• Published 31st Mar 2022
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Enforcing Change - Scootaboom1

By pretending to have a special power to explain his knowledge Nightlight manipulates everyone around him for the future.

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Ch 6 Date Night (rewrite)


It has been just under two years since I had arrived in Equestria and only two months since my encounter with Razer. He has unfortunately passed away from his internal bleeding. Fortunately I was able to replicate, and improve his body double spell. To preform the spell I created a body part called my black scarf wings.

Despite officially joining the guard I had been assigned to a reserve battalion. This basically means that when there is a surplus of guards we would just be hang out until we get assigned some mission or post.

I also started going on dates with Velvet, one of the other guards who saw me on a date with her was convinced that she was heads over hooves for me.

But I didn't think so.

It was true that Velvet had an interest in me but it was second to her amusement.

When watching Once Upon A Zeppelin, it was easy to tell that Velvet was the type who enjoyed having excitement in her life. The real one was no different, but her amusement told me that she knew that I was hiding something.

When we were on an evening date at Velvets' place she asked me if I would like to stay the night since her parents would not be home for two more days.

I chuckled and said, "I'm not sure if your parents would like that."

Her facial expression changed to a sly grin and she said, "I wanted to talk about who you really are."

I was wondering when she would ask this, after all she wrote mostly mystery and adventure novels. Though I was not sure what it was that gave me away.

I had cast spells that would keep the conversation private already.

Just to make sure I understand what she actually meant I questioned her.

We sat down on the kitchen table Velvet got us each a glass of water as we sat down and she stared at me.

"To start, the way that filly Moth Ball reacted to you despite just meeting you.

It was out of character for her to act that way in fact she reacts in a similar way to the Princess, yet her normal response to any other noble is one of annoyance," said Velvet.

It appears that scaring Moth Ball as I did has backfired.

"But what really got my suspicion was the way you spoke about your parents, how you were raised, and the places you had been.

Simply put you avoid it if at all possible.

When you do it sounds like you have not really been to those places at all.

Yet you also occasionally make comments that just don't fit in," Velvet smirked.

I must admit I really must be more careful, but it was fun seeing how she ripped my alibi apart piece by piece.

I told her that if I were to tell her the truth it would have to be incomplete and will have some deception as well. I also told her that she must keep these a absolute secret even to the Princess because of the danger she would be in otherwise.

The look in her eyes were filled with the flames of excitement as she agreed.

I started with the accident that brought me to this world and what it did to me.

She loved my true changeling form when I showed it to her.

I also told her that for reasons I could not explain I had knowledge of this world and events that may happen in the future.

She found the reason for Moth Balls' reacted the way she did find it funny when I told her at least.

Though she questioned if Chrysalis would realized that I was not being completely honest with her.

Fortunately I had thought about that. By creating a scenario where I had to work with both sides it was only logical that I would have to hide information from both as well.

In fact though Cadence's backstory was kept vague even in the comics there were some details that occasionally get mentioned, such as how she became an alicorn by defeating some sort of witch or queen who would steal love. With the protective barrier from the tree it is unlikely that this occurs in Equestria proper given the time frame.

Since Cadence and Shinning Armer attend the same school and grade in the comics I knew a rough time frame for this to happen.

According to Celestia unicorns can attempt the entrance exam for her school at age ten.

If they start from there it should take ten years for them to graduate, but since Twilight remained her student and stayed in the castle even after she graduated then she would be roughly twenty-one too twenty-three by the time of the thousandth Summer Sun Celebration. If my memories of what Celestia said in the show are accurate.

Since I don't think Celestia would have Twilight leave the school before she graduates that means Shinning and Cadence are around twenty-five and twenty-eight. Of course this is with an estimated age gap.

Velvet hummed thoughtfully at the numbers I estimated before nodding.

According to every source I found cutie marks tend to appear in the age range of eight to twelve with ten to twelve being outliers.

Using these numbers I have an idea of when Cadence will get her cutie mark and become an alicorn of seven to eleven years when she appears.

Velvet had at this point switched to tea for us both.

I chose to mention the umbra which appeared in the comics and told her about how easy it was to convince Chrysalis that we could have Cadence kill them for us. Assuming we follow the comics. I also told her about the city of small cat creatures that the changelings would devour as well.

That would be two acts of genocide and if this witch queen has subjects of her own that would be a third as I will need to have the changelings devour them as well.

Velvet argued that since these events were not dependent on any of my actions I was not guilty of them with the potential exception of the one that may never even happen especially if destiny forces you.

I shook my head and responded that by doing nothing to stop these acts I was still guilty. What's more destiny and fate are no excuse for we have the power to change it. In fact using the umbra as an example just because they are evil does not mean they have no right to live. In fact Sombras' change of heart in the comics proves that they could change.

I may believe in destiny and fate, but I also believe in free will.

I brought out my black scarf wings and ripped off two pieces that hid inside of Velvet so that I could keep her safe if needed.