• Published 14th Jul 2019
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Dreamers and the Moon - Krixwell

Life as a unicorn raised in Cloudsdale isn't always easy.

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Our Little Enterprise

“Congratulations - it's a filly!”

Sky Spinner’s heart leaped for joy. He had been waiting nearly a year to hear those words leave the nurse’s mouth, and now that the big moment was here, it took much self-control for the pegasus to stop himself from taking off and flying in circles inside the maternity ward.

Probably for the best that he did. Nopony wanted a tornado indoors, especially not here.

His wife, he knew, would never be tempted to do something that wild even if she could get out of the bed right then, but from the bright smile that shone through the exhaustion on Canopy’s face, he knew she was just as ecstatic as he was. Oh, that smile, how he loved it. He hoped, not for the first time, that his daughter would be blessed with her mother's smile.

Sky Spinner tried to pull his mind back together, just in time for it to break to pieces once again as the realization finally struck: I have a daughter. It hit him harder than the ground did whenever he got thrown out of an overzealous tornado, but there was no pain this time, only joy.

He galloped to his wife’s bedside as the nurse passed the towel-wrapped filly to her mother.

“She's beautiful,” Canopy said, softly.

Sky Spinner could only nod, not taking his eyes off the filly. She was yellow, like her mother, but she had his light blue and… well, lighter blue mane colors. Her tiny mane had three stripes like his, the lighter blue sitting between the darker blues, but it was more rounded at the tips, like her mother's. It curled around her little yellow horn. She looked almost too peaceful to have just come into the world.

“We… we made this,” he stated.

Canopy nodded, smiling that beautiful smile of hers again. “Our little enterprise.”

“That might be a good name for her. Our little En--” Sky Spinner stopped in his tracks, made himself back up a little in his mind. Her little yellow… horn? “--wait, is our daughter a unicorn?”

Author's Note:

Enterprise and Moon Dream are about the same age as the Mane Six, maybe a year or two younger than Rainbow Dash, so this takes place not too long after the Mane Six were born.

It was more a product of writing this snippet than of conscious character brainstorming, but I do like that I ended up making a guy who works with tornadoes a bit easily disoriented.