• Published 20th Dec 2012
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Finding A Way Home - A FlutterDash FanFiction - Shiloh

After Twilight Sparkle fails a spell, she teleports them to aunknown forest. Twilight's magic is countered, and un usable, so her and her friends must find a way home. But will this adventure bring RainbowDash's true feelings out for Flutte

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"I don't want to die..." (Short Chapter)

The rain trinkled through RainbowDash'es feathers, falling onto the ground. Fluttershy took shelter under her wing, and fell asleep. So much for watching out for danger. But RainbowDash didn't mind. They had walked for hours, and everypony needs rest.

"Alrighty." AppleJack said, trotting back. The mud splashed up, hitting RainbowDash in the eye. She quickly folded up her wing, splashing Fluttershy with water. She rubbed her eye with her hoof.

"Damn it A.J. Do you have to stomp to hard in the mud!?" She said, looking down to Fluttershy, who had awoken from the splashes of water.

AppleJack didn't respond, not wanting to start an argument. Everypony was tiered, and she wasn't ready to spend the rest of the night arguing. She dropped the berries down, lightly sighing.

"Didn't find much." She started, lightly sighing. "Just enough for one meal each." She moved the berrys into the center of the circle they were standing in.

"Anypony see Twilight?" PinkiePie asked, staring at the berries.

"I haven't." RainbowDash said, holding out her wing again, wrapping it around Fluttershy. By this time, the rain had stopped, and it was just lightly spitting.

"Over here darlings!" Rarity said, trotting over to them. The mud and leaves her out of her mane, though it was still soaking wet. Twilight had a unsatisfied look on her face, carrying a ton of sticks on her back. She roughly dropped them down, looking over to Rarity.

"I found a watering hole and washed out my mane!" She said, twiddling her mane in her hooves.

Twilight rolled her eyes, positioning the sticks in the circle of rocks. AppleJack walked over, lightly a fire. She sighed sitting down.

Fluttershy leaned on RainbowDash, fading back asleep. A small smile forced across her face, as she lowered her ears, nuzzing herself into RainbowDashe's fur.

"So, are we just goin' to keep walking until were dead?" RainbowDash snapped.

This caught everypony off guard. They lowered their ears, and looked away. None of them had an answer. AppleJack stood up, walking toward RainbowDash.

"Don't you think everypony wants to get out just as much as yo do!?" She snapped, pushing her face into hers. "I have my Sister to take care of! Why do YOU have to get home so bad!?" She said, glaring into the mares eyes.

"I.." RainbowDash stopped. "I'm worried about you guys. All of you." She managed to stutter. "I don't want to die out here."

Twilight nodded, eating a few berries. "None of us want to Rainbow. We all have things waiting for us at home."

RainbowDash nodded. Everpony but her had something waiting for them. She had nothing. No family.

Fluttershy struggled, pulling herself out from under RainbowDashes wing.

"Ex..Excuse me." Fluttershy said, quickly trotting away.

"What's wrong with Fluttershy?" AppleJack said, backing away from RainbowDash.

"Fluttershy hates fighting guys!" PinkiePie exclaimed. "She didn't want to hear us arguing." She said, rubbing the ground with her hoof.

"I don't think that's what's wrong with her. I'll go talk to her." RainbowDash said, leaping to her hooves. "I'll be back." She said, flying away.

"Fluttershy! Fluttershy, what's wrong?" She asked, flying up to the mare.

"Oh RainbowDash! Angel must be worried sick about me! And what about the other animals!?" She said, rushing up to RainbowDash.

"And what about AppleJack and Rarity!? Their sisters and familes must be oh so worried!" She said, digging her muzzle into the mare's fur. Her tears drenched where her head rested.

"I don't want to die out here Dashie," She said, nuzzling her head in more. "I don't want to die." She repeated, falling to the ground.

It was clear all this stress was getting to Fluttershy, and it had hit her like a brick wall. She was overwelmed with the stress, and sadness, that she had tried to sleep it away.

"Don't worry Fluttershy. We'll find out home. Don't worry." She said, petting the mare with her wing, trying to comfort her. She wasen't used to comforting ponies, but she was trying her best.

"Dashie. Thank you for everything you've done.. I.. I saw the cuts you had when you tried getting through the branches. You hurt you'reself tryin to help you're friends." She said, looking up to the mare. "Rainbow Dash, I l-"

"There they are!" Twilight said, trotting up to the mares. "We heard TimberWolves. We though.." She sighed in relife.

"Come on you two." AppleJack said, waving her hoof.

"You shouln't be out here alone. Let's go back to camp, and get you warm." Twilight said, helping them up.

Fluttershy looked away, her mane hiding her face in the cute way- like she always does. RainbowDash wrapped her wing around her, smiling lightly.

"What was that mare going to say?" RainbowDash wondered, walking back to the campsite.

Author's Note:

Just wanted to post this. It's a short chapter - I know. The next chapter will be much longer.
This chapter was bascily focused around Fluttershy and RainbowDash, but the next chapter will be ALL about adventure! :D

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