• Published 6th Sep 2018
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Beneath the Argent Moon - Rose Quill

Sunset returns to the world of CHS for a slumber party, her fiancée in tow.

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Catching Up

“So, you two are engaged?” Rarity squealed in delight. Her eyes scanned our hands before she frowned. “But where…”

I giggled. “Rings are something of a tricky thing for ponies, Rarity.” I pulled Fluttershy - my Fluttershy, that is - closer as we talked. “Usually only Unicorns get them as horn decorations. I gave her the necklace she’s wearing instead.”

The fashionista leaned forward and held up a hand. “May I?” she asked.

Fluttershy nodded, and leaned forward and offered the jeweled end of her necklace. Rarity took the pendant in her palm and examined it closely. She cooed at the gemstone and released it.

“That is just precious!” She gave me a sly look. “And putting your personal mark within hers is such a cute statement! But first, I must ask about those clothes! How positively avant-garde! I wonder why the portal chose to give those to you.”

We shifted uncomfortably for a moment. The entire story of Fluttershy’s ‘curse’ hadn’t been related just yet. We had been saved from having to explain the difference in appearance by virtue of the Twilights having enough visible differences that it was merely passed off as portal shenanigans.

“It’s just what the portal gave me,” she said quietly. “I do kind of like it, even if some of the sensations are unusual.”

“I imagine going from hooves to hands could be a bit distressing,” Rarity admitted. She looked over at Princess Twilight. “And to imagine her going out with Princess Luna! Seems I have to corner her a little later and get that story too.”

Fluttershy and I looked at each other and just shrugged.

“Speaking of stories,” I asked, leaning forward. “SciTwi and Applejack? How’d that happen?”

“Oh, that’s a long story, but not mine to tell, I’m afraid.” Rarity crossed her arms and turned slightly away. “She made me promise not to.”

“Twilight?” Fluttershy asked.

“Applejack.” With a sigh, Rarity turned back towards us. “She seemed unimpressed with my color commentary.”

“By which you mean you exaggerated things a bit, didn’t you?” I mused.

“Well, excuse me if I feel that Twilight and Applejack’s way of putting things are just so…” she flipped her hand a few times, as though searching for a word. “Dry! It’s simply not within me to tell such a boring tale.”

I hid a smile under my hand as she fumed. Rarity may not have spread gossip at CHS - unlike my former self - but she certainly loved hearing it. I suspect that part of her wanting to embellish her renditions was based out of her own continuing unattached self. Though her expectations were so high that I doubt anyone would ever pass muster.

“So, what exactly goes on in one of these slumber parties?” Fluttershy crossed her legs and rested a hand on my thigh as she leaned back. Her posture was relaxed and calm, curious but keeping her eyes on Rarity’s forehead out of habit. Her Stare would enthrall others when under her moon’s curse, so she never met anypony’s eyes directly those nights.

“Well, we have horribly unhealthy food, play silly games and swap stories.” Rarity primped her hair for a moment. “And sometimes our Fluttershy and I, and Sunset in the past, will do our nails or each other’s hair. What are Equestrian slumber parties like?”

“Pretty much the same,” I replied. “Though less nail and hair things. The only pony I know personally that is obsessive about her hooves is the pony you. Since we walk on ours, I don’t see the purpose since if I’m dressing up I can put a nice pair of horseshoes on.”

“Or fly,” Fluttershy purred.

“I suppose that makes sense,” Rarity mused. She was about to continue when a pair of pink arms wrapped around her.

“Hey, guys!” Pinkie said as she hopped over the back of the couch Rarity was sitting on. “What’cha talking about?”

“Oh, just catching up,” Rarity said. “I haven’t had as much time to send missives through the journal as others have. It’s nice to talk with Sunset again, and meet her…what is the correct term again?”

“Well, technically fiancée, but marefriend can work too.” I said.

“Oh,” Pinkie said. “I was hoping you’d find out why Ponyshy is all vampy and stuff.”

I felt Fluttershy tense, her hand clamping onto my thigh. As she shrank slightly in her seat, I cleared my throat.

“What makes you say that, Pinkie?”

“Well, duh!” the baker replied, suddenly next to Fluttershy. “She’s got the totally classic vampire look. Plus, she’s not meeting anyone’s eyes but not out of shyness like ours.” She reached up and pushed on Fluttershy’s lip a bit. “Plus her teeth are all pointy now.”

“They are not all pointy,” Shy said as she pushed Pinkie’s hand away gently.

“Come on, tell us!” Pinkie said. “Did you get bitten by a vampire pony?”

“No,” she sighed.

“Did you eat a vampire?”

“No, Pinkie," I told her. “Wait, what?”

“What about mmmphh!” Her next question was silenced by Applejack’s hand clamping over her mouth.

“How’s about you let them tell the story on their terms?” the farm girl asked, and I noticed that Pinkie’s antics had drawn everyone’s attention, and the look of excitement in Rainbow’s eyes was a little scary to me, and I wasn’t even the focus.

“It was my fault,” Princess Twilight said. “A spell that had an unintended side effect. We managed to reverse most of it, but…” She trailed off and looked away.

“It’s mostly temporary,” I added. “Full moons bring it out, but she’s in control the whole time.”

“And I don’t drink blood,” she said, looking straight at Rainbow. “Or any animals..”

SciTwi had walked over to her counterpart and was speaking quietly to her. I couldn’t make it out, but the way the scientist was rubbing the back of the royal, she was trying to console her. I frowned. She hadn’t seemed upset, but did she still bear guilt for her part?

Fluttershy squeezed my thigh again, getting my attention, and I looked at her. She flicked her eyes towards her counterpart and I saw something I didn’t expect.

She was smiling at us.