• Published 22nd Nov 2012
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When it all Falls Apart - Rysonn

Strike up the band, now, and find what you were always missing.

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Life Like Theirs - Chapter 2


"Yeah Twi?

"...How do you always know..?"

"Always know what?"

"...Everything... You always know what to say and how to say it, what to do, what to give me, where to take me... How do you do it..?"

Twilight shifted her gaze up toward Rainbow Dash. The colours of her mane had been set on fire by the setting sun, and those bright rays glinted bright off of those deep, beautiful, rosey red rings she called eyes.

Those eyes drifted shut.

"...Well... It's easy really. All I had to do... "

The eyes opened again, and before she knew it, Twilight felt her lips touch gently together with Rainbow Dash's. She felt her own eyes grow weak and finally drift closed. The sunset, and the little maple tree above her , and the grass beneath her, all vanished. Right then, everything was perfect. All that was there was the warmth of those lips, and that calm, steady, soft little breathing from Rainbow Dash's nose.

"...is fall in love with you..."

They kissed again, and again. For just a moment, Twilight could feel her heart stop beating. She though maybe it was just because it wanted that final kiss to last forever.

"Told you you always know what to say..."

Twilight let her head fall back down to her Dash's breast and hugged her close, giving one last glance back toward the sunset. Everything felt so simple, so easy. She didn't have to think. Not now. Not here. Here, she had no letters to send, no problems to solve, no worries or cares. Here she had everything she'd never knew she was missing. Here, she had a simple little love story.



"...I love you so much..."

"Hmm... Maybe so, maybe so, but I still love you mo-"





"No! I love you more!"

"I'm afraid that's not the case, my lady. I love you more."

"...Fine..." she gave in not so reluctantly. She aways liked to let her Rainbow Dash win, just not without a little contest first.

"Just this once."

"So does that mean I'm gonna have to fight to love you more all the other times?"

Twilight giggled. "Yes."

"..Screw waiting. I wanna fight now."

Rainbow Dash rolled Twilight onto her back and kissed her roughly over and over, smiling all the while. Rainbow backed off for air, and Twilight took advantage and dove on her, sending them tumbling down the hill together in a tumble of hugs and kisses. Then, a pair of strong wings unfolded and carried them off into the air. Those wings beat heavily over and over, pulling them high into the sky, and Rainbow Dash kissed her one more time, deep and slow, before whispering softly in her ear.

"...Do I win..?"