• Published 10th Dec 2020
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Pony-Me™ - TheMajorTechie

What happens when you realize that your life is a simulation? Well, you put the headset back on.

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Author's Note:

I've done crazy for two years now as April fools chapters. Let's straight-up flip the script now, shall we? :raritywink:


Pony-Me earthquake AU when

Also a thinly-veiled exercise in writing the rest of the Mane Six 'cause it's been ages since I've written them interacting with one another.

Guess what? April fools.

Regular update coming up next. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

"Mm... Spike?" Twilight pulled her blanket over her eyes. "Spike, pull the drapes for me, would you?"

"On it."


She opened an eye. "Wait, Spike?"

"Yeah?" The dragon turned around.

"You... I... we're back in Equestria again?"

Spike raised a brow.

"Spike, who do you talk to every night?"

"My Rarity plushie. I thought you knew that."



"So, you aren't Timothy."

Spike made a face. "Who's Timothy? Is that someone we've met?"

"N-nevermind. It's just--"

"Twilight." Spike stepped up to the side of her bed, pulling her blankets back a little. "Don't stress yourself over stuff like that. You only woke a few days ago."

"Again, what?" Twilight propped herself up on a foreleg. "Spike, please tell me what's going on. I don't want to have to go through this all over again..."

"Again? What do you mean?"

"Simulations. Virtual reality. Stuff like that. You know?"

He shook his head. "No, I don't. Twilight, you've been in a coma. We had an earthquake a while back, and you were buried in your sleep. The rest of us have been taking turns watching over you while you recovered."

Twilight narrowed her eyes. "Define 'a while back'."

"Mm, I'd say about four years, give or take a few months."

"Four yea--" Twilight's eyes widened. "N-no--I... Spike, what is this that I'm remembering? It feels like it was a dream, but..."

"You think it was real? Yeah, I figured, with how long you've been out. You got conked on the head pretty hard back there. You had to be put on life support twice. First time was obviously when you were dug out, but the second time was when you got sick with something a few months back. See for yourself if you'd like. The stitches might even be there still."

Twilight's other hoof shot to her side. Sure enough, right where the tubes would've been had she been Lisa... were stitches. They seemed to be mostly healed by now, but they were there.

"It was far worse the second time, to be honest," he continued. "We almost lost you to septic shock. The doctors still have no idea where the pathogen came from, but a lot of your insides started to shut down and die. There isn't much left of your digestive system, for one. It took a lot of surgery to piece together what was left before we could remove the tubes."

"Is... is that why I lived almost the exact same dream twice over, then?"

Spike cocked his head. "What dream?"

"I'm not even sure if I could call it a dream, to be honest. To me, it was like I was living a whole different life. The first time, I woke up just fine. We were going to do some book reorganizing, but then the world started to fall apart, and... and it turned out that we were both human, and you were my younger brother, and--"

"Alright, alright, slow down, Twi." Spike placed a claw over Twilight's hoof. "Was the second dream the same as the first one?"

The mare gave a half-nod. "Kind of. It was definitely very similar, but at the same time, different. There were some little changes here and there, but I don't really remember what, specifically. I didn't even realize that the first dream had finished when the second one started."

Spike could only shrug in response. "Well, you're finally out of the daze you've been in since you first woke. That's what matters most. I'm sure Celestia would love to see you now that you aren't... well... y'know, nearly dead. Or dumb as a rock, for that matter."

Twilight stuck her tongue out at the dragon.

"Anyway, do you want me to tell your friends that you're awake? I'm sure you miss them."


"...Twi? You're awake?"

Twilight watched one of her friends peek out from behind the door. She smiled, waving a hoof.

"She's awake, y'all!" her friend's voice ballooned with excitement. "Come on in!"

One-by-one, her closest friends began to flood into the room. The first friend --Apple... jack? It was a somewhat easier name to remember-- came first, obviously, followed by... she furrowed her brows. Was she forgetting their names? This one had the rainbow mane and tail. Rainbow... stripe?

No matter. The yellow one came in next. She was hiding behind her mane again.

Pinkie Pie bounced in after. Thanks to Samantha, Pinkie was still fresh on her mind. She'd have to talk with that mare in private a little later.

And then there was Generosity. That was her name, right? It was some sort of descriptive word. That's all she could remember.

Spike followed behind Generosity, gently closing the door behind himself.

"Been a long four years now, ain't it?"

Twilight looked up. Applejack was staring at her.

"I... yeah," Twilight sighed. "It's been a while. Spike told me."

"How are you feeling, darling?" Generosity was the next to speak. "Do you remember who we are?"

Twilight cringed. "I think so? Your name is Generosity, right?"

The mare shook her head. "Rarity. My name is Rarity. You were speaking to Applejack before me. Are you... are you okay, Twilight?"

"I don't know."

"What about me, Twi? You remember me, right?" Rainbow Stripe hovered just above the bedsheets. "I helped teach you how to fly when you got your wings, remember?"

"Yeah, I think so." Twilight nodded. "You're Rainbow Stripe, right? I remember the rainbow part well."

"You're half-right! The second part is Dash. Try and guess my middle name!"

"Now now, Rainbow," Applejack pulled Rainbow back by the tail. "Don't go botherin' Twi like that when she's still tryin' to remember everypony. None of us know what your real middle name is."

Rainbow rolled her eyes, touching down on the floor in front of the bed. "Aw, fine."

The yellow one stepped up beside Twilight, placing a hoof over her forehead. Twilight eyed the three butterflies on her flank.

"Butterfly, I--"

"Fluttershy." Fluttershy corrected Twilight without skipping a beat. She took her hoof off of Twilight's forehead. "Oh... uh, sorry for interrupting like that. I was just worried that you might still have a fever. You had a terrible illness not too long ago. Your fever is gone now, so that's good at least..."

Twilight blinked, giving a single nod. "Thanks for checking, Fluttershy. I'm guessing you were the one watching over me when Spike wasn't around, then?"


"Thanks." Twilight turned her attention to the final mare, who stood a little further behind the rest. "Pinkie?"


"Pinkie Pie. That's your name, right?"


"Pinkie, was there anything... wierd happening?"

"What do you mean?"

Twilight shrugged. So much for talking in private. "I don't really know for sure, actually. Does the name 'Samantha' ring a bell for you?"

Pinkie seemed to freeze at the mention of that name. "N-no, it doesn't."

"You're sure?"


"Thanks for visiting me! I'll see you tomorrow!" Twilight waved at Rainbow Dash. That left only Pinkie and herself in the room. Spike had long-since left around the same time as Rarity.



"I know that you're hiding something."

Pinkie lowered her head.

"You remember too, don't you?" Twilight leaned closer to her friend. "The time you spent as Samantha, I mean."

The mare nodded slowly.

"So it did happen, then."


Twilight turned her gaze to a wrinkle in her sheets. She gave it a flick. "Do... you think this is also a simulation, then? Or is this the outside world?"

"I don't know."