• Published 4th May 2021
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A Secret Admirer 3: Spike's Sacrifice (AU) - 1jckuhn

A version of Spike's Sacrifice if the events of "A Secret Admirer" played out.

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Chapter 15: Discord's Good Deed

Author's Note:

This was originally a deleted scene from this story, but as time went on, I began to realize that deleting this wasn't such a good idea.

Smolder: Yeah, "not a good idea", an understatement, but better late than never.


Today wrapped up Twilight's first real month of ruling all of Equestria. It was still a little awkward, but she was adjusting at her own pace. Rather than meeting once a moon like they agreed to, no one could help themselves and went to visit Twilight one to three at a time daily to see how she was doing. The most common were Smolder, Cozy, and Cobalt and they'd always come together. Once a week, the Royal Sisters would drop by so that she could see her Spike on the heaven portal. There wouldn't be a single harem member absent when they heard the Princess would be visiting. Cozy and Cobalt also didn't pass up a chance to see Spike again.

Today, however, was rather uneventful until a group of ponies entered the throne room. They looked likea team of construction ponies. They wore hard hats and orange vests. One was holding blueprints and had a pencil behind her ear.

"Good afternoon, your majesty," greeted the Mare holding the blueprints. "My name is Cloudy Haze."

"Uh, Good afternoon," Twilight greeted back. "What can I help you with?"

"Well," Cloudy began, unraveling her blueprints to show them to Twilight. "We were given these very detailed blueprints for a muesum in the honor of Spike the Brave and Glorious to be put right next to the statue of him in the Crystal Empire. If we do our math correctly, we should be done with the building by the end of the next year, possibly the beginning of the year after that.

Twilight was very shocked.

"W-Wow," she stammered. "Thank you, Cloudy, but, if you don't mind me asking, who drew up the detailed Blueprints?"

Cloudy rubbed her chin.

"Well," she recalled. "He did call himself a Draconequus and had a name that started with a "D", but I can't remember his name exactly."

There was a snap of the fingers in thin air and a puff of smoke suddenly appeared to Cloudy's left. It took no more than two seconds for the cloud of smoke to dissapear to reveal none other than Discord.

"I believe the name you are looking for is "Discord", Cloudy," Discord said before turning to Twilight. "That's right, Twilight. Even though you and the others have forgiven me for what I've done, I felt like I did owe you something to say sorry for my bad decision."

"Discord," Twilight started. "We've been over this. You are forgiven for your actions and we've moved on from the fact that you caused all this. You had good intentions in mind, but you just acted on impulse rather than thinking clearly."

"I know you've forgiven me and have moved on," Discord said. "But I haven't forgiven myself. While I was touched hearing Fluttershy and Smolder forgive me, I still had an emotional roadblock that I just couldn't overcome. I wracked my brain for a solid month to find a way around it and eventually came up with this idea. While you were off coping with Spike's death, I spent my days studying structures of buildings and I constructed the blueprints carefully and thoughtfully. It took me a sleepless week, but I eventually came up with this. What do you think? Oh, and don’t worry about paying for any of this. I contacted Shining and Cadence in the Crystal Empire and they set up a secret donation for the building. I was expecting it to take a while, but I didn’t expect a few Crystal Ponies to have ties to a few rather wealthy ponies in Canterlot. I also seemed to have underestimated just how much the entire Crystal Empire, Shining and Cadence included, loved your boyfriend and they provided me with enough money for this way earlier than I expected."

Twillight looked the blueprints over. They were, indeed, very detailed. The museum looked both very beautiful inside and out. That was, at least, what the blueprints told Twilight. She felt truly touched by Discord's act of kindness. Her vision blurred with liquid pride as she looked back at Discord.

"This is beautiful, Discord," Twilight whispered. "Thank you so much."

"You're welcome," Discord smiled. "I hope the others will react the same way you did."


Discord's hope was made a reality when the other members of Spike's harem. Unsurprisingly, Smolder and Fluttershy seemed the most touched by it and they hugged Discord for a solid minute as tears of pure joy ran down their faces like a waterfall. The retired Princesses also got word of the new museum being built in Spike's honor over the next year or two. They immediatly pulled up the heaven portal to inform Spike and his parents of these new development and they were, like everyone else, very deeply touched. Rainbow Dash even called it "a beyond epic make-up".

"I cannot say this enough," Fluttershy said as Discord, Smolder, and she looked as the workers began to build the structure of the museum. "Thank you, Discord."

"It was nothing," Discord said nonchalantly. "Just doing what any friend would do to honor his fallen buddy."

"Just goes to show how far you go to make up for a mistake, even if the victim, or victims, have already forgiven you, Discord," Smolder, smiling slightly, before frowning, "If only Raven could see that."

Fluttershy winced hearing that. Although most in Equestria had forgiven Discord at Spike's last request, as well as him issuing an honorble apology to all of Equestia and Cozy Glow for all the things he had put them through, Raven Inkwell, the personal assistant of Princess Celestia until she retired, still firmly believed Discord should've received a punishment as well, claiming that it all never would've never happened if Discord had never done this plan on the first place. Smolder and Fluttershy argued that Discord had his heart in the right place and believed that he had them under control after Sombra broke away from the Legion to try and take over Equestria on his own. They claimed that the Legion betrayed him at the last second at the worst possible time. They also mentioned that if it weren't for him, Cozy would also still be unjustly trapped in Tartarus with her manipulator. Neither side would back down and would frequently get into heated debates that were always sparked by Raven. 95 percent of the time, it'd be Smolder who'd be countering Raven's claims.

"Now, hold on, Smolder," Fluttershy said. "This might be just the thing to make her see that Discord had good intentions at heart."

Smolder smiled for a second then frowned again and let out a sigh, "I hope so. These debates are starting to really give me a headache."

"Let's not worry about that now, Smolder," Discord said putting a hand on the orange Dragon's shoulder. "We'll see if she sees the light when the museum is finished."

"Yeah, you're right," Smolder replied.


The Mueseum was finished much quicker than expected, mainly thanks to Discord's chaos magic. Today was the day that the museum would have its grand opening and everyone was there to see it. Today, however wasn't an ordinary day. Today was Spike's birthday and everyone in Equestria had turned out for the event. Ponies from the Crystal Empire mainly made up the front of the pack. Celestia and Luna even came back to pull up the heaven portal so Spike and his parents could watch the grand opening too. Needless to say, Tyson and Kimba were very pleased at Discord’s actions to honor their son. Even Raven had shown up too. Smolder had kept a close eye on her, but to her surprise, Raven didn't engage in any debate. She just stood in the crowd and watched like everyone else. Shining Armor, Cadence, and Flurry Heart had joined Twilight, the harem, Discord, Cozy, Cobalt, and the three angel Dragons on the stage. Presently, Twilight stepped onto the stage and cleared her throat as the crowd silenced.

"Good afternoon, my loyal subjects," Twilight began. “I’m glad you could all make it here today to witness the opening of the museum dedicated to our Spike. Even though he, at first, wanted to keep himself anonymous about this, I convinced the leader behind this whole thing to reveal himself.”

She turned around and looked at Discord.

“Discord, get up here.”

Discord did just that. He walked up to the podium, until he stood next to Twilight, cleared his throat, and began to speak.

“Hello everyone,” he started. “As many of you know I am the one who was responsible for making the blueprints for this fine building behind me. I decided to do this shortly after Smolder and Fluttershy led the charge to forgive me for inadvertently causing Spike’s death. Even though they forgave me, I still didn’t forgive myself no matter how hard I tried. I wracked my brain and eventually came up with this idea. While the others were coping with Spike’s death, I spent my days studying structures of buildings and I constructed the blueprints carefully and thoughtfully. It took me a sleepless week, but I eventually came up with this. I would also like to send my deepest thank you’s to Shining Armor and Cadence and to the Ponies of the Crystal Empire for pitching in for this donation to fund the construction of this museum. I want to make it clear that I do not want any appreciation for this. It just brings me enough joy for you all to come out for Spike, Equestria’s hero. Thank you.”

Everyone cheered once Discord had finished. The Draconequus stepped back down to be glomped by Fluttershy and Smolder. One by one, the other harem members, Cozy, Cobalt, Shining, Flurry, and the three Princesses joined in the group hug. They stayed like this for a full 30 seconds before breaking away. Spike and his parents watched with tears of pride as the 19 creatures continued to hug it out. Twilight then walked up to the podium to finish off the speech.

“Now, everyone,” she said. “It’s time for this museum to open. For Spike!”

She turned back around and hit the red ribbon that blocked the entrance with a blast of magic. It incinerated on contact and the crowd roared.

“Welcome in, everyone!” Twilight announced on the mic. “Opening week is free!”

Everyone, despite their intense excitement and joy, remained in an orderly fashion as they entered the museum.

Once everyone was in, the harem, Princesses, Shining, Flurry Heart, Cozy, and Cobalt all went inside themselves, taking Spike and his parents on the heaven portal with them. When they walked in, it seemed the museum was even more beautiful in person than on the blueprints. It had a hallway with doors that went off to several rooms. They each had a golden plaque above each door with cursive letters carved into each of them. On the ceiling at both ends of the hall were two large chandeliers with purple crystals making up the majority of them both. Smolder, Cozy, and Cobalt took the time to read each golden plaque. Because they were rather high up, Smolder knew that Cobalt could read them from the ground. So, she picked him up so they could read them together.

There was one room that went into detail about Spike’s early life and his journey to Equestria with Twilight. Unsurprisingly, many rooms held detailed information about a different accomplishment in Spike’s life. How he had saved the Crystal Empire twice, how he befriended Thorax and convinced everyone else to follow his lead, how he helped Ember claw her way to the Bloodstone Sceptor, and how he had successfully managed to capture the heart of a dozen girls. As she was very familiar with Spike by now, Smolder didn’t go into any of the rooms, but was more than happy to accompany Cozy and Cobalt as they explored around. Everyone else followed the two ponies and Dragon as they went from room to room. Even though she had already learned about Spike from that memorial set up in his bedroom in the Friendship Castle, it felt good for Cozy to relive all the things she learned about Spike.

Eventually, all three came to the final door with a golden plaque that read, “The final fight of Equestria’s hero”. Cozy gulped as she opened the door. She knew what lay behind it, but knew that she needed to suck it up and go inside. After all, she had done it once before in the Castle. On the inside of the room on one wall was a large painting that took up almost the whole wall. It was so well painted and detailed it looked almost like a photo was taken at that exact moment. It depicted Spike standing on a cloud with his eyes closed. His Dragon wings were replaced with large, white, feathered wings that were outstretched. A golden-yellow halo hovered above his head and the palms of his hands were pressed together in front of his nose. The frame of the painting was solid gold with pure diamonds that were carved by Rarity into small, perfect pieces peppering it all over.

To the left of that was a stand with a picture of Spike on it. He was looking at the camera with a great big smile. On the wall behind it were two, large pieces of paper for everyone to read. It went into detail about Spike’s quick thinking to save his lovers, as well as his last words to half of his harem, before finally passing on. Among everyone there, Smolder was the most blown away.

“Wow,” she said in a voice almost inaudible to everyone else. “That’s amazing. Who-Who made this?”

“In addition to being the god of chaos, I am also a very talented painter,” came a voice.

Smolder spun around to find Discord right behind her, “Discord?! You made this? How??”

“Well, as it turned out,” explained the old Draconequus. “There was some money from the donations left over and I didn’t want it to go to waste. So, I managed to get the supplies to make this gigantic canvas. Shining and Cadance were generous enough to supply me with the paint, Celestia and Luna supplied me with the frame, and it took Rarity a solid two weeks to find and perfect the diamonds to decorate it.”

Cozy also felt the emotions and waterworks beginning to take a toll on her. It was sad because it reminded of the life she had so ruthlessly taken, but at the same time, she was happy because if it wasn’t for his death, Cobalt likely would’ve never heard of her and she would’ve never had a chance to reform because he would’ve never been able to tell her backstory.

Discord, Cobalt, and Smolder noticed Cozy’s tears and immediatly rushed to her aid.

“I know, Cozy,” whispered Smolder as she wrapped her in a hug. “It’s okay.”

“I-I’m not crying just out of sadness,” Cozy whispered back. “I’m also crying out of happiness. If-If Discord had never done this plan, I wouldn’t have been gifted this second chance and Cobalt would’ve never known where I was. As sad as this is to look at, it will forever remind me of when my life turned the page to a new chapter. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not sad about Spike’s death.

Spike and his parents, who were behind the four other creatures, heard Cozy’s speech and felt tears of pride welling up in her eyes.

“I knew I made the right choice to forgive you from the second I saw you in that hospital bed,” said Spike.

“Right is an understatement on that,” came a voice.

Everyone turned toward the door to find Raven Inkwell standing in the doorway. Upon seeing her, Smolder’s expression immediatly soured.

“Raven, I am not in the mood for a debate right now,” she said sternly. “Can you not see that were having a moment right now?”

“No, Smolder,” Raven responded calmly. “I’m not going to debate you this time. I wanted just wanted to come up to say that I forgive Discord.”

For a solid 15 seconds, no one said a word. They just looked at Raven with pure shock. It was so quiet you could’ve heard a fly buzz by. Then, Smolder spoke up.

“Am I hearing you correctly?” she asked.

“Yes,” Raven said, her calm tone never leaving. “You are. I know I’ve been a bit hard on Discord for these past months, but after I heard about the museum and memorial being built in Spike’s honor that was set up by Discord, I realized that maybe he did have good intentions in mind when he constructed this plan. Then, I also remembered how you told me about how he looked at the funeral from our last debate, as well as, how he had explained to Cozy his intentions of reforming her sing his plan, how he had made a public apology to all of Equestria shortly after he was forgiven, and how he set up a donation for a museum and memorial in Spike’s honor. It was when that was revealed to everyone, that I began to question if he was really like how I was portraying him. When I heard his speech, as well as the last of your conversation where he had revealed himself to craft this painting, I decided to quit pursuing this whole, “Discord’s should be punished too,” charade and instead apologize for how I’ve acted toward him.”

After processing what she had just heard for a solid minute, Smolder spoke up again.

“You mean it?” she asked.

“Yes, I do,” Raven said and stuck out her hoof. “Friends?”

Smolder didn’t hesitate and stuck out her hand to meet Raven’s hoof, shaking it, “Friends.”

Raven then turned to Discord.

“Discord, I would like to apologize for how I’ve acted toward you these past few months.”

“Apology accepted, Raven,” Discord said as he shook her hoof like Smolder.

Spike and his parents just looked at the three creatures making up right in front of his eyes with tears of joy resurfacing fast. In addition to witnessing what Discord had built to honor him, Spike was now able to see Raven finally realize the God of Chaos’ intentions for his plan thanks to his final effort to build the museum they were standing in today in his honor.

For the next hour or so, the 20 creatures continued to explore the museum. Then, when it was time to go, Spike decided to ask one last favor for Celestia and Luna.

“Celestia, Luna?” he asked. “Would it be okay if you went back to the Castle with Twilight with me still on the portal? While heaven is nice, my parents and I find it a little boring sometimes, and I’d like to enjoy the rest of the day with those I love most.”

“I don’t see why not,” Celestia said. “It is nice being in retirement, but, like you three in heaven, retirement doesn’t really leave us with a lot to do sometimes. Plus, we too would like to catch up with Twilight and the rest of your harem.”

Spike smilied warmly, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Spike,” said Luna.

“Can we come too?” came the voices of Cobalt, Cozy, and Discord simultaneously.

Celestia chuckled, ”Yes, you can.”

Before they took off, however, Shining gave his sister one last hug and promised to visit her more often.

With that said, the harem, princesses, Cozy, Discord, and Cobalt climbed into Twilight’s royal chariot and they set off fpr the long haul back to Twilight’s royal castle, all feeling an undescribable feeling of happiness as they knew there would now be no more arguments between them, in addition to no more threats attacking Equestria. From this point on, nothing could possibly disrupt the peace of Equestria, its residents, or its allies.