, remember?" Wolfie's expression went from calm to 'really?'

"I know, Pinkie doesn't." Applejack said, a bit of smugness was hinted.
"Well... how long do we have until Pinke's all set with her party?" Wolfie's question emitted as he started to look in the same direction.
"If I know a Pinkie Pie Party.... who knows." The ornage mare responded.
"In that case... I might need to learn a few things about magic." The unicorn started walking, but stopped to look back towards Applejack. "You coming?"

Meeting Twilight Sparkle

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Wolfie was once again on his way to the other side of Ponyville whilst being accompanied by Applejack. He was more determined to get his hat back before anything else. Applejack didn't ask what's so special about his hat, probably because she never got asked about her hat and why she has it most of the time. But a different thought came to her mind. Wolfie may have led them both to the outskirts, but ony he was scanning the scattered amounts of trees for the one that had befallen the stallion.

The unicorn wasn't looking at the bark of the trees, but the branches to find a dark form that was his fedora. Applejack joined his side and see if she could spot anything aswell.
"What exactly are you lookin' fer surgarcube?" The orange mare asked, not able to see what the white stallion was looking at.
"A black hat up in one of these trees, shouldn't be too f- there!" The white stallion took off for a tree to be followed by an orange pony shortly. As soon the two reached the tree, Wolfie wrapped his hooves around a branch and swung himself upward, leaving Applejack to catch his sketchbook.

Applejack couldn't tell if she was surprised by the eye of detail he had or how fast he had ascended the tree. IT only took several minutes before Woflie climbed down from the tree with his hat in his mouth. He threw it on his head and acquired his sketchbook book from Applejack.
"What is that thing on your head again?" The orange mare asked, staring at the black from adorning the stallion's mane.
"It's a fedora. I can't explain why I like them so much though." Was the unicorn's response to her question. "Anyway, where were we off to again?"

"I think to get you somethin' on magic." Applejack thought about it for a moment before looking back. "If anypony else would know more about magic, it's be Twilight." The name rang yet another bell in Wolfie's mind before a smile was shown.
"Of course, she might have a book I could learn from! But... I don't know where the library is exactly." The stallion's smile faded away at his thought.
"It's all right, I'll show y'all where it is." Applejack said with a warming smile on her face. The smile returned that same effect to Wolfie's face as he smiled back a little.

Applejack started trotting back towards ponyville with Wolfie following not very far behind. He was releived by the fact that he didn't have to go running all around Ponyville to find Twilight's library. As Wolfie found it quite difficult to actually come out of a small social barrier, he had zero troubles at all actually overcoming that here. Sure, he may be a pony himself at the moment, but he has the chance to actually let loose and be himself to the fullest extent. He enjoyed it to add on to the fact.

Applejack seemed to be weaving her way through the afternoon crowd. Wolfie had a bit of trouble following her weave motion as they progressed into and through Ponyville.The two ponies stopped briefly at a fountain, Wolfie was looking in at the water to see the rippled reflection, but something was amiss. It were the eyes, HIS eyes. They weren't the dark brown anymore, they were pure red. Almost like Vinyl Scratch's eyes, but brighter.
"Something wrong surgarcube?" Applejack asked, notcing how Wolfie was staring at the water.

"It's... nothing" Wolfie replied, turning away from the water.
"Are you sure 'bout that?" Applejack wanted to make sure the pony next to her was all right.
"I'm fine, Applejack, no worries here." He replied, turning to her with a fake smile. Whatever happened to him changed almost everything on him with the exception of hair, or mane, at this point. It disturbed him slightly due to the fact he wasn't albino before the change to a pony. Wolfie eventually shook himself loose of the dark binds that overcame him as Applejack was heading out again.

It was nice to Wolfie that he was moving again, gets his mind really going to take in the scenery more than his thoughts. Applejack had led him to the library in a short period of time, but long enough for Wolfie to clear his mind most of the way. Wolfie appraoched the darkened door, a lit candle embeded in the wood, and nudged it open.
"Hello?" He questioned if there was the presence of a Twilight Sparkle in the library as he peered inside.
"Come in!" The unicorn's voice was heard from within.

Wolfie turned to Applejack, whom of which got his attention by nudging him.
"I gotta get back to the farm surgarcube. Will you be all right by yourself?" She asked, looking towards him.
"Yeah, I should be atleast. It's not like I'm going to get into a whole lot of trouble by myself." He replied with a smile towards the mare before turning back around and entering the library. Wolfie soon came face to face to a lavender mare eyeing him.

"Can I help you?" Twilight asked, stepping back away from from the stallion.
"Uhm... sure. I'm more of looking for a book on magic. Just for a bit of light reading." Wolfie didn't want her to know he didn't know diddly squat on magic at the time. Twilight raised a bit of a brow, never have seeing the unicorn in Ponyville before.
"Sure, but I must ask who you are so I know the pony that has my book."
"Sketch Pad." Wolfie could feel a bit of sweat just below his horn as he added on to the alias he was given even further.

Wolfie stared back at the lavender pony who then broke into a smile and strarted to giggle, rather odd for Twilight to do such a thing. A magenta aura encased her horn with books coming off the shelves in the same aura.
"Rather... serious look you pulled." Wolfe commented, watching book after book float by the mare's face.
"Pinkie suggested that I be a bit more lively with visitors." Twilight made the comment back with out looking away from the titles.

"Ah... Pinkie, that reminds me." Wolfie looked towards the door, but didn't want to leave just yet.
"Remind of you of what?" Twilight asked, a bit confused as to what the white unicorn was thinking.
"Pinkie's welcome party she decided to throw me because I'm new here." Was the stallion's response, getting a book shoved in his face.
"So you're the one she's excited about? Pinkie stopped by not too long ago to give me an invitation." Twilight stated as Wolfie took the book with his teeth and layed it within the hood on his jacket.

"So, I get to expect some more of her frineds to join, that's nice." The stallion looked around as books were being replaced on the shelves, most likely in the wrong places. Wolfie was determined to learn a bit of magic to help with everyday tasks. He smiled as he left the libray and saying his byes to Twilight. Continuing down the street to go find a giant cupcake on the roof of a building.

Meeting Rainbow Dash with a Crash

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Wolfie was well on his way down the dirt road to find the Sugar Cube Corner bakery in town, smiling at some thoughts he had been having. A noise caught his hearing follow by a voice.
"Hey! Watch out!" Was heard, Wolfie started to look around to see where the voice eminated from, it was too late before he could look up as he felt the mass of another pony pin him to the ground. What he saw before darkness was a cyan colored blur.

The pony on top of him got up and tried to wake the winded unicorn on the ground. Wolfie reacted by groaning a bit in pain before opening his eyes and looking around. He quickly spotted a cyan pony with a rainbow mane and tail staring at him.
"Uhg..... what happened?" Wolfie asked, attempting to remove himself from the dirt.
"I was practicing my new trick and sort of lost control." Wolife finally realised the pony that just crashed into him, Rainbow Dash. "Hey, you look familiar. Have we met before by any chance?"
"I don't think so. What makes you say that anyhoo?" Wolfie was up on his hooves, collecting his sketchbook and the library book he had.

"Becasue I feel like we've met before." Rainbow Dash continue to eye Wolfie, leaning in closer to examine his features. The unicorn secured both books onto his back once more.
"Well, I don't think we've met. I'm Sketch Pad by the way, Sketch for short." The stallion proceeded afterwards, still being eyed by Rainbow. the cyan mare started to squint her eyes towards his general direction. Wolfie was unsure as to how he should have her stop.

Wolfie started to back up a bit before turning himself around and walking away from the staring Rainbow. He was soon caught by the mare with the rainbow mane.
"Are you sure we haven't met before? I feel like we have at one point it time or another." Rainbow was still questioning the unicorn about his familiaraity.
"I'm sure of it, otherwise I would remember you after you crashed into me." Wolfie responded, trying not to look.
"Well, in that case," Rainbow quickly planted herself in front of Wolfie with a stance of pride, "I'm Rainbow Dash! Fastest flyer in all of Equestria!"

Wolfie's head shot back a bit when Rainbow put herself in his way.
"You don't say?" By this point, Wolfie was slightly annoyed. He usually wasn't a fan of gloating, but had to make this exception when it came to Rainbow Dash, mainly because it wasn't there.
"You don't seem impressed. What if I told you that I helped defeat Discord? Or the time where we stopped the changelings?" The cyan mare seemed determined to get in awe inspiring look from the white unicorn looking at her blankly.

Wolfie kept giving her a blank stare, this started to make Rainbow a bit uneasy. The stallion couldn't help but grin and burst out laughing.
"I'm so sorry," Wolfie laughed some more, "But I couldn't help myself to making myself look unimpressed!"
Rainbow's face started to go red with anger.
"I will admit though, defeating Discord and stopping these changeling creatures are pretty amazing feats. Anything else you have done?"

The red in Rainbow Dash's face quickly fled when she heard Wolfie ask what else she had done.
"Well, ever heard of a Sonic Rainboom?" She quickly asked
"I don't think I have" The unicorn lied, knowing what it really was.
"It's where a pegsus breaks the color barrier, atleast, I'm the only pegsus known to perform them." Another quick comment shot out of the cyan mare's mouth.

Wolfie started walking again, motioning Rainbow to follow him.
"Only pegasus known to perform a sonic rainboom, huh? Sounds like you're rather unique" The unicorn commented with a small smile. The mare had a bit of pink on her cheeks as if a pony hadn't told her that before.
"You have a bit of something on your face." Wolfie commented again.

"What? Where?" Rainbow jumped up and started to rub her face.
"The pink in your cheeks." Wolfe replied, a bit smug that he noticed her blushing very little.
"Oh..." the mare's eyes met the ground, "You saw that?"
"Just barely." The stallion replied to her second question.

"Sooo.... where are you heading anyway?" The cyan pony popped out a third question.
"To Surgar Cube Corner, I think, Pinkie Pie said something about a welcome party when she met me earlier." Wolfie answered, trying to think back to earlier.
"So you're the new pony in town. I was wondering why she was in such a rush to get invitations out. Well, welcome to Ponyville!" Rainbow Dash put a big smile on her face.

Wolfie let out a small smile towards Rainbow. It wasn't long before the pegasus couldn't keep herself grounded and took to flying above the unicorn's head.
"You don't talk much for a pony like yourself." Rainbow pointed out.
"I usually don't do well around new faces." Wolfie said in response to Rainbow's observation.
"Then you may have a bit of fun with Rarity." The name rang once more unto Wolfie's ears, shaking the very canals the sound flew through.

Pinkie's Welcome Party with Rarity

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Pinkie Pie rushed by in a blur as she tore Wolfie away from the conversation he was having with Rainbow Dash. Wolfie had to hang on to Pinkie out of fear he might fall off her back. Rainbow had gone into her own blur to chase the two down the street. It didn't take them long to reach Sugarcube Corner where Pinkie burst through the door while slamming Wolfie on the ground infront of her and before her friends.

Wolfie looked up to the gazing eyes of Fluttershy, Twilght Sparkle, and finally Aplejack. Rainbow lightly flew in through the door and landed beside the group along with Pinkie, who bolted over to the other side of he group with a big smile.
"Welcome to Ponyvile!" They all sang aloud as Wolfie got up off the floor. Although, there was no Rarity present to the party Wolfie continued to make his way around the front area of the bakery to greet the ponies that had attended.

The room was decorated with various balloons, deserts, and boxes wrapped up in colorful paper. Of course, Wolfie was no stranger to make himself comfortable at a table with a glass of punch and a certain orange mare sat across from him.
"Liking the town so far, surgarcube?" Applejack looked at Wolfie when she asked.
"Yeah," Wolfie responded, taking a sip of punch, "I could actually settle down here."
"Well, that's good to hear." Said the orange mare, almost getting up to leave the stallion be.

Just before Applejack could leave her seat, Pinkie Pie popped up in front of the table and slid two plates infront of the ponies. Each plate of silver as adorned with a slice of chocolate cake covered in pink frosting. It wassn't too lng before the table was surrounded by the other four ponies and took seats, pulled another table next to the currently occupied one. At that exact moment is when Rarity had walked into the shop.

"Sorry I'm late Pinkie, I was finishing up an ensemble for a client." Rarity explained herself, but didn't notice the mares crowded around another pony. Pnkie jumpd clear out of her seat when she heard Rarity.
"Wow Rarity! You're just in time! We all were about to have some of Sketch's cake!" The ecstatic pink pony cheered aloud.
"Uhh, who was that again?" The fashoinista asked, almost looking as if Pinkie said something else.

"Sketch Pad," Wolfie stood up from the table, "at one's acquaintance."
"Oh thank goodness! I thought you were somepony else! But... what is that you're wearing?" Rarity seemed to be eyes the stallion's appearal.
"What's wrong with a hoodie and fedora?" The white clolored stallion asked, sitting back down. Rarity joined the others at the table, a bit disgusted at Wolfie's bearings.

Pinkie slid another silver plate with cake across the table to Rarity, whom thanked her friend in return.
Wolfie was the first to take a bite, but something was off. The cake didn't taste like the chocolate it was supposed to, tasted like something else. The other ponies seemed to be enjoying their piece, thus baffling the stallion further.

"Does.. anyone else have a funny taste in their mouth?" Wolfie asked, looking at each of the other ponies. Most wer shaking their heads trying not ot get cake anywhere. The stallion looked back down to his and took another bite. This time, it did taste like chocolate cake instead of earlier. Wolfie swallowed before muttering to himself.
"Well, atleast it doesn't taste like hot sauce."

"Well duh, silly! Why would I put hot sauce in cake mix?" Pinkie had caught what Wolfie muttered to himself, brining the stallion to attention.
"There was that one time during the party you threw for Twilight when she first arrived in Ponyville." Applejack commented.
"That was a cupcake, BIG difference!" The pink pony commented back with a huge grin.

"So... Sketch.. where does a unicorn like yourself come from?" Rarity asked Wolfie. Wolfie's ears shot straight up.
"Uhmmm.... welll.... it's a place far from here." He responded in what felt like a cold sweat to him.
"I'm sure we've heard of it before, go on. Enlighten us." The pearl mare seemed to urge him further
"It's very, very far from here. I'm sure you've never heard of it." The stallion unicorn continued.

Wolfie could feel somepony kicking him under the tables, and quickly glanced at each face to see who it was exactly. His eyes came across Applejack, at which point she had a worried look about her. She notioned for him to leave using slight movements with her head. Wolfie shook his head slightly at her, not wanting to be rude. He really didn't have an excuse to go out on.

"How about a game?" Applejack quickly asked, and in good timing too as most of the partygoers had finished up their slices of cake.
"Oh! OH! Like Pin the Tail on the Pony?" Pinkie squeed out in excitement, jumping clear from the table again. That hyperactive pink pony quickly ran up her stairs, came back down, and had the game set up at the snap of a twig.

Pinkie then quickly rushed over to the tables to pull Wolfie clear from his seat, plant him on the floor, and blindfold him.
"Do you know how to play Pin the Tail on the Pony?" The pink mare asked, fastening the blind fold tightly.
"I think, the game seems a bit familiar." Wolfie replied, trying to gain a foothold as to what just happened.
Before he knew it, Wolfie was being spun around in circles rapidly, mking dizzy on an unatural scale.

That dizzy stallion wad having an even harder time trying to stnd up straight, but walking seemed to make it even more challenging than before. But surely, the face of Wolfie smacked right into the paper and knocked him straight to flank. He didn't stay sitting for long as the stallion landed off the to the side holding his stomach and ripping off the blindfold.
"Could... uhg... someone hand me a bag?" Wolfie asked, groaning at that pain his rumbling stomach was causing.

Before anypony could hand the stallion what he requested, A cake-puke mixture gushed out of his muzzle and onto the floor. Wolfie got back on his hooves, his head low, a sleeve stained, and weak.
"I-I think I s-should go..... now." He spoke his thought aloud, making a b-line for the door.
Pinkie just sat on the floor in surprise as Wolfie walked by, staring at the mess that was present.

The other five mares looked at eachother until one spoke out.
"I'll go with him, to make sure nohng bad happens to him." Applejack offered in a whisper that was only audible to those nearby. The orange earth pony was quick to make it out the doors to accompany the strange guest, whom of which let out a small smile towards her. Twilight had noticed that Wolfie left his books on the table and encased them in her magic.

Wolfie's Big Reveal

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The moon high above Wolfie and Applejack was the only ligt the two had at the moment as the stallion was leaning his head off to the side of a building to puke again.
"You need to work on where you're from, surgarcube." The mare stated, keeping a look out for the stallion,
"I k- BLRRRRRRRG! Know... but where?" The unicor turned back to the only pony he could count on, wiping his muzzle clean.

The two continued to walk, not aware that they were now beng stalked by a curious Twilight Sparkle.
"Nopony else has to find out where you're really from." Applejack continued, a white hoof crossing her shoulders.
"Applejack, noone is going to find out I'm really from Earth, but to be quite frank, I'm actually liking bein a pony. Wolfie reassured his only trusted friend. "That's why I trust you not to tell anyone."

"He's not really Sketch? Then who is he?" Twilight whispered to herself. Wolfie's ears perked up and his head twisted to the side.
"Did you hear that?" Th stallion asked, bringing the hoof down with his eyes darting all over in the direction of a now hidden Twilight.
"Ya might just be hearin' things, surgarcube." Applejack tried to calm the alert Wolfie.

The stallion eventually went back to walking with his friend. Applejack took the lead, taking Wolfie back to the farm with her.
"Y'all can stay in the barn for the night, I think there's a latern up in the loft, But I'll get you a blanket from the house." She offered up the temporary abode by opening one of the barn door.
"Thank you. It would be nice to get some rest after today." The stallion nodded in thanks towards the mare, entering the barn.

Twilight had retreated back to her library for the night in a bit of rage at her discovery. Applejack was sitting with Wolfie on a blanket she had found in her room, helping him identify some constalations she knew. The purple hoodie was slung over a rafter, waiting to be washed, while his fedora was in his lap. The ornage mare was leaning into the white stallion's shoulder out of her own fatigue, her eyes drooped a bit, but Applejack enjoyed the feeling of Wolfie's shirt rubbing against her face.

Wolfie soon fell asleep sitting up with Applejack leaning against him, just fast asleep as he was at this point. Wolfie could see a nightstand beside him, a bit blurred, but surely was a nightstand. He awoken a few minutes later to the dawn and tw voices just outside the barn. The unicorn sat up straight and listened in, only to quickly identify Applejack's voice.

"Look Twi, he's not what you think he is!" There was a hint of worry present in Applejack's voice as he listened in.
"And you're not worried at thefact that he might be a changeling?! Here to spy on us?!" Twilight's voice had anger present in it.
"Now what in tarnation would give you that idea?" He heard Applejack respond in surprise.

Wolfie climbed down from the loft, making sure to grab his hoodie and fedora before heading for the doors. The argument was still heating up as he opened the door to peer out towards the two mares. Twilight had her back turned towards Wolfie, Applejack had yet to notice he was even awake yet. The stallion pushed door open even further to catch one last remark from Twilight.

"He can't stay for all I care!" Was the lavender pony's remark.
"An what do you expect of me? Just go home like that? Well here's a news flash, I can't even if I wanted to." This comment made Twilight nearly jump from her skin when she realised the pony that snuck up on her.
"And why can't you?" Twilight asked, narrowing her eyes at him.

"Because I was thrust into this world from another, through what I thought what was a sinkhole. Boy, was I wrong on so many levels. I was once a human, when the sinkhole appeared, but whatever happened while I was inside that thing turned me into a pony, and I actually like it for once. So you can forget about me being a changeling and sending me home because I can't go back, espicially not to abandon such wonderful friends I could make."

Twilight went from anger to calm as she wandered through her mind, remembering something she had almost forgotten about.
"So that's what the spell does." The lavender mare pondered, bringing hoof to chin.
"Wait.. WHAT?" Both were herd from Wolfie and Applejack at the same time.

"Well, I was given a spell a few days ago by Celestia. She thought I could figure it out without having to cast it, but I guess it makes a tempral bridge across realms?" Twilight tried to explain.
"Well, that's nice to know. I was brought here by some unicorn's lost spell." Wolfie threw his hat on his head, just behind his horn.
"Tempral whose-it-whats-its?" Applejack had to ask to concern the fact that Twilight lost most ponies explaining theories and spells sometimes.

"A bridge across different worlds, which just so happened to have opened up in my living and suck me in." Wolfie simplified the explaination the best he could, only to get a nod from Applejack.
"Maybe, just maybe, I could reverse the spell to open up another tempral bridge so you can go home." How was it that Twilight was now willing to help even though she was just angered a few minutes ago by her accusing Wolfie of being a changeling?

Of course, Twilight pushed Wolfie back into the barn along with pulling Applejack in aswell. The door was shut behind them after that, Twilight was in the middle of the barn, trying to reverse or conjure up another portal. She was determined to return Wolfie back to Earth where he belonged, causing a bright flash within the barn itself and another bridge was open.
"All right Wolfie, in you go." The lavender unicorn declared, turning towards the stallion and second mare in the barn.

"I don't want to go back." Wolfie simply said, bucking against her wishes.
"You can't be serious. You can't stay here. You don't even belong here!" Twilight excalimed, another look of stunned surprise.
"That may be so, but the others don't know I'm not from anywhere in Equestria besides you and Applejack. I'm ok with this form, I just got-

The dream ended right then and there, a different pony sat straight up and looked upon his surroundings.
"That's it!" He yelled, awaking a familiar orange pony next to him. "No more hot sauce before bed!"
"Would ya quiet down just a bit, someponies are trying to sleep." The mare stopped the stallion on his tracks.
"Sorry AJ, just had a weird dream caused by your stupid challenge." The stallion layed himself back down, back towards the mare
"Not my fault y'all lost the bet."