• Published 18th Aug 2020
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If Wishes Were Portals - ColtKit Productions

Unofficial Sequel to "If Wishes Were Ponies". Adult Harry creates a next Gen portal, to visit any world in the multiverse. The Asgardians recognize this achievement & bring Equus into interdimensional Politics, but is that a good thing?

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Flashback 2 (REWRITE): Magic Blesser

Author's Note:

Flashback Chapter.

● 10 years ago

The Prime Minister, John Major, motioned for his visitors to take a seat in his office.

There were a few magicals that still desired to trade with the "Muggles". After Magic was exposed, back in 1992, things had looked so prosperous. With many muggles, and magical lifeforms of all kinds, interacting. Trying to build a brighter future together.

However, later into the 90s, with World War 3 being fought against powerful magicals, that wanted nothing more then the extermination of all muggles. Well even if most of the magicals were helping the muggles, the fact such entities existed had created tension. An uneasiness that lasted long after the war ended.

Out of fear, the wizards had cut all ties with the muggle world. Gathering the vast majority of magical life, and forsaking those that chose to stay behind. Queen Elly had done this to save the magicals from the re-emergence of the witch hunts. Which Major was sad to say... could have started up again at any moment.

At least they left peacefully, and even uplifted the Aborigines from a place of poverty. Not all muggles had taken their offer to leave Australia, just as not all magical individuals (of any species), had gone with the wizards. There were a few magicals that chose to stay were they were, and had taken to trading with the muggles, but they were far too few.

Thankfully, the ponies were able to ease the non-magical population. Through continued trading and relief campaigns to all of Earth. The various creatures of Equus, often acting as a go between for Earth's magic trade. Until the Earth magicals were once again comfortable doing it themselves.

Magic was everywhere now... although the Earth based magicals were still slow to trust the "Muggles" and largely stayed in Australia.

Thankfully, these young people were still open to trading with them. Well Major said "Young" but, truth be told, they were in their 40s... although still looked in their 20s... Magicals might mature at the same rate as muggles, but their bodies don't start "going down hill" until they turn 100... as that marked the first third of their lifespan.

Major was man enough to admit, he was jealous.

Major turned his full attention at the young adults. The Weasley twin smiled ecstatically, while their business partner did even more so. As they sat in front of his desk, Sweetie Belle put a vial on the counter.

Major smiled in return, "What do you kids have for me today? Sergeant Caster mentioned you were worried about the implications your newest discovery may have on our world."

Caster usually brought whatever these kids invented, to the team of squib scientists. The Squibs might not be able to cast spells, but they had the necessary extra sensory perceptions to allow them to make magical crafts. Such as Potions.

These three only spoke with the Prime minister directly, if they created something truly ground breaking. Which happened fairly regularly.

Sweetie Belle was smiling, and the twins nodded at her to go first. "You know that Potion I made, a few decades ago, to unblock a squib's magic?"

Major nodded, many of his own staff had been treated with that. The treatment was a single potion, taken regularly, over the period of a month. At the end of which the Squib could tap into their magic, with no apparent issues.

Unfortunately, the potion was fairly expensive to make, so was expensive to buy.

"Well," Sweetie frowned. "I've been trying to make it cheaper, and while experimenting with that-" she looked at the twins, who encouraged her with a nod. "I may have accidentally created a potion. While it has no affect on Squibs..." she took a breath.

"Well..." Sweetie tried to find the words to not send the man into a fit of shock. She then shrugged, and decided on the bandaid approach. "basically it can give muggles magic."

Major couldn't help it, he jumped out of his chair. He could only gape down at them.

"Nothing as extreme as wizards." Said one of the twins. Though which Major wasn't sure... then again it was near impossible to tell which twin was which.

"But in some ways, it's more advanced," Explained the other twin.

Then the Twins started going back in forth, like a tennis match. "We've tested it extensively- all basic lab stuff- but we're ready to move to animal testing.- Caster said we would need- your direct approval- for this."

Major tried to process this. This.... would change... everything...

First, they needed to test it.


● 1 Month Later.

"So far there are no side effects." Said the lead squib scientist, as Major looked over the progress of the experiments. "Though that is too be expected of potions,"

The Scientist shrugged. "Unlike with muggle medicine, if no side effects appear within the first month of testing, it means none will. We are ready for human trials. Though, because of the nature of potions. There is literally no reason it would react any different to a human. Just more of your muggle bureaucracy, that is getting in the way of real work."

Could you tell this guy grew up in the Wizarding World? Though honestly, he had a point. Potions interact with magic, not biology. For non-magical lifeforms, the potions were powered by powdered crystals, ingested with the potion. It really was just bureaucracy getting in the way.

"There is... one, unexpected development from the potion. Though I hardly count it as a bad thing," The Squib smiled. "Magic manifest differently in every species. The various races of the Equus dimension, only confirm this hypothesis. As Wizards have evolved into a subspecies of humans, and squibs are a result of the two species Interbreeding, it is possible, as in 'highly likely', muggles will develop some kind of unique magical ability."

Major blinked, "I don't follow, isn't that the goal?"

"No," The squib shook his head, "It will be like how the unicorns can bend reality, Earth ponies have super strength and an influence over nature, or how Pegasus can fly (despite having such small wings) and can control the weather.

"It is possible... Muggles may develop abilities unknown to Wizards. Each of the animal species we tested, manifested, for lack of a better word, some kind of magical 'Superpower'. One that rooted itself in their DNA. And may be passed down to their offspring."

"Put the human trials on hold," Major ordered. "We need to confirm these powers manifest the same way, for each species, and thet that can indeed be passed on."


● 3 Years Later.

After much testing, all hypothesis were confirmed, much to the lead Squib's annoyance, that it took them so long. Instead of just taking his word. He did have a Doctorate from Celestia's university, in magical theory. He kept insisting, his hypothetical calculations were more accurate then a thousand years of practical test.

Major was almost wishing he would be proven wrong, just to knock that annoying man down a peg. Still he really was the best for a reason.

Human trials had begun last year... and the squib scientist proved himself an insufferable genius. As his calculations perfectly predicted how the potion would effect each individual volunteer... even what powers they would manifest.

Obviously, they could cast spells with wands. But the spells weren't as effective as Wizards, requiring a lot more power... with a lot less control. That could just be experience, but the other Squib scientists were saying it was a result of Muggle's artificial magic being more chaotic in nature. A type of wild magic that would be passed to their children.

It appears, what the potion actually did, was graph a third chromosome chain onto the muggle DNA. Granting a number of magical abilities, based on their genetic make up. This new chain acted as a type of catalist, balancing all the other abilities, and keeping them in check with one another.

However, this also meant muggles did not have a magical core. Which is part in why wand based casting was so difficult, although still possible. There whole body acted as their own magical focus.

Meaning, the soldiers, that Volunteered for this experiment, had their magic taking a toll on their bodies. To counteract that required the consumption of a few thousand more calories, just to function regularly, and even more after exercising. With exercising becoming an even greater necessity. With even that having side effects.

Their magicks was directly multiplied by their physical strength. With their muscles becoming magically enhanced. As in they were becoming denser, and lighter, but not bulky. With seemingly no limit to how physically powerful they could become. Magic had fused into their bodies, making them tougher, stronger, and faster. So long as they kept up with their exercise, their magic couldn't do more then tire them.

As for the powers themselves... the former "muggles" could... fly... They had developed an advanced form of Telekinesis. Which could be used in any way imaginable. From lifting objects... to themselves.

They could even create telekinetic barriers around themselves, and others... Even unleash some kind of telekinetic blast through their kicks and punches.

They also had some "Elemental Bending" powers. Different elements resulted in a different manifestation of powers. With those powers being similar to the children's shows "Avatar the Last Airbender" and "Naruto"... you know what, after the massacres of the evil possessed doll, Major didn't know why he was surprised.

The Elements came in a few varieties. Such as Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Electricity, Ki, Light, and Darkness. With individuals being able to harness 2 of these elements. Depending on what they got, they could combine them in interesting ways.

Such as Wind and Water granting additional ice powers. Where Water and Earth allowed for plant manipulation.

Of course, the powers could be devastating on their own. Such as, Individuals with light based powers, being able to create Illusions. Even solid ones.

Where as "Electricity" gave control of technology.

Then "Ki" allowed for directly tapping into the most raw form of magic. Not the most elegant, but definitely the most destructive. It could be used to duplicate attacks from "Dragon Ball Z".

Next, Darkness powers allowed for manipulation of shadows. Such as stretching them, moving through them, even turning them solid and attacking with them. Even controlling people's body's through their shadow.

Combining Ki and Darkness allowed the individual to create gravity wells. Either to hold your opponent in a swirling vortex. Or pulling them into a void, magically connected to the casters body. Meaning, if something poisonous got thrown in, the user would become poisoned.

Where as combining Electricity and Light, allowed the individual to shoot out bloody lightning.

In ADDITION to all that, Squibs, who hadn't had their pathways unblocked, developed all that, plus some kind of wild magic ability. Many of which were exact copies of the "Bloodline traits" from "Naruto". These powers were directly connected to a specific organ, or body part. This was theorized to have happened, because squibs might not be able to access it, but they still had a magical core.

Squibs who had their magic unblocked, appeared to have no affect from the potion. Nor did it affect pure blood Wizards. Nor anything in between.

Unlike with wizards, we needed incantations, these powers were used by moving the body well channeling the three different types of magic through it. As in the telekinetic magicks, and the 2 elements, each had to be consciously channelled separately. Except when trying to combine the powers.

Watching the soldiers... was making Major nervous. He could see things going very wrong, very fast, if they tried introducing this potion to the general population. However, Sweetie promised she had a way of leveling out the playing field, immediately.


Once the potion was approved... Sweetie Belle didn't even try selling it. Instead, she got Twilight's help using a ritual. It duplicated the power inside the potion, to cast it's effects on the entire human population of Earth.

The reason they didn't do this with the potion to unblock the squibs' magical pathways? Well it was because the ponies couldn't get the various governments to agree to it.

This ritual was originally created to cure plagues, but it could work with any type of potion.

Although it required the power of all 4 Alicorns. Who were here now. Along with press from across both planes of existence. News stations, from all over both worlds, were parked around them. Watching as the runes were laid, the potion placed in the center, and then the Princesses lighting up their horns.


● Present Day.

Truthfully... not much had changed for the Muggles of Earth. Beyond them starting to like calling themselves "Muggles".

They were still exploring their abilities, with most finding mundane uses for them. A few attended magic school... but in all honesty, beyond transfiguration and hexes, their Telekinesis, alone, could duplicate most everyday spells.

The biggest boom was to martial arts.

However, it was too early for these new abilities to really impact muggle lives beyond a few added conveniences. Schools hadn't even started incorporating magic, outside PE class teaching basic control.

Most people, interested in exploring their new talents, joined Dojos. With most tournaments starting to incorporate a telekinetic skill set. Some sports were redesigned to include, or even exclude, the ability. Though most chose to allow it, given how much their ratings were boosted...

It was all very mundane. After all, when everyone had the potential of a superhero, no one really did. At least... that's what they thought...