• Published 11th Feb 2024
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The Elements of unity - Purpleflower_editz2011

This a story about a big group of friends one day finding new elements growing onto the tree and has a villian connected

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Taking a visit to soon ( Arc 1 contuation)

Sunlight rose into the room of the couple sleeping with their Maine messy like if it was a bush from the everfree forest. The mares were sweating even though it was between winter and Spring.

The mares get ready for their breakfast like usual now as it has been nearly 4 months since purpleflower and comet moved in like Esther did aswell weeks before. While the mares were getting ready.
Luster was preparing pancakes for comet and purpleflower and some for later because shady and sapphire was going to visit and possibly pinkie pies twins.

It was only a couple of years since disharmony happened from when a strange unicorn came and ruined the relationship with ponies like Chrysalis once did but it wasn't her because she is in stone.

The two mares raced down the stairs with their squicks. Even though they almost forgot magic can stop working any time since their aunt Twilight made some crystals known as the unity crystals.

Once the mares came down the stairs the dining room had a big table for guests. The mares sat down and began eating their breakfast. The pancakes had syrups and strangely ice-cream and some oats with grass. There were also waffles that purpleflower brought from canterlot with her aunt a few days ago.

While purpleflower was eating a scroll appeared. Purpleflower looked annoyed but looked serious about what it could be about.
Purpleflower tries to talk to luster and comet. " Guys I've just got sent a important scroll but it possibly ain't for me.." luster and comet stops eating and looked worried . Luster says " it's probably very important I don't know why someone would send a letter at this time of day. Maybe your aunt?" Purpleflower answers " true but it she doesn't send me thousands of letters anymore since I was sent to Ponyvillie." Purpleflower starts to unscroll the important message.

Purpleflower reads and screaks " I have to go to the crystal empire at once apparently the pony that broke in has came back again. The unicorn from when I was twelve!!" Comet releases that she has to go too and suffs all her food in her mouth. Luster understood by nodding and the mares left the castle with their big phoenixlike wings.

The mares arrive at the crystal castle straight to the meeting room where most of the family was concerned once again.
Cadence worriedly with stress says " crime rates already came up in the past 5 years !!" Shining calmly says " calm down Cady please calm down." Flurryheart stares at worriedly.
Hitch stares at his mum Celestia just trying to help because of how experienced she is .

The two mares stare worriedly as they still couldn't figure out what that type of sabotage all except the obvious. Shining mentions about their dog kinda managing to catch the unicorn who looked alot like sombra.( Not reformed sombra). Many voices of worries kept on filling the room.

Twilight sat down at the head of the table quietly figuring things out while drama floods the castle.
Flurryheart wanted to try step up her game but it didn't seem to work as she tried suggesting things but it was to silent over the loud sounds.

Twilight finally shouts after minutes of drama and worries. " GUYS CALM DOWN!!!..I know how to stop this we just need discord."
Every stops even though comet and purpleflower have just arrived.
Galaxy and moondusk sat together near flurryheart and Skylar.
Every pony stared and questioningly " Discord?"
Skylar asks " how can discord help us when we all know the oblivious reason of why this unicorn is trying to maybe follow sombras footsteps."
Twilight replys " discord knows alot and can be trusted at times."
Cadence says to twilight " didn't discord like turn canterlot into like a sweet realm or something a couple months back."
Twilight answers cadence " well yea but he seems to be out of trouble currently."
Cadence seriously " fair enough I guess " cadence shrugs.

Purpleflower asks twilight a question" why are we here even discussing this I'm sure the guards and dad could figure this out?"Cadence replys " well the sad thing is that he guards kinda been having problems and we have been low on guards."
Purpleflower stares in shock.
Purpleflower replys to cadence " so that means the unicorn is a threat like 5 years ago ."
Cadence nodded.
Most of the room filled with silence like a library.

Twilight talks again " well I will try my best to help and we should try our best to look for whoever this unicorn is."
Every pony nodds and leave the room.

Hours later discord showed up in a unusual place like always...
Back in Ponyvillie hours after the meeting. Purpleflower thinks about what will happen in the future like back when she was younger.

Meanwhile in canterlot... A dark grey mare appeared with a earth pony.
Moonlove layed in bed not feeling ok anymore.
Esther in Ponyvillie tries to study about the tree of harmony knowing about some dark magic near.

The day started to change as twilight rises the moon about the hemisphere of equestria with the sky shining bright because of galaxy and moondusk.

Comet started to sleep on the Sofa while purpleflower slept in the bedroom still where the crystal flower shined near her other crystals.
Some spirits and memories began to show in purpleflower's head.
The spirits looked like stars. The stars in equestria was considered many things.
Like angles or spirits in general.

A old friend of purpleflower in her mind saw a figure who was familiar even though she wasn't at the meeting because of Esther accusing again which was 2 weeks before. The mare was named Astro she is related to celestia and Luna.

She went to the school of magic because she was also a alicorn who used to be kept out of the public for a few years like a alternate universe.

Author's Note:

I was writing this late at night:) I'm in the UK so....