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Just another brony from Norway. I swear I have nothing against Twilight Sparkle.


A non-chronological series of snippets from the lives of my OCs Enterprise and Moon Dream, written as practice and to develop the characters.

A pair of pegasi in Cloudsdale have a unicorn daughter. Unable to move to the ground, they raise her in Cloudsdale, with all the difficulties and long-term consequences that come with it.

Cover art of Enterprise by armadillo_doodles.

Chapters (11)
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So when we gonna get that sweet sweet shipping chapter huh? :eyes:

The Princess of Gay? I approve :raritywink:

I love this teamwork idea, but it's also kind of funny. Imagine something similar happening in the real world:
"Hello it is I, the queen of England, here to discuss your psychological distress and fears of inadequacy! Also, this is Penny. She's an intern."

Ahaha! I mean, hey, if Queen Elizabeth showed up in your dreams with an intern, would you turn them away? I don't think I would.

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