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Aevum's Guide to Magic and Its Uses - SplitSquid

A complete guide to magic, written by Aevum, Alicorn of Time. Nightmare Moon is returning, and we have a step-by-step guide on how to defeat her. What could go wrong?

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Basic Magic With Twilight Sparkle

-Ten Days Before The Summer Sun Celebration-

~Twilight Sparkle: Promising Prodigy~

Four days. It had been four days since she had met Aevum. And ten days until she comes back. She had spent the last three going over the basic magic and the first of the advanced magic segments of Aevum’s Guide to Magic and Its Uses. None of the spells were particularly difficult for her, but there were a few that she had not seen before, such as the magic she would be attempting to cast today. Flip, flip flip, Basic magic, almost there. Oop! Went too far. There! Advanced Magic, page 1.

Advanced Magic: Page 1

Concept of Weaving Spells and SpellWeaving

Complex magic, like curses and enchantments are very useful to mages; they have near-infinite uses and have the potential to last years. However, in order to cast them, you must learn a skill which I have dubbed “Spellweaving”. Spellweaving is the practice of using and casting ‘weaving spells’. These weaving spells, once casted, weave together into your curse or magic.

  • Weaving spells are ineffective on their own, they must be part of a functioning system to actually provide an efficient product.
  • Weaving spells last for a very long time and sometimes don’t even need to be replaced.
  • Example: To enchant a door to open whenever you, let’s say, rotate a flower vase in a certain way, you would need to cast a Weaving Spell to detect when the vase is rotated correctly, and another to trigger the opening of the door. In order to make the system work, you have to weave the spells together with your mind.
  • Weaving spells leave a magic footprint that can be detected by experienced magicians.
  • The more powerful the caster, the harder the spells are to detect and/or break.
  • You will not be creating systems in this lesson, just casting individual weaving spells.
  • The creation of spell systems is covered in the second Advanced Magic lesson.

I suppose that I should be thankful, these spells have the potential to be the most useful in my arsenal. I’ll need as much practice as I can get for her return. The elements may not work, and if so, what would I do then? A simple magic missile would be pitiful. I’ll have to figure out some more powerful combat magic so I can keep up.

Twilight yawned and arose from her bed. Her stomach rumbled, Time for breakfast! I wonder what’s left in the fridge? Twilight made her way down the stairs, “Oof!” Twilight had stumbled, but managed to regain her footing before her unwanted reunion with the floor. I could have sworn that the last step was smaller than that! She shook her head, clearing her thoughts.

Anyways… she called to her magic. It responded, gathering energy from throughout her whole body before concentrating in her horn, which had taken up a purple sheen. Fridge. The fridge opened, accompanied by Twilight’s magic. Half a gallon of milk, a cup of cider, a few eggs, three apples, and a slice of apple pie: of the six, she levitated the pie and cider and set them down on her dining table.

Thank you apple family. Twilight thought back to the knock on her door the night prior. Applejack and Rainbow Dash, two mares that were her own age, had come to welcome her to Ponyville. Applejack had brought cider and apple pie, the latter of which Twilight would be eating for breakfast this morning. Dash, on the other hand, had brought her a pillow made of clouds, which had alleviated the neck pain she usually woke up with. The evening had started out slow, but the, ah, ‘easygoing’ effects of the cider had lightened the mood and caused a brand new friendship to form between the three.

The front door swung open, “Good Morning, Twilight!” a small dragon walked in.

“Good morning Spike,” Twilight called upon her magic once more, casting a heating spell on the pie. She heated it until it was the perfect temperature, then cut off the flow of magic. “You’re up early.”

Spike suppressed a laugh. “Actually Twilight, it’s noon!” He walked over to the stairs and climbed up the first step, “I didn’t wake up early, you woke up late.”

What? Did I really sleep in so late? Good thing I have nothing going on today, that could have been bad. Twilight shook her head, breaking free from her thoughts.

“Hold on, Spike,” Twilight wiped the sticky pie filling from her mouth. Could you send a letter to the Princess for me?” Spike ran back down the stairs, positioning himself to Twilight’s left side. He then summoned a piece of slightly yellowed parchment and a quill pen, seemingly out of thin air.

“Sure thing! What do you want me to say?”

“Dear Princess Celestia,” Twilight paused for a moment, thinking of how to word the letter. “Uhhh, So I was at your old castle about four days ago when I came across this curious pony named Aevum. His coat was the color of sand and his mane and tail were a dark gray. He said he wanted to meet you, but didn’t even know who you were. He left for Canterlot, um, two, no, three days ago. He gave me a guide to Advanced magic before I left to write my daily letter to you. Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. Your loyal student, Twilight Sparkle.”

“Anything else?” Spike looked at her with an expectant gaze.

“Erase all the verbal mistakes I made, please,” Twilight ate a piece of pie while Spike crossed out a few things in the letter. He then rolled it up, held it at his eye-level, then bathed the letter with a stream of green fire from his mouth. The Parchment did not burn, instead evaporating into a fine mist and zooming out of Twilight’s window on its way to Canterlot. Spike then retreated to his room. That’s done, breakfast is… She ate the rest of the pie, and washed it down with a glass of water. Done, now to practice magic, I totally forgot to do so yesterday.

Twilight opened her door and walked around to the back of her house. Containing the yard was a short white fence. In the center was a small maple tree, surrounded by iris and spirea plants in a little garden island. On the left side of her garden, there was a red and white target propped up by a wooden trellis. This was her magic target. However, she would not be using it today. Twilight called upon her magic, concentrating the magic in her horn, and willing a spell to detect the sunlight. While doing so, her mind wandered, creating a magical vacuum which absorbed the magical power she was pouring into the task.

A failure. No matter, I’ll try again. Again she called her magic, and again her mind wandered. Another failure. Come on Twilight, you can do this! As she prepared to call forth her magic a third time, a parchment sealed with a golden sun hit her in the temple.

“Oww…” She whined. Really, Princess? Twilight used her already prepared magic and unfurled the scroll. “Dearest Twilight, You were wise to inform me of this. Unfortunately, you were too late. Mr. Aevum arrived this morning and requested an audience with me after sunset. Since you know him, I’d like to speak with you afterwards. I’m sending you a chariot pulled by two of my pegasus guards. They’ll be at your doorstep in half an hour. Bring some friends with you! I’d love to meet them.
-Princess Celestia
Ruler of Equestria
Alicorn of the Sun

Twilight skipped the rest of the formalities. She knew them all by heart anyways. I don’t want to disappoint the Princess, I’ll ask Applejack and Dash if they want to come with me.

Twilight packed Aevum’s Journal in a bag, along with her Canterlot ID Badge. She would have a hard time entering the castle otherwise, and getting Applejack and Rainbow Dash in would be impossible. Applejack will be on the farm somewhere, I'll look for Rainbow Dash first. Twilight opened the fence gate with magic and walked around front. She opened her front door door and shouted, “Spike! Come outside! we’re going to Canterlot!”
His voice responded, understandable although muffled. “I’ll be right out!” Twilight closed the door and stepped away from her house.

“If I was an insufferable blue pegasus,” she whispered to herself, “where would I be?”

“Hey Twinkletoes!” Rainbow Dash was above her, lounging atop a cloud.

“There.” Twilight said, astonished. “Uhhh, Do you want to escort me to Canterlot for an audience with the Princess?”

“First of all, absolutely!” Rainbow Dash looked very surprised. “Secondly, Twinkletoes, that is a horrible way to start a conversation.”

“Great!” Twilight beamed. “Could you invite Applejack? You would both need to be here in 20 minutes.”

“Sure thing!” Dash replied, soaring towards the apple farm.

- 30 minutes later -

As the last into the Chariot, Spike closed the door behind the three mares,“We’re all ready to go!” he announced, donning his conductor hat.

“About time!” The lead pegasus stamped the ground, “Alright, let’s get outta here!” The chariot started to move forward, getting faster and faster until they had abandoned the earth entirely, taking to the sky akin to a fledgeling bird.

“Twilight, wake me when we get there,” Spike whispered, curled up into a little ball next to Twilight, who nodded in affirmation. If he starts snoring, I will be using magic on him. Thank you Aevum, for putting an anti snore spell in your journal.

“Hey Applejack,” Rainbow Dash taunted, with a touch of seriousness in her tone, “You better not throw up in here.” I didn’t even notice that she looked sick! I really need to get more sleep. Twilight shifted away from Applejack and Dash, and successfully went unnoticed

“Shut yer mouth, featherbrain,” Applejack retorted weakly, “I’m tryin’ my best here!”

“Applejack, Is this the first time you’ve flown?” Twilight gave Applejack a comforting pat on her shoulder. You don’t look too good, Applejack. I hate to admit it, but I have to agree with Rainbow on this one. At least Applejack isn’t acting weird – besides feeling sick, that is.

“Yes, yes it is.” Applejack said.

“The first time’s always the worst, Applejack." Twilight shifted in discomfort, "as the Princess’ personal student, I’ve been flying in these things since I was a filly!”

“Yeah!” said one of the four pegasi pulling the Chariot, “and it’s the worst way to travel. Apparently, Equestria used to employ flying sailing ships to travel. They were fast and could carry lots of things at once! The longest of them were hundreds of feet long!”

“Really?” Applejack looked up, the green in her face less prominent than it was before. “How did they float?”

“They would float on clouds maintained by gemstones, and some even had cannons to help deal with monsters. It’s a shame the Princess decommissioned them. The Griffons have been getting bolder since then.” The pegasi sighed. “Hey orange, If you don’t look straight forward, you’ll feel worse. Everyone else, we’ll be landing soon, so don’t get too comfy.” Applejack followed the pegasi’s advice, looking straight ahead.

“Thank you!” Twilight replied. Those airships seem like a cool idea, I’ll have to ask the Princess about them later.

“Cannons are totally sick.” Rainbow dash had a blank expression. “I could be a sky pirate!”

“Cannons are also dangerous, Dash.” Twilight had snapped Rainbow out of her daze. “And frankly, I wouldn’t trust you with one in the first place.”

Rainbow Dash was not amused. “But Pinkie Pie has like seven of them!”

“Those are Confetti Cannons.” Applejack met Rainbow’s eyes. “You’re leaving out some very important details.”

“Sorry to break you up, but who’s Pinkie Pie?” Both ponies turned to look at Twilight, surprise plastered on their faces. Umm, did I strike a nerve?

Rainbow Dash got a mischievous look in her eyes “Hey Applejack.”


“You know that landing is the worst part right?”

Applejack growled. “Be quiet.” Rainbow dash laughed, until…


Touchdown! Looks like I don’t need to wake Spike up after all. The little dragon was already stirring.

“Owww, I bih mah tounhh” Dash pouted. Now it was Applejack and Twilight’s turn to laugh. They came to a stop and there it was.

Rainbow Dash exited the carriage, immediately taking off, then almost fell out of the air, almost like her wings had stopped functioning for a moment, “Woah!”

“This is Canterlot?” Applejack looked around nervously, “Ah feel severely underdressed.” Twilight picked Spike up with magic and set him on her back.

“Pick up your mouths and let’s go, we’re gonna miss our audience with Princess Celestia!” Twilight's misgivings were made tangible when the sun dipped below the horizon, signaling the approach of the night. “Run!” Twilight exploded into a full gallop, Dash keeping pace in the air, Applejack not far behind. They passed glamorous shops, nice houses, and even nicer restaurants. The Buildings turned into a blur as the trio galloped by. Door! She skidded to a halt just before hitting a large metal gate. There were ornate walls on either side of the gate, both sides running off into the distance, curving out of Twilight’s line of sight. Through the gate, Twilight could view the magnificent, yet imposing sight of Celestia’s castle, moonlight coating it in a harsh white light. As she breathed a sigh of relief, Applejack, who had been looking around while running, slammed into Twilight’s rear, sending her face into the gate anyway.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. “I mean, that works, but you could just knock.” She made a knocking motion with her hoof. If looks could kill, Rainbow Dash would be out cold. Fortunately for her though, a palace guard opening the door prevented the verbal lashing brewing behind Applejack’s eyes from happening. Applejack and Twilight were still a pile on the ground at this point. And now I look like an idiot.

“We’re with her.” Rainbow Dash gestured to herself and Applejack, and then to Twilight.”

“I feel ya.” The guard said to Dash. “It do be like that sometimes.” Applejack and Twilight hurriedly got back up, cheeks bright red.

“Here’s my I.D. Sir.” Twilight said, trying to play off what had just occurred.

“You’re good to go, ma’am. Celestia and her guest await you in the throne room. It’s through those doors there. He gestured to the far side of the courtyard. “Good day!”

“Same to you.” Twilight said as the trio walked into the courtyard, Guard closing the Gate behind them.


~Celestia: Solar Princess~

Who is this pony? Celestia looked up at the ceiling of her throne room. Observing the massive gilded chandelier hanging on a chain was always nice, and she commonly found herself lost in the artwork which adorned the domed ceiling. I’ve already tried being nice, but this pony just refuses to talk.

“Who are you, Mr. Aevum? Where are you from?” Said an agitated Princess Celestia, “I will not ask you again.”

“I told you. I am Aevum,” Aevum rolled his eyes, “and I was born and raised here in Equestria” That is simply not possible. I’m so tired of this.

“The birth and existence of every single alicorn in Equestria has been documented since the beginning!” Celestia used her magic to levitate a scroll that had seen much better times. “This is that document.”

For the first time in this audience, she was rewarded with a genuine reaction. Aevum developed a slight grimace. He looks as though he forgot something. Suddenly, Celestia felt an imbalance in the flow of magic around her. The fool! He’s trying to cast a spell!

Celestia jumped out of her seat – horn glowing with an intense golden light – and casted a pushing spell, sending Aevum into the right wall with an audible thunk. “What have you done!” Celestia raised her voice, “How dare you attack me in my own castle!” Aevum coughed and stood up, immediately recovering from his impact. No normal pony could have recovered that fast. He is definitely not in some kind of disguise.

“I did not attack you,” Aevum replied weakly, “I only hid the truth.” Aevum made some distance between himself and the Princess before sitting down again.

Celestia observed her father’s scroll for damage, noticing a line of blurry text towards the top of the list. She eyed Aevum and moved the scroll to her side. “This would work against an ordinary mage, but I am no ordinary mage.” Celestia called upon her magic for the second time, intending to use her golden magic. “Reveal yourself!” A golden wave erupted from her horn, revealing the text and temporarily showing Aevum’s true form. Aevum now stood slightly shorter than her with an ethereal dark mane and a matching tail which were much like her own, despite differences in shape and color. Sand particles lazily floated off his coat, moving behind him and disappearing, as if an invisible wind blew constantly into his face. The magical image of Aevum disappeared.

He would be handsome if he wasn't giving me such a hard time right now. Celestia turned to the scroll, and looked to where the blurred line was. It was written with her father’s penmanship.

(page break)

Aevum: Alicorn of Time. Description: Sand colored coat with a dark gray mane and tail. Sand floats off and behind him. His talent mark is an hourglass on a clock, adorned with strange runes instead of numbers. Went missing 2670 years after I took the throne.

*1,015 years before Celestia and I, for future reference. - Luna

Page break.
“Knowledge is power. Please do not tell anyone of my true identity.” Just who does this stallion think he is?

Celestia registered this and replied with a calm and easy tone. “Do you think it wise to give me orders? In my throne room? After what you just did?”

“Then I ask it of you, your majesty.”

“Very well, Aevum.” Celestia stood up and stretched, earning a pop in her back. That felt nice. She had to restrain herself from allowing a goofy smile to worm its way onto her face. However, what doesn’t feel nice is keeping secrets for a pony whom I have never met before.

“If you will, I am tired from my journey, and would like to retire for the night.” Aevum had gotten up, turned around, and thrown his bag onto his back. He was now walking towards the exit.

“Then I will see you again, sooner or later. Would you send my student in on your way out? I do believe you know her.” Celestia sat back down on her throne. “And don’t you dare try anything else whilst you stay here.” Dear student, we have quite a bit to speak about.

After Aevum left the throne room, a sense of relief washed over Celestia, but her mind was still reeling from the encounter, allowing unease to set in. The only other meeting that has shaken me this badly was the Europonean convention I had attended with Luna. She never was too cordial, never too afraid to speak her mind. Of course, that got us into a huge mess at the time, but it’s hilarious to look back at. Celestia chuckled to herself, failing to notice that her student had long since entered the room.

“That’s the Princess of all Equestria?” The irritating voice echoed in the back of her mind.

A very southern voice replied to the first. “That’s not too polite of you now, ain’t it?”

“Princess?” Twilight was standing in front of her. Crap, I really need some sleep. This Nightmare Moon situation is having me constantly working. At least the Summer Sun Celebration sets itself up without my input.

“I apologize, Twilight, I have not been getting enough sleep as of late.” Celestia stood up to her full height and turned toward the other two ponies accompanying her student. It is good that she finally made some friends, I was getting concerned over her lack of them when she lived here. Celestia slightly bowed her head, before making eye contact with the two ponies once more. A traditional Equestrian greeting. “And who might you two be?”

They reciprocated the motion. The blue pegasus spoke up first. “My name is Rainbow Dash, future Wonderbolt extraordinaire.” Rainbow Dash puffed out her chest with pride. Oh my, I hope she doesn’t expect me to judge her or anything. I’ve always hated doing that. Luna was great at it though.

“Ah, full of confidence. It will serve you well, given you abstain from becoming overconfident.” That came out so much better than I thought it would. Go me!

The second pony took a step forward. “Howdy, name’s Applejack. I’m just here to make sure Twilight’s doin’ alright, and to keep this one out of trouble.” She gestured towards Rainbow Dash with her hoof. Rainbow gave her the stink eye. Celestia giggled

“How very noble of you, Applejack,” Celestia said, “It is good to meet you both. Unfortunately, certain… events that have occurred have forced me to end our meeting prematurely.”

“That’s alright, Princess,” Applejack said, “We’re mighty tired too, it’s been a long day for all of us.”

“I appreciate it, Applejack.” Celestia turned to the door, “Nebula!” A guard peeked her azure head through the now-open doorway. “Would you show these two to their rooms?”

“Certainly, your majesty.” Celestia motioned for Applejack and Rainbow Dash to leave with the guard. When Twilight moved to follow, Celestia put her front leg in her way. The guard shut the door behind her.

“Twilight, did Aevum give you anything last time you met?” Celestia observed Twilight closely, noticing the slight change in her expression.


Celestia, although seeing the curiostity burn in Twilight's eyes, remained cryptic, leaving Twilight more confused than when her meeting started. With a sigh of defeat, Twilight reluctantly pulled Aevum’s Journal out of her bag and put it on the ground in front of her. “Thank you, Twilight. You know where your room is. I placed your friends in the adjacent rooms.” Celestia picked up Aevum’s journal with her magic, “Get some sleep. We both know how much we need it.”


- Nine Days Before Her Return -

~Luna: Bright Light, Smothered by Shadows~

Nightmare Moon was pacing. My great return is at hand! Only nine more days until the stars come to free me! Argh! Why can’t it be sooner!

“You’re the one who got hit by the elements, you know exactly why.”

I forgot you could hear my thoughts, pest,” She turned to face the spirit of her other self. My weaker self.

“You mean our thoughts,” The spirit of Luna stood tall, “You’re me, remember?”

I can’t hear yours,” Nightmare Moon stepped to Luna’s side, “explain that, spirit.

“I, in my entirety, am part of you,” Luna did not meet Nightmare Moon’s gaze. “However, your whole being is not part of me.”

Thank the heavens for that.

“Agreed,” Luna said as she moved forward. The moon was a desolate place. Without the Nightmare, Luna would have gone insane hundreds of years ago. It’s nighttime now. Although she had looked up at Earth every single night for one-thousand years, it was a sight that never really got old. Unlike the stars, Celestia has maybe changed them twice. Luna's gaze eventually came to rest upon the faint glow of Equestria, the land where she longed to be.

Gazing at the earth, again?” Nightmare Moon's voice dripped with malice. “It’s so bland after observing it for a thousand years.

“It would be serene and perfect without you here, you pollute the beautiful starscape.” Luna attempted to make distance between her and the incarnation of shadows to no avail.

Where are you off to, Princess?” Nightmare Moon spat into Luna’s ear, which had simply passed through her spiritual form.

“Away from you,” Luna wistfully bowed her head, “we’ll be stuck together when we return.”

Very well. I shall let you be.

And she left.

Just eight more days until our fight. I’ve been storing magical energy within the jewel on my crown for a thousand years. I’ll materialize a form and fight for the control of my mind soon before my return. That way nobody gets hurt, and I don’t risk getting sent back here again.

Luna stood.

“Celestia, the next time we meet, It will be I in control,” Luna pledged, “and not her.

End Chapter 2

Author's Note:

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