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Aevum's Guide to Magic and Its Uses - SplitSquid

A complete guide to magic, written by Aevum, Alicorn of Time. Nightmare Moon is returning, and we have a step-by-step guide on how to defeat her. What could go wrong?

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Author's Note:

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-One Month Before The Summer Sun Celebration-

-Location Unknown-


It’s so dark here. Why did I choose this accursed place to time-nap again?
The sand-colored alicorn rose to his full height. Where did I put myself to sleep again? He brushed his usually ethereal, dark mane out of his face. I forgot this would happen. I usually don’t have to brush my mane or anything, It just… floats? His weakened state only allowed him to cast a dim light at the top of the little cavern he had woken up in.

“Everfree.” He said with a nod. “ I dug this place out with magic, then fell asleep after locking myself in. The place I chose was the center of the Everfree Plains”

The light revealed several notable items. A barrel of cider and a stack of apples, all preserved by his time magic. A leather-bound notebook, and a magically shielded dummy. The alicorn walked over to his notebook, written on the cover was, “Aevum’s Guide to Magic and Its Uses” It was the ultimate and only guide to his specialties: Summoning magic, and Time magic. It also contained his own version of the basic and advanced magic curriculum. He opened the table of contents, and found his own article describing his time-naps.

[Time Magic: Page 21


  • Time naps should last for 1,000 years a piece.
  • Make sure to put fluid and food in your chosen chamber
  • Bring something to practice magic on
  • Bring this Article.
  • Cast an Extended Advanced Preservation spell (pg.19) on everything within the chamber, including yourself.
  • The potion recipe to begin the Time nap is on the next page, It uses many rare ingredients, so make sure It’s worth it. Remember that you have to be willing in order to participate in a time-nap or the potion will not work.
  • The Preservation spell will preserve you perfectly and you will age by one day by the time you wake up. Your physical strength will be preserved but your magic power will be reduced to that of an average untrained unicorn.
  • The Chamber is sealed by your preservation spell. You must gain enough magic power to break free, You will need to be at the level of a powerful unicorn to escape. This will take about a week, then a month more to be as strong as an average Alicorn.
  • Good luck! The current year is 2670 After King Cosmos.

Well I guess my job’s cut out for me now. My magic is so weak, I’m getting tired from sustaining this tiny light! However, I am happy that my first time-nap worked.

Aevum turned to the dummy, and began his magic training.

2 Weeks Before The Summer Sun Celebration

After perhaps the longest week of his life, Aevum had finally remastered his basic and advanced magic. Although he lacked the ability to use his time or summon magic, he should have enough power to survive out in the world.

Aevum snorted. Today’s the day! His supplies were running low, but his spirit was strong. He used magic to put his things into a bag. The journal, the rest of his food, and the dummy that was still irritatingly unharmed. Once finished, he walked over to the far wall, and touched his horn to it. He searched through his own intricate enchantment, pulling on it in random places, until he found a part that budged. Aevum pulled with all his might until…


Aevum solemnly munched away on an apple. Goodbye, my small time-capsule-cave thing, you have served me well. He cast the spell: Advanced Explosion, but also made sure to cast a shield to direct the blast.

I should close my eyes, the sunlight is going to be brutal if I don’t. Hopefully it’s nighttime. Cosmos used to make a wonderful night sky. He should still be around. Despite his conscience, Aevum did not close his eyes, and was glad that he did.


The sturdy stone wall remained mostly intact, but was shot with great velocity away from the sand-colored alicorn. Aevum took his first steps out of the cave, and pondered the launching of the rock.

That was pretty cool, luckily it hit that tree before it hit anyone. Wait. Tree? This is supposed to be an open plains! I guess a lot has happened since I was sleeping. A lot must have changed.

Aevum pondered the landscape he was in. There were trees everywhere. The trees were covered with all kinds of greenery. He recognised a few, but there were also many species of plant that he did not recognise. The canopy was thick, he couldn’t see through it and the mess of branches meant that he did not want to fly through it. The absence of light, however, told him that it was likely close to midnight. Wow. It must have been freezing in the cave. It’s nice and warm, despite it being the middle of the night. The last thing he noticed was a path through the woods about a hundred feet ahead of him.

There used to be a Town west of here if I remember correctly. Aevum flew over to the path. There was a three way fork in the road with a sign with three arrows pointing to their respective path. One pointed north, the sign said ‘Ponyville’. The second arrow pointed west, and said ‘Castle Ruins’. The last arrow pointed South by south-west, and said Appleoosa on it. There was a break in the canopy here. Aevum flew up above the canopy and hovered there. The moon had what looked like a pony’s head emblazoned into the right side. He then cast out his mind for a closer look, not taking long before audibly gasping.

“What crime has been committed to justify being exiled to the moon!” He cried, “The only thing capable of sending a pony to the moon must be the Elements of Harmony? Surely the elements would not be so cruel!” He paused.

Talking to yourself again, Aevum. This moment of shock would not end so soon, however.

The moon was at its peak, when suddenly, It moved from its Zenith all the way below the horizon in the matter of half a minute. The sun took the moon’s place in the same fashion. Aevum audibly gasped. What in the world just happened? He took a moment to digest the event he had just witnessed, then turned to the north. Endless expanse of trees. Then the south. More Trees. Then the West. Even more trees. Wait…

Far off in the distance, a mighty stone building stood tall over the jungle trees. The tallest point was a barren flagpole atop the taller of two dilapidated towers. I guess I know where I’m going! With a mighty wingbeat, Aevum was moving through the sky, with all the grace of a one-legged hare. The trees formed together into a blur as he got closer and closer to the castle, and he set down right by the entrance.

Now that he could see a castle better, he noticed the grand wooden doors, and how ruined this castle truly was. How is this still standing at all? How are the doors fine, but the entire part of the castle between the entrance and towers is gone!

He did not wait a second longer, and carefully opened the grand wooden doors. Although half the castle was missing, the entrance hall was still in decent enough condition. The roof was in good enough condition to make the room rather dark, so Aevum made the decision to attempt his most basic summoning spell, which was a werelight.

Summon magic: page 1


  • A werelight is a floating orb that produces constant light.
  • It will either follow you or go wherever you want, and if you attempt to do something like read in the dark, it will immediately come over to you to help, even if you stationed it somewhere else.
  • Due to the nature of summons, it does not require additional magic to move, and it becomes intelligent. It will not, however, become sentient and make its own decisions.
  • Summons are linked to you on a fundamental level and cannot be controlled by another in any circumstance.
  • Werelight Incantation: Vocare Globus Lucis (Verbal or Nonverbal)

Aevum took a deep breath, stamped his front right hoof into the floor and stated, “Vocare Globus Lucis!” Aevum staggered. Crap! Magic exhaustion would absolutely be the end of me right now. He was starting to panic when the drain of energy stopped as quickly as it started.

Still kneeling, he looked up at his newly summoned werelight. Aevum grunted, and stood once more on his now-shaking legs.

I shouldn’t leave my things out in the open, thieves are commonplace in ruins such as these. Aevum looked around for anything to store his belongings, werelight in tow, until finding a dusty old chest in the back left corner of the room. He deposited his things, and now unburdened, set to searching the old ruin. First, the entrance hall. There were many tapestries and works of art on display, but there were several engravings in the wall that all contained two alicorns, one was white, and the other was dark purple.

The werelight came to rest over these engravings, and he began to read. The Princesses of Equestria: Celestia - Princess of the sun, and Luna - princess of the moon.

The tapestries told the story of the two sisters and one thousand years of their reign. However, King Cosmos, the ruler of Equestria from Aevum’s time, was not even mentioned. If these two have been ruling for one thousand years, my time nap must have taken much longer than that. Having gleaned all the information he could from the entrance room, Aevum traveled through the castle in search for more information. Eventually he found himself in the throne room. There were two thrones. The one with the moon must have belonged to Luna, and the throne with the sun tapestry hanging over it must be Celestia’s. There was a large fissure in between the thrones. That must be why the place is falling apart. Aevum could fix this easily with his magic, but his intuition told him otherwise. This place was likely a sacred ruin, fixing it was a no-go.

“Unfortunate, I know.” Said a rather abrasive voice from behind. Aevum quickly turned back. The voice had come from a purple unicorn with slightly darker purple hair.

“Twilight Sparkle, nice to meet you.” The unicorn tilted her head, “Princess Celestia tried to keep this place in good shape, but support for it decreased, until ponies started asking her to stop.”

“I am Aevum” He turned to face Twilight. I’ll have to cast a spell later to prevent her from looking me up. I'm bound to be in a couple books, and she looks like the studious type. She probably lives in a library! “And what is ‘this place’?”

The unicorn gave him a surprised look. “It’s The Castle Of The Royal Sisters. Princesses Celestia and Luna used to rule from here for a thousand years.”

Aevum was thoughtful. “What happened to them?” Twilight suppressed a laugh.

“You don’t know?”

Aevum replied. “I don’t”

“Have you been living under a rock?”

Yeah, for a thousand years! “You could say that.”

Twilight Sparkle grumbled,“Well, Celestia is still ruling over Equestria, just from Canterlot, for the last thousand years, give or take.” For a thousand years! Now I’m clocking in at two-thousand, and judging that this thousand-year old building has no mention of King Cosmos, that’s three-thousand years! Aevum let out a heavy sigh.

“And what of Luna, young one?”

“That’s Princess Luna to you, sir.”

“Alright, but the question still stands.”

The unicorn seemed very excited. Aevum doubted that she had many friends. “Well, Princess Luna got mad at Princess Celestia because nopony enjoyed the night like they did the day, and through her bitterness, she transformed into Nightmare Moon, pledging to drown the lands of Equestria in night, forever. Celestia had to use the E-”

Aevum interrupted her. “She used the Elements of Harmony to banish her to the moon.” Twilight stood slack-jawed. “A cruel punishment indeed.” He paused. “This Nightmare Moon is angry, Twilight Sparkle. When will her lunar journey end?”

Twilight wore a shocked expression. “In two weeks, on the Summer Sun Celebration.” Twilight sat down. “Do you know how to use the elements, Mr. Aevum”

“Yes, actually…” The alicorn looked at the young pony. That cutie mark looks exactly like the element of magic! Aevum chuckled “I’m not going to tell you though.” I’d rather like to speak with this ‘Princess Celestia’. “Where is Canterlot, young one?”

“North.” Twilight said glumly, likely put out by Aevum’s refusal to teach her of the elements.

“I have an inquiry, Miss Sparkle. How have you come upon said information? One-thousand years is a very long time, And all ponies will eventually be forgotten within the sands of time.”

“I’m actually Princess Celestia’s student.”

“Splendid, young one! What more have you learned under her tutelage?”

“Mainly history” This concerned Aevum.

He hopefully replied “What in the way of magic?”

“I’ve learnt everything in the basic magic curriculum.”

Although his hope for the young mare was shattered, Aevum was still astonished. The princess of all Equestria had only taught her student basic spells and technique? “Is that really all, student of Celestia?”


“Wouldn’t you hold on for a swift moment, young one?” Twilight nodded, and showed no need to be anywhere anytime soon. Aevum trotted to the entrance hall, and moved his werelight over to the corner of the room. The chest is still there. Let me just grab my things. He opened the chest and grabbed his bag before walking back over to the throne room. Twilight had kept her promise, and had not moved. She had a questioning gaze as she looked upon Aevum. He shot her a little smile as he grabbed his journal out of the bag with magic. He cast a basic duplication spell, conjuring up a brand new copy. He put the original in his bag, but opened the copy. Twilight was intrigued at this point.

Twilight took a deep breath. “What is that?” Aevum had found the pages he was looking for and ripped them out, earning a gasp from Twilight Sparkle.

“It’s my Journal.” Aevum said, matter-of-factly. “Well, a copy of it, at least.” He burned the pages in his hand, earning an additional gasp from Twilight. “The entirety of my notes on both basic and advanced magic. Better than any textbook in existence. On Equestria’s Seas you better not lose this.” Aevum sets the Journal down at her feet. Twilight’s Eyes were huge.

“I- I don’t know what to say!” Twilight looked like she was about to explode with happiness. “But what about the part you burnt?”

“You’re very welcome, Miss Sparkle. Now listen closely.” Twilight was eagerly leaning into the Conversation now. “Practice the spells in the order that the book goes, and master each spell before going onto the next, or else you could give yourself magic exhaustion.” Twilight shuddered. “You know what it is? Good. As for the stuff I burnt? It’s advanced magic that would probably kill you if you tried to use it. Even if you were strong enough to use it, I wouldn’t want you to have that power anyway.”

If he hadn’t had her attention before, he did now. “Will you at least tell me the name of it?”



“Fine. It’s called summon magic.”

“Thanks!” She said, Getting up and galloping out of the castle, with the Journal hoisted in her magic.

Aevum smiled at her. “Until we meet again!” What a curious young mare. Anyways, I’d like to meet her mentor. I’ll leave at dawn tomorrow morning.

-Later that night-

~Twilight Sparkle~

“Aevum, Aevum, Aevum” Twilight muttered, looking through the library within her home. It was a house and library within a tree. How the builders managed to grow a tree so thick confused her, but she definitely wasn’t complaining. The lower level was the library, dappled with color from all the books, while upstairs lay her room, Spike’s room, and a guest room. Speaking of the little dragon… “Spike! Have you found anything yet?”

The little dragon boastingly replied, “Yep! This delicious ice-cream sandwich.”

“Spike, that’s not what I meant, and it’s too close to your bedtime to be eating that junk.” Twilight used her magic to grab the sandwich out of Spike’s hand and into the freezer. “Did you brush your teeth, Spike?”


“Go to bed”

“Fine” Spike climbed up the stairs and went to sleep.

“Ooh, found it!” There it was. The book was titled, “Notable Alicorns And Their Magic”. Twilight opened the table of contents. Celestia, Luna/Nightmare Moon, Cosmos, Ah, there he is, Aevum. Page 39. Summon magic. Page 15. Twilight flipped to page 39 with her magic. Aevum, Alicorn of… “What!” Twilight softly exclaimed. “The words, they’re blurring! I can’t read it!” Twilight quickly flipped to page 15 and immediately started reading.

Summoning Magic

Simply put, summoning magic is a very powerful class of magic which is used by summoning an intelligent vassal to do your bidding. It is only limited by the magical endurance of the summoner. The only known user is the creator of the class, Aevum, Alicorn of À̴̢̜̟͇̭̟̄̋̔̏̿c̷̦̟̪̰̲̞͈̃́̐̄͋͊̇c̷͓̮͈͌̒̇ẽ̶̫̰š̵̞̞̜̭͈̆͗̆̏̑͝ͅs̸̛̻̼̣̗͇͔̪͆͒̆ ̵̧̊̾̅̓́̄d̸̡̪̼͖̒̃̚͜e̷̱̖͛̋̐̍͘͠n̴̘̻͓̺̯̏̉̑̃̃͛͂i̶͎̗̰̫̙̳̍̎̑̾̒̓e̸̼̹̘̦̺̼̯͒d̴̬̏͑͌͐̚, and it’s most significant uses were in A̷̢̛̫͓̣̥̣͔̳̻͇͚̣̫̝̲̖̩͎̰̪̗̠̙̾̽̈́̓̓̐́͂̃̊͂̄̊͌̐̏̀͂̾̓̈́̐̀̆̂̄̽͊͛̀͒̌̔̓̽̀̈́̀̇͒͛̂̈́̏͂̕̚č̷̥̺̠͈̥͔̭̹̘̯̫̲͇͔̥̖̤͓͉̜̲͇̳̣̣̲͍̙͉͉͈̫̦͎͕̲͎̖̩͚͔̣̑̔̐͑̊̈̈́̈́̂̏͗̓͂̿̌͂͜͠͝ͅͅç̷̛̛̛͓͇̭̮̤̺̬͕͇̦̗̗͚̫̠̙̖͚̞̭̋̆̅͗̎̆͂́̃́̀̐̎͐̔̍́̉̈́̅͆̿̇̌̎̅̾͘̕̕͘͜͠ę̷̨͙͓̝̠͇̹̩͕͉͖̹̫̲̲̫͓̙̫̑̀̽̐͑̉̂́́́̀̄́͒͊̓̚͠ͅs̸̢̢̨̧̻̘͔̬̻̯̱͚̲̲͖̺̳̬̙͙̹͍̖̦̬̲͍̠̘̠̅̆̄̊̄̋͊̏̌̃͒͜͜͜͠͝͠s̶̡̧̛͙̻̣͙̟͓̥̻̙͓̖̩̖̺̰̺͔̹͈̺̝̪̼͉̟͍̰̎̽̅̔̏̌̑́̄̃̓̀̊͒̈̈́̌̾́̓͐̉́̋̅̂̐̈́͌̓̚ ̸̨̡̣̩̰̤͉͈̬̣͕͍̏̿̉̉̆́͐̅̋̑̀̈̑̈́́͌̇̌͌̔̾̔͐̋͒͋͒̕͜͠͝͝ḍ̸̡̢̗̻̭̖͆͂͂͂̓̾̐̌̾̓͗́͊̌̀̀̋͋͐̈͌̓́͗̎̊̆̊͒́͒̈͗͆̓̃͐̈́̂̕͘̕͠ę̶̺͓͕͖̞̠͓͓͔̝͙̩̯͔̱͙̜̺͑͂̾͗͆͊͌̒̃̎̓̆͛͂̇́̾͒̂̆́̎̉̓̍̓̆̏͗̒̚͘͝͠͠͝n̸̪͇̾͆͗̉͆̀͒̉̋̌̀͛̂͆̏̊̋͒͑̿̔̍͋̒̅̾̿͐̀̏̐͗̀̑̊̚͘͝͠͠͝i̴̖͑͆̍͗͘ͅê̶̢̢͙̝̻̬͎̻̝͔̻̥͚̘͛̉͆́̍̓̃̑̕̕͜͠d̴̨̡̡̼̪͙̝̗͎͇̱̰̜͇̬͖͙̟̫͍͋̍̐͑̀͊̀͛̓͆̓̈́̓̑͌̄͊̈́͌̂͑͋̐͆͌͒͑̈́̑̃́̃̐̈̅͐͆́͘͘̚͘͘͘͠͠͝, ̴̟̰̣̤̻́́'̴̩̟̯͐͗̈̈́̃̈́A̴͙̭̱̙̐͝c̵̠̣̤̟̦̿̿͋ͅc̶̢̘͈͗̇̈́͒e̸̠̗̾̒̐͑̿̀̚͜s̵̯̰͋ṣ̸̡̖̭̗̀̆͘ ̷̠͑̿̈́́̚d̷̙̲̼͒̽ȩ̸̮͉̜̝̬̜͗̒̓͋n̶͖̤͈̬͖͔͐͜ĩ̶̠̜̠̦̰͚̗̃́͐̇͝e̸̞̳͉̠͒̎̑̔̋̂̂ḑ̴͔̙̲͉̰̓͆̉̃̀̏̚ and most importantly, Ą̷̨̛̼̦͛̐́̀̿͂͋c̵̨̨̛͓͔̦͇͙̘̪̈̃̇̍̊̓̃̌̑̔̅͒́̌͝c̷̡̢̖̣͈̝̝̲̣͕̘̠̖̲͕͕̫̼̫̫̣̩͉̟̑̈͐̄̇͌̍̋̓͒̂͑̇̐̾͊͑́̒̚̚͜͝e̴͈͍̥̦̩͕̠͛́̿̇͒̀̋̐̔̕͘͠s̴̢̛̯̞͕̹̦̞̹̲̼̺̦͍͂̒͌̿̕s̸͈̹̪͔̞̱̗̣̹̲̬̯̹̠̜̹͕͓̬̟͈̝̬͑̈̈́͂̊͋͊̚ͅ ̵̨̡͓̱̝̠̻͙͍̣̟̝͎̬̖͍͍̓̂̏͒̈́͂̀̊͊̉͛̍̑̒̿̈̄͜͝d̶̡͙͍̲̼̭͍̙̼̝͓̳̞͇̍̉͊͘͝e̷̢͍̮̳̘̪͖͉̰͖̥͖̱̹̾̈̆͒̀̒͂̎̐͂͑̏̉̈́̎̽̾͑̊͒̑͘͠͝ͅn̷̡̛̝̠͓̦͇͚̳̳͔̼̘̙̭̞͉̤̣͈̆̂̈́̌̈́͆̽̍͋͑̀̍̀̎̒͗͌̿̕͘͜͝͠͝ĭ̷̡̡̛̩̩̟̜̹̠̥͈͙͖͎̖̬̤̮̟̂̈́ͅę̷̱͕̯̙̳̖̙̖̻̦̰̩̟͚̳̗͕͓̏̽̊̍̀̇͂̋͂́͋̉͗̚͝͝d̴̨̟̺̞͌͐́̒̀̒͆̑̈́̒̔̂͊̐̓̂͛̋͝͠͝͝.

“UGHHHHH this is so annoying!” There was so much that Aevum did not tell me. The only pony besides the princess that knows how to use the elements, and still, nopony will tell me!

“How come all the ponies that know things are secretive alicorns?” Twilight whined.

End Chapter 1