• Published 23rd Mar 2020
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Derpy Can't Breathe Good - darf

Derpy is having trouble breathing, so she goes to the doctor to get some help. Afterwards, she has a hard time adjusting to the changes in her life. Based on a true story.

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Chapter 1ne

About six months ago, Derpy had gotten sick.

That was how she saw it. According to the doctor ponies and other ponies she'd talked to afterwards, she'd been sick for a very long time, but was just finding out about it now.

But I've always had trouble—

We know, they had said. That's why we're giving you these. They're going to help.

Things had gotten much worse after that, in Derpy's opinion.

The first thing she had talked about at the hospital, and why she'd gone there in the first place, she guessed, because one day she'd been out delivery mail and she'd been flying very fast and flapping her wings very hard and for some reason her chest had decided to yell at her and get very close and very tight like it was fighting inside and leaving bruises everywhere, and suddenly she couldn't fly, and suddenly she couldn't breathe, and she was falling very fast and very far onto somewhere or something she didn't know what it was a cloud poof and then she has closed her eyes and when she opened them she was somewhere else.

This is a hospital, they said to Derpy when she woke up.

Oh, Derpy had said.

Can I please go? I have to finish my mail.

The nurse pony had smiled and shaken her head.

No dear. You're not well. Somepony else is taking care of your mail.

But I'm the only pony who knows exactly where to go.

Don't you worry about that, dear. Just lay back in your bed and try to relax.

But I'm the only one who knows about Mr. Largefoot's dog.

Hush, dear. Rest.