• Published 15th Oct 2012
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Great Power. Great Sorrow. - Aetherlord_Ignus

Twilight learns that she destroyed Trixie's career and that the Ursa destroyed her wagon.

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Great Reluctance

Twilight went downstairs and into her kitchen. She saw Trixie moving a frying pan with magic while cooking some eggs.

“Oh, you don’t have to bother with that,” said Twilight “we were gonna go out to breakfast today.”

“Oh, okay then.” Said Trixie. “What should I do with these eggs?”

Spike jumped onto the kitchen counter, grabbed the frying pan and poured the eggs into his mouth.

“These are really good Trixie,” said Spike.


Trixie and Twilight, along with Twilight’s five friends that at a cafe table. Everyone seemed pretty accepting of Trixie.

“And that’s how Equestria was made,” Pinkie had just finished a story that had nothing to do with Equestria”s origins.

“Wow, that’s really interesting Pinkie,” said Twilight, “Could you guys wait a second. I have to pick up some cake I ordered from Sugarcube Corner.”

Twilight left. The 6 ponies waited for Twilight to be gone. Trixie then felt the five others staring at her.

“Look, I don’t know what you’re trying to pull Trixie,” said Rainbow Dash, “but it’s not gonna work.”

“I don’t know who you think you are coming back, but if you think you can mooch of Twilight, you’re wrong,” said Applejack.

“Plus you think you can learn some real magic,” said Rarity, “how about a spell to make you disappear and maybe get some better clothes.”

“And you claim you vanquished an Ursa Major, I’d like to see you try” snorted Pinkie.

“So why don’t you go back to the forest where you belong!” yelled Fluttershy.

Trixie started to cry and then ran off. Twilight came back a bit later.

“Where’s Trixie?” Asked Twilight.

“We told her off!” Said Pinkie right before Applejack put her hoof over her mouth.

“You what!?” Yelled Twilight, “where is she?”

“We umm.. told her to go back to the Everfree Forest, she’s probably getting her things from the library.”

“Why would you do that? We have to find her.”

Twilight broke into a run and reluctantly, the five others did too. When they got to the library, Trixie wasn’t there. Spike said she just came in and left. She left her notebook. Twilight picked it up and saw a note on the first page.

Dear Twilight,
I don’t belong in Ponyville or anywhere else. I have gone into the Everfree forest to fight the Ursa Major, If I live, I will be honorable enough to return, if I die, I die fighting. You can have my notebook if you wish to remember me.
Your’s truly,
Trixie Lulamoon

Twilight looked through the notebook. There were drawings she did when what seemed to be when she was a filly, drawings of her as a wizard or defeating an Ursa Major. The rest looked as if she drew them in the Everfree Forest. There were drawing saying things such as “I hate Twilight Sparkle!” and Why me. She then got to when she found her. The drawings showed Trixie being friends with all of them. Some where she drew herself and Twilight as BFFs. There were also stories such as Trixie and Twilight buying a white tiger and taking their magic act to Las Pegasus. Twilight and the others began to cry.

“We have to find her.” Said Twilight.