• Published 20th Sep 2019
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Impossible Numbers' Flashfic Anthology, Volume Four - Impossible Numbers

Entries submitted for Loganberry's 150-Word Flashfic Contests. Individual genre ratings, story summaries, and links are included within the long description.

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Some called her “No Identity”, because she left no impression.

Her big sister, Golden Harvest, called her “my baby carrot”.

The birth certificate said “Odd Job”.

Stupid name.

Unfortunately, it fit like a glove. If sis needed help tending carrots, Odd Job helped. If sis needed help cleaning the house, Odd Job had the broom. If sis needed headache pills, Odd Job kept them on standby.

She’d have preferred “Orange Juice”. “Odd Job” was what she got. All the time.

Her soul screamed, “NO!” Her little mouth droned, “Yes, sis.”

Because she had one weakness; should her big sister sway, or smile painfully, or nearly faint, she had to help. One pony couldn’t run a farm solo. Odd Job had to make her ask for help.

And the sight of her big sister swaying less, or smiling rosily, was just enough to compensate a filly for mucking in the mud.