• Published 20th Dec 2012
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Finding A Way Home - A FlutterDash FanFiction - Shiloh

After Twilight Sparkle fails a spell, she teleports them to aunknown forest. Twilight's magic is countered, and un usable, so her and her friends must find a way home. But will this adventure bring RainbowDash's true feelings out for Flutte

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Spell Gone Wrong

Twilight Sparkle eagerly awaited her friends arival. She had stayed up late learning a new spell, that shows ponies the future, and the past. She was hoping she had perfected it, and wanted her friends to be there.

One by one, her friends walked in, greeting Twilight, with bright smiles on their faces. They were surprisingly happy, even though they had no idea why their friend had called them over, expecially so early in the morning.

"This better be good Twilight. I hate getting up early!" RainbowDash pouted, landing on the ground, crossing her arms.

"Don't worry - it is!" She exclaimed, with a bright smile. "I just learned a new spell, that lets Unicorns look into the future. And I wanted you ponies here to see it with me!" She said, clapping her hooves. She was expecially exited about this, wanting to know various of things about the past and the future.

"Oh.. My." Fluttershy said, crossing her hooves. "Are you sure it's safe Twilight?" She asked, tiling her head. Her pink mane fell over her eyes cutely.

"Of course I'm sure." Twilight said, slightly tiling her head, smiling. She blinked several times, waiting to see if anypony else had any comments.

After a few seconds of silence, Twilight spoke up. "Alright everpony! Stand back!" She said, leaning down, slightly sticking her flank in the air. "Here we go!" She said, closing her eyes.

Her horn slightly sparkled, then burst with light. The pink magic around her horn ligtly flowed, as the room started to rumble.

"Woah nelly!" AppleJack exclaimed, standing on her mind hooves.

"Twilight! What's happening?" RainbowDash said, not being able to stay in the air, falling to the ground.

Twilight clenched her teeth, concintrating on the spell. She waved her head several times, as if trying to stop.

Everpony fell to the floor, not being able to keep their balance. Their waves blew in the wind, as a black portal began to open, making swishing sounds as books and quils started to be sucked into it.

"Wh- WHAT IS THAT!?" Fluttershy said in a harsh, yet soft voice, trying to keep balance.

"EVERPONY RUN!" PinkiePie said, repeatedly trying to stand up, but all failed.

"Hold on everpony!" Twilight managed to say, sweat dripping off her body, her mane flowing violently through the wind, her body starting to be sucked into the hole.

"Hold on!" She repeated, also falling to the floor, being dragged toward the hole.

Everpony clenced onto eachother. Fluttershy lowered her ears, clenching her teeth. She closed her eyes, ready to be sucked into the hole.

Her horn made a loud screeching sound, as if someone had took their nails to a chalk board. The room filled with white light, blinding everone.

Everything went dark.

Twilight Sparkle was the first one to wake up. Her knees were shaky, her horn was sore, and her mane was a mess.

"What... Happened?" She asked, looking around to the others, who were just waking up.

"Oh my.. Where are we?" Fluttershy asked, slowly standing to her hooves, poking at her messed mane.

"I have no idea!" AppleJack said, angerly stomping her hoove to the ground. "What in tar nation happened Twilight!?" She exclaimed, looking around her.

"My.. MANE!" Rarity exclaimed, looking into the lake. "Its.. It's... RUINED!" She said, nearly in tears.

"Yeah, I though you said it was safe!" RainbowDash said quickly, pushing her face into hers. "Well!?" She said, demanding an answer.

"I'm.. I'm so sorry everpony. I.. Should have tried it before I called you all.. I though I had it down!" She said, sitting down. She lowered her ears, looking at the ground.

"That doesn't matter now!" AppleJack said. "What matters is we find a way home... Where.. Where are we?" She asked, even though she knew everpony else had asked that.

"Were not anywhere near PonyVille that's for sure." Rarity said, fiddling with her mane. "Twilight, why don't you do one of you're teleporting spells and get us home, will you darling?" She asked, trying to keep calm.

"Teleporting! That's right! I'll just teleport us home!" Twilight said, jumping to her hooves. She closed her eyes, ready to focus. A small spark came from her horn, then nothing.

"What.. What's going on?" She asked, looking up at her horn. "My.. Magic isn't working." She managed to stutter out of confusion.

"Well then Darling, I'll try mine." Rarity said, looking at a twig, trying to use her magic to pick it up.

"Mine.. Mine's not working either!" She exclaimed.

"Well that's just great! Neither of you're magic's working, and we have no idea how to get home!" AppleJack said, throwing her hat on the ground, stomping it out with her hoof.

"Were never going to get home!" PinkiePie said, bursting into tears.

"Now now Pinkie.. We'll get home darling. We'll just walk until we come across something." She suggested, looking at Twilight with pleading eyes.

"Don't worry Pinkie. We'll get home." She said. "Like Rarity said. If we just walk, we're bound to come across something!" She said, standing to her hooves.

As everypony stood up, they relised that they were extreamly tiered.

"Can we rest before we leave?" PinkiePie asked lightly.

"Yeah. I'm really tiered." RainbowDash said, laying down.

Their hooves her sore, manes a mess, and their eyes were droopy.

"Come to mention it, so am I.. Alright. We'll leave right in the morning." She said, yawning, closing her eyes.

Author's Note:

My first FlutterxDash FanFiction.
Constructive Criticism is wanted!

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