• Published 22nd Nov 2012
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When it all Falls Apart - Rysonn

Strike up the band, now, and find what you were always missing.

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Colour - Chapter 4

"Rainbow Dash?"

Rainbow's consciousness flickered into light and her eyes drifted open slowly as she gathered her thoughts together.

"...Hmm..?" Her wings cut through the wind with an almost lazy ease. Her muscles were mostly-loose, and she hardly even seemed to notice the grown mare hanging from her shoulders.

"How do you do it? Fly like this, I mean? I know I haven't had my wings for very long, but... You make it look so easy. It takes my full concentration just to fly straight, but you've been flying non-stop with your eyes closed for the last half-hour, not to mention with me on your back.

Rainbow Dash couldn't help but laugh a little.

"So you wanna know why I'm the best flyer in Equestria, is that it?"

Rainbow could see Twilight stick her tongue out from the corner of her eye.

"Well... It's not an easy thing to explain. It just sort of happens."

"Yeah, but how? What happens--what does it feel like?"

"Well... If i had to try to explain it... The trick is to let your whole world lose colour." Her mind struggled to form words for a time. Twilight was silent as she waited and tried to wrap her head around the words.

"My head just gets so cluttered sometimes. It happens to me almost everyday. It's overwhelming. I can hardly breathe sometimes. And I see it in other ponies too. I'm sure it happens to you. It might be harder for you to do something like this, because, lets face it, your head is your strong-suit, but all you have to do is keep your head clear. Forget everything in there, you don't need it for flying. You don't need to think about your job, or your friends, or your past... You don't even have to think about flying. The trick is to think about nothing. Think in black-and-white. Before you know it, your wings have carried you far past what you could have ever imagined."

They were both quiet for a long while. Rainbow Dash felt Twilight's head rest gently back onto her neck. Rainbow's eyes closed again. She felt the 'colour' bleed from her brain, and all that was left was silence. Sweet, calm, blissful silence. Twilight spoke up once again.

"It's kind of like magic."

"It is?"

"Yeah." Twilight took a breath. "Magic does take a lot of concentration, don't get me wrong, but magic isn't something you can practise. Sure, you can learn new spells, and work on faster casting and better stability, but you can't really force it. Magic just comes. You have to just let it happen."

"...You'll be a good flier, Twilight. I know you will."

It was quiet then. All quiet. Serene. Sweet, silent, calm, complete ecstasy in the quiet. The breeze was cold and it chaffed at Twilight's hooves, but she wouldn't have had it any other way. It all felt so right. She had never felt such peace inside of her. It pervaded her. She could smell it, she could feel it, she could taste it, she could breathe it in.

The dim blue-gray sky began to deepen as night fell, but neither of them had noticed.