• Published 22nd Nov 2012
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When it all Falls Apart - Rysonn

Strike up the band, now, and find what you were always missing.

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You're Not Sorry - Chapter 5

A stagehand gave her a thin glass of something that was a deep, pretty red, and at the first sip she could tell that the bartender wasn't shy when it came to dishing out the booze. Yet, that didn't matter did it? After all, she *cough* wasn't a minor anymore. She drank, and before she knew it, all that was left was ice. She tossed it to the stagehand and asked for another, giving him a smile she hoped would send across her thanks better than her voice could through all the screaming. He smiled back at her like a schoolcolt with one helluva crush and stumbled over his hooves as he ran to the barkeep.


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