• Published 5th Apr 2019
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'Cause I've drawn regret

Author's Note:

Optimus Prime is voiced by Peter Cullen.

Bumblebee is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch.

Ratchet is voiced by Jeffrey Combs.

"Stand down, Barricade. You are overmatched."

Upon hearing that voice, Barricade immediately recovered and looked at his opponent with both fear and great contempt.

“Oh, the mighty Optimus Prime. Haven’t seen you since the Battle of Kalis. Lord Megatron had me put together an entire battalion for your termination.”

“That was a long time ago.”

“That may be, but my orders to terminate you still stand.”

“Is this ancient war still worth fighting for when so many comrades on both sides have been lost? If your master wishes to be a true leader, then he must stray from his current path and lead the Decepticons towards peace.”

Barricade responded with a dry chuckle.

“Well, you’re in luck, then. He’s actually willing to negotiate a truce. If you and your allies agree to bow before him, that is.”

Optimus let out a heavy sigh.

“We both now that I can never agree to something like this.”

“Then, the fighting must continue. A shame. We could have really used your help in locating our prize.”

He secretly reached towards his back and retrieved something that looked like a grenade.

“Barricade, this is a new era on another world. Side with the Autobots and help me end this conflict once and for all.”

“I will never side with a cowardly Prime!”

Just after he said that, he threw his grenade right towards Twilight. Luckily, Optimus managed to catch it right before it reached her. Then, he threw the grenade upwards before shooting and destroying it.

Unfortunately, Barricade seized his opportunity to transform into his vehicle mode and escape. Before he could disappear, though, Optimus noticed his escape and quickly threw a small device that looked like a tracker to his rear end. The device stuck to him like a magnet and he continued to drive away unconcerned.

Once he disapeared into the horizon, Optimus looked down upon a startled and wounded Twilight. Upon seeing her miserable condition, he gently bent his knee and offered his hand to her.

“It’s alright. You are safe now.”

Twilight reluctantly accepted his help and he carefully pulled her upward. Once she was back on her hooves, she wiped away a few drops of tear from her face.

"Is... Is he going to be back?"

"Perhaps. But, you have nothing to worry about. From this moment on, I will protect you with the very best of my abilities. You have my word."

Twilight gave him a small smile.

"Thank you. Um, Optimus Prime, was it?"

"You may call me, Optimus, if you prefer.”

"Oh. Then, uh, thank you, Optimus."

"You are most welcome, Twilight."

Twilight's eyes widened a bit.

"You know my name? Oh, what am I saying? Of course you do. Every giant metal alien in Equestria is looking for either me or my family, anyway. You're after that artifact too, I suppose?"

"Yes, but not for the same reason as the ones who attacked you."

"Really? How so?"

Before he could answer that, however, they were both distracted by a painful groan from a now-conscious Spike. Twilight immediately rushed to his side, followed closely by Optimus.

"Spike! Can you hear me? Spike?! Oh, for Celestia's sake, please say something!"

Thankfully, a few seconds later, he coughed a bit and managed to say a few words.

"Wow... You look... really terrible."

Twilight tearfully chuckled when he said that.

"Speak for yourself, bonehead! You've got to be the luckiest baby dragon in the entire Equestria to survive a fall like that!"

"Really? Well, then imagine the kinds of things I can survive when I become a FULL-GROWN dragon."

They both giggled at that as Optimus came closer to them. As soon as Spike noticed him, he let out an extremely loud scream out of horror before Twilight covered his mouth.

“It’s okay, Spike. He saved us from that monster. He’s here to help us. I’m sure of it.”

Though he calmed down a couple of seconds after she said that, he was still a bit terrified of Optimus’ size. Nevertheless, Twilight pulled her hoof from his mouth and proceeded with the introductions.

“Spike, this is Optimus. He’s one of the good aliens. He’s looking for the artifact too, but he saved our lives from that evil alien and he seems very nice. So, I’m sure we can trust him. Optimus, this is Spike. He’s been my most trustworty assistant and friend since I was just a filly.”

Spike nervously laughed a bit.

“Um, pleasure to, uh, meet you, sir.”

“The pleasure is all mine, little one. As a friend of Twilight, you shall also benefit from my protection.”

“Oh. Uh, thanks. Really... appreciate it.”

He once again let out a nervous chuckle and Optimus gave him a warm look. He then pressed something near his left horn and began speaking to it.

"Optimus to Ratchet. Requesting emergency medical aid in my position. Make sure to adjust your Energon Repair Ray to the organics setting."

A second later, another much older voice was heard.

"Roger that Optimus. Bumblebee and I are on our way. We'll be there in approximately five cycles."

"Glad to hear it, old friend. I await your arrival with anticipation."

He turned back to Twilight and Spike.

"Help is on the way. Just sit tight and preserve your energy."

Twilight curiously asked, "Help? What kind of help?"

"I have just contacted my team and they will arrive here shortly to heal your wounds."

Spike then nervously asked, "Your team? You mean there's even more aliens in Equestria?"

"I assure you, Spike, not all of us are here to wreak havoc on your planet."

Twilight cleared her throat and said, "I think what Spike means to say is that this whole alien situation has frightened and confused all of Equestria at this point, and we need a bit more information in order to understand what's really going on."

Optimus thought about this for a moment before replying, "Hmmm... You are correct. The more you know about the situation, the better you can prepare yourselves."

He once again bent his knee and started explaining, "My team and I are autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron, also known as Autobots. For eons, we have been locked in a brutal civil war with a rival faction called, Decepticons. They are the ones who attacked you and your family, and are led by the most ruthless warrior Cybertron has ever known: Megatron."

Both Twilight and Spike instantly became startled by that name as Optimus continued, "He sought to conquer the entire planet no matter the cost and nearly destroyed everyone who refused to submit to his will. Even though, me and my brothers fought valiantly against his forces, the war completely ravaged Cybertron and left it unable to sustain any form of life. So, now, both sides are spread throghout the entire universe, searching for an energy source that could bring our home back to its former glory."

A fascinated Twilight replied, "Wow! That does sound both epic and tragic at the same time. You guys must've been through a lot."

"We have and will, no doubt, go through a lot more. But, we have recently come across something that strengthened our hope for victory.”

His hand went to his back and he retrieved something that greatly surprised Twilight and Spike.

“Is that what I think it is?”, asked Spike.

“Affirmative. A deceased Cybertronian that transformed into some sort of equipment unique to Equestria. We found it drifting at the edge of your solar system.”

Twilight carefully inspected the crushed small robot and declared, “It looks like it used to turn into a microscope, but this model hasn’t been used in centuries.”

“Yes, we determined that it’s eleven hundred years old, to be exact. Moreover, its exterior contained small samples of equine DNA.”

Twilight's eyes widened a bit.

"It was my ancestor's DNA, wasn't it? That's why the Decepticons came after me and my brother!"

Spike then asked, "But, why is this little thing so important?"

Optimus replied, "Because, the only power in the universe that can create a new Cybertronian is the power of the AllSpark. It was sent away from Cybertron by my mentor, Zeta Prime, in order to keep it safe from Megatron's hands. Seems that it found its way to your planet only to be found and examined by your ancestor before one of its unintentional creations was cast out into space.”

Twilight and Spike gave each other confused looks before Spike looked back at Optimus and asked, “And what is this AllSpark, exactly?”

“AllSpark is one of our most sacred treasures in existence. Its energy can either create new Cybertronian life from any machienery or bring fallen Cybertronians back to life. If we can retrieve it before the Decepticons do, then our home can finally return to its golden age. However, if Megatron finds it first, he will use its power to not just restore Cybertron and rule it with an iron fist, but also conquer every single planet he can find, starting with yours.”

While Spike was shaking with terror from hearing this, Twilight was instead thinking really hard about this piece of information.

"Hmmm. It seems that this 'AllSpark' is the artifact the Decepticons are looking for, but why did Barricade call it the 'Cube' when he interrogated me?"

"I think it has something to do with the fact that the artifact itself is cube-shaped."

Her expression then changed from curious to unamused.

"Really? THAT'S the whole reason it's nicknamed the 'Cube'? Just because it's SHAPED like a cube?! This is as ridiculous as nicknaming my Element of Harmony the 'Tiara' and my friends' Elements of Harmony the 'necklaces'!"

Optimus let out a small chuckle.

"I have no idea what these 'Elements of Harmony' are, but you have a good point. Giving something this sacred a name like that is rather inappropriate."

"Thank you! I'm really glad that someone like you understands this. I mean, no offense, but most warriors or soldiers I know usually don't-"

"ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS!", shouted Spike. "The entire universe is being threatened by a giant warmongering mechanical tyrant and you're discussing artifact nicknames?!"

Twilight nervously giggled a bit.

"Sorry, Spike. You're right. We shouldn't be focusing on that. What matters right now is finding the AllSpark, keeping it away from the Decepticons, and beating Megatron."

She turned back to Optimus with a determined look on her face.

"How can we help?"

Optimus responded by saying, "For now, we must wait for my team to arrive and mend your injuries. Then, we can discuss a plan to search for both the AllSpark and the Decepticons."

Just then, he heard familiar engine sounds and turned his head towards right. Twilight and Spike looked at the same direction to find out what piqued his interest and they were met with the sight of two additional giant vehicles. Although they were still far away from them, they were nonetheless approaching their position in high speed. One of them was smaller than the other, was moving a bit faster, and had a mostly yellow color scheme.

The larger one, on the other hand, had a red and white color scheme, and did not appear to be designed primarily for combat missions.

Optimus then stood up and walked towards the vehicles and they transformed into bipedal warriors as soon as they arrived about ten seconds later, with the larger one being nearly the same height as Brawl and the smaller one being about the same height as Barricade. Also, the smaller being looked a lot younger than Optimus while his larger companion appeared to be much older than both of them.

"Alright, where is the patient?", asked the elder warrior.

Optimus replied, "You actually have two patients, Ratchet, and they are right here."

He stepped away to reveal Twilight and Spike. As a result, the younger robot became shocked by their appearance and took a few steps backwards.

“Whoa! What happened to these guys? They look like they’ve been hit with a Thermo Rocket Launcher.”

“Dude, relax”, replied Spike. “I don’t know what that is, but I don’t think getting beaten up by a Decepticon named Barricade is as bad as that.”

Upon hearing that, the Autobot moved closer to them and even bent his knee.

“You ran into Barricade? Wow! You are so lucky to have survived that! He’s usually a ‘take no prisoners’ kind of bot and even I can’t really beat him without sustaining a few kinda serious injuries.”

A smug smile appeared on Spike’s face.

“Well, he sorta ambushed us, so I’ll give him that. But, I’d love to see the look on his face when he gets a taste of my fire!”

“Ha! I like the way you think, little guy. I’ve got a score to settle with that scrapheap too. What do you say we team up and make him very sorry for ever crossing us?”

“Are you kiddin’? I am so in!”

“Awesome! Put it right here, then!”

He made his right hand into a fist and Spike happily fist-bumped him.

“Name’s Bumblebee, the very best scout in the entire Autobot faction. My friends call me Bee, though.”

“Nice to meet you, Bee. My name is Spike. I’m the brave and glorious assistant slash friend of Princess Twilight Sparkle here.”

Bumblebee suddenly became a little bit concerned and whispered something into Spike’s ear.

“Princess? You mean she’s royalty?! Do I have to bow before her?”

“Dude, it’s cool! She’s not THAT kind of a princess!”

“Really? Oh, okay.”

He stopped whispering and turned his attention to Twilight.

“Sorry for that, Miss. I just had to clarify something. As I told Spike here, my name is Bumblebee and I’m ready to help you in any way I can.”

Twilight gave him a smile.

“Nice to meet you too, Bumblebee. I really appreciate the help and don’t worry. The whole whispering thing was no trouble at all.”

“Great! I’m glad we sorted that out.”

He turned to Ratchet and nudged him a bit.

“Come on, Ratch! Why don’t you introduce yourself to our new friends? You don’t want to be rude, right?”

Ratchet replied, “I’ll do that once they’re fully healed. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must focus on my work.”

Bumblebee got out of his way and let out a heavy sigh at the same time.”

“Y’know, I’m starting to think that they never taught you bedside manner during your medical training.”

Ratchet ignored him and turned his right hand into some sort of clawed ray gun. Then, the gun emitted a blue energy beam towards Twilight and Spike, and this operation continued for five seconds. In the end, both patients were amazed to discover that all of their wounds had healed. Twilight even managed to stretch her wings and became extremely happy when she could not find a single hole or broken part on them.

“Oh my gosh!”, exclaimed Twilight. “That was amazing! Thank you so much, Ratchet!”

He responded with, “You’re welcome, Miss Sparkle.”

He then turned back to Bumblebee and said, “Looks like introductions aren’t really necessary.”

Bumblebee facepalmed upon hearing that while Optimus put his hand on Ratchet’s shoulder.

“Great work, old friend. I had full confidence in your medical skills and once again, you performed admirably. Now that our new allies are fully functional again, we can finally put together a plan to both save our home and defeat Megatron once and for all.”

Right after hearing that, all four of them gathered around him and began discussing their next move.