• Published 16th Nov 2017
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Villains Are The New Thing - ShadowedKnight68

Ever since Jack was a kid he always loved villains more then heroes, one day he is given the chance to be one, he agrees And is went to Equestria as the newest villain.

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Making Friends

Midnight whistled as she walked down the path, while the books levitated behind her 'Magic is so easy, honestly I expected it to be hard but it's so damn easy' she thought and chuckled, she really did have no difficulty in holding the books, she didn't feel tired at all.

As she trotted through town, she heard running coming from behind her, she looked back and found a purple pony with a horn and wings running her way.

"She's in a hurry, hmm... wait doesn't having wings and a horn mean something?" Midnight questioned and opened the books flipping through pages till she stopped on pony species "hmm, Unicorn, Earth Pony, Pegasus. An alicorn has a horn and wings, they are royalty like Princess

Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, and Princess Twilight Sparkle...huh" she looked back at the purple Alicorn running her way, she then looked back at the book, then back at the Alicorn "oh shit" she closed the books and started running.

"Shit shit shit shit shit shit!!!!" Midnight yelled as she ran from the princess 'shouldn't have stolen the books!' she yelled in her thoughts as she ran, the princess right behind her

[[[[[[[[[[{Twilight POV}]]]]]]]]]]]

Twilight chased after the dark grey mare, eventually, she decided to teleport in front of her, when she appeared in front of the mare, she wasn't able to stop from crashing into Twilight.

The grey mare groaned as she rubbed her head, one of the books she had was laying on her head "How'd you get in front of me?" she asked while rubbing her head.

Twilight rubbed her own head "Sorry that I didn't teleport far enough ahead" she stood up "but now that you've stopped, I want to ask you some questions".

The grey mare went wide-eyed at that moment.

[[[[[[[[[[[{ Midnight POV}]]]]]]]]]]

'Shit, she caught me' Midnight stared at the purple pony wide-eyed.

"Who are you?" She asked simply.

"My name's Midnight Rose, but you can call me Midnight" she quickly remembered the new name she had given herself "so...who are you??".

"My name's Twilight Sparkle," the now identified Twilight Sparkle said.

'Oh my... she is one of those princesses!' Midnight thought and began to slowly get nervous.

"Are you Princess Celestia's new student?" Twilight asked.

'Celestia? Wait she's the older sister of the moon one' Midnight thought and quickly formed a lie "yes...I am..." She'll admit she didn't sound very convincing.

Twilight's eyes sparkled with excitement "I can't believe Celestia has a new student, and she's here!"

"Yup... pretty exciting, hehe" Midnight chuckled nervously, she stood up and got her books "so now that that's settled, I'm gonna go" she went to walk away but Twilight got in front of her smiling.

"No no, you should stay at my castle, we can talk about stories from being Celestia students, and I could maybe teach you spells I figured out,"
Twilight said with excitement in her voice.

'learn more magic?...damn that actually sounds interesting, and if I say no, she might talk to Celestia about me, dammit' Midnight sighed

"alright..." She agreed

Twilight squealed with excitement and hugged Midnight "This is going to be great!" She pulled Midnight back towards the castle

"Yup... the greatest" Midnight chuckled nervously as she was pulled along 'this is gonna suck'.

[[[[[[[[[[{Three Hours Later}]]]]]]]]]]

Midnight was laying in a chair as Twilight was explaining an entire history lesson her coming to town, she was correct in thinking this would suck.

"And then we were able to defeat the Shadow Pony because Starlight was able to free the pony that was trapped in the darkness" Twilight finished with a smile.

'Oh thank sweet baby Jesus you're done' Midnight sat up "that's very interesting, but I'm a bit curious on some spells you know, anything powerful?"

Twilight thought for a moment "hm no not really".

'Dammit,' Midnight thought "how about you teach me that teleporting spell than".

"Oh sure" Twilight smiled.

Midnight smiled and walked over ready.

"Just focus on a place and then focus your magic into sending you there," Twilight said as her horn glowed and she teleported across the room.

"Heh that's sounds easy" Midnight chuckled and lit her horn, then in a flash she was now in the desert "okay...not across the room...let's try this again" in another flash she was in a snowy area with a snowstorm blowing ice cold wind at her "nope... definitely not across the room" she teleported again and found herself in an old looking castle, she walked over to the broken window and looked out it, the castle was embedded in a mountain and had a magma moat surrounding it "well well well, this looks like an evil villains castle, hehe I'm totally using this when I take over" she chuckled and teleported again.

She found herself floating in a purple void with floating pieces of land, he spotted a house on one "well this is just ridiculous" she huffed.

"And chaotic," a man's voice said, it belonged to what looked like should be living here, some type of chimera creature.

"Who are you" Midnight raised an eyebrow as she floated upside down.

"I am the god of chaos" he bowed.

"Hm...your name Bedlam?" She asked.

"No it's Discord, my sister's name is Bedlam," Discord said as he smirked watching Midnight flout around.

"Damn I was close..." She huffed and looked around "nice place you got here".

"Thank you" Discord walked over and booped her nose "cute adorableness you have there".

Midnight growled "I hate you" she teleported and found herself in the clouds, she heard thunder "son of a bi-" she was hit by lightning and she teleported once more, this time she found herself by Twilight, she had smoke coming off her and had burn marks all over her.

"Um wha-" Twilight was about to ask her what happened but Midnight cut her off.

"I'm gonna go rest, had enough of this day... goodnight" Midnight went to take a step and collapsed to the ground out cold

[[[[[[[[[[{Twelve Hours Later}]]]]]]]]]]

Midnight groaned waking up 'damn that was a crazy dream, I was a mare, I'll have to talk to my therapist about that....' she thought and rubbed her head, she then saw that instead of a hand, she had a hoof "ah dammit..." She huffed putting her hoof down.

'how am I gonna take over this place?' she sighed and stared at the ceiling, she had a family to get back to, she didn't want to loose any of those people, she was feeling hopeless but then new hope filled her body 'no, I need to stop thinking of that, this is my dream come true, to have the power of a villain and to have the chance of one too, that woman said I'd return home if I conquer this place then I will and I'm going to enjoy the hell out of it, Equestria's going to see what a true villain looks like because I'm going to do much worse than simply become the ruler, oh no, I'm going to become the worst pony they've ever seen' she smirked and began planing.


Midnight walked down the hall and into the kitchen to find Twilight and her little dragon servant "Hey, Twilight" she smiled sweetly.
Twilight smiled while Spike glared "Oh, I'm so glad you're awake I was really worried when you passed out".

"Yeah well, I wasn't expecting it to be that difficult when you told me how to do it" Midnight made sure to put subtle venom in her words while keeping that sweet smile.

Twilight chuckled nervously and rubbed her leg "yeah sorry about that..."
"Hey, it's fine really" Midnight placed a hoof on Twilight's shoulder comfortingly.

Twilight smiled before she got an idea "Oh, I should tell Princess Celestia that you learned a new spell" Twilight conjured up a piece of paper as well as an ink and quill.

Midnight thought fast "No need, I already sent her a letter, she told me she wouldn't be able to write back anyway if I sent her anything new, she will be dealing with other things pretty far away, she couldn't say where or what though" she hoped that lie would work.

"Oh okay, well I guess I can just tell her all the new things that you'll learn while we're together, when she comes back" Twilight smiled.

'hehe Hook line and sinker, it must be my special talent to convincingly lie' Midnight thought while retaining her sweet smile "Well, while I'm here why don't I meet your friends? The founders said I should make some friends while I'm here"

Twilight nodded "That's a great idea" she walked over to Midnight and they started making their way out, Spike followed with his arms crossed, he still didn't like Midnight after the things she said.

The three made their way through town towards the Boutique, Midnight remembered she was here yesterday.

"Oh hey, this is Rarity's place, do you have an order from her or something?" Midnight glanced at Twilight.

"You've already met Rarity?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, she made me a dress" Midnight spotted that mare who she got bad directions from a wicked smile formed on her face and she made a small rock go in front of her hooves, the mare was holding a large cake so she wasn't paying attention to the ground, she then tripped on the rock and fell into the dirt, her face smashing into the cake, Midnight burst out laughing.

Twilight looked at her confused "what's so funny?"

Midnight was able to calm down "hehe nothing, c'mon let's go meet another one of your friends" she smiled and they continued walking.

They arrived at Sugar Cube Corner and walked in.

Midnight looked around "Oh, it's a bakery huh, never been to one before".

"Really? Well, now you have" Twilight smiled.

'No shit, Captain Obvious' Midnight thought but kept her sweet smile.

Suddenly Pinkie came, tackling Midnight "Hi there!"

Midnight glared at her "Get off me, or I break you..." She growled.

Pinkie quickly got off her and hid behind Twilight chuckling nervously.

Midnight stood up and got her mane out of her face 'that's going to get annoying' she thought and looked at the two.

"This is Pinkie Pie, Midnight" Twilight smiled.

"Nice to meet you," Midnight said not caring.

"Sorry I just got excited seeing a new pony in town, oh by the way what's your favorite color???" Pinkie asked smiling brightly.

"Black," Midnight said blankly staring at her.

"Hmm, okay" Pinkie ran off.

"Yeah, she's the weirdest I've met yet in this town" Midnight huffed.

"The first time meeting Pinkie can be a lot to handle," Twilight said rubbing her leg "How about we go meet another one of my friends?" She offered.

"Let's go do that" Midnight left the bakery with Twilight.

"Let's go to Sweet Apple Acres next," Twilight said and led the way, once they were there, Midnight found many many Apple trees all around a farm.

"An apple farm?...huh...never been to one of these either" Midnight looked at the trees and then the farm 'What would a farm run by ponies have?' she questioned in thought as they walked towards the farmhouse, she spotted a few farm animals 'The hell do they have farm animals for?'

Twilight knocked on the door, shortly after, Applejack opened the door, she smiled.

"Hey, Twilight what brings you here?" She asked.

'bet her name has apple in it' Midnight thought and waited to see.

"Well Applejack, I wanted to introduce you to my new friend, she's Celestia's new student and she's new to town" Twilight smiled gesturing to Midnight with her hooves.

'Heh, I was right' Midnight thought and smiled "Hey, my name's Midnight Rose, but you can just call me Midnight".

Applejack smiled "Nice to meet you Midnight, ah imagine Twilight's been pretty excited to be with you since yer Princess Celestia's new student".

"Definitely, hehe" Midnight chuckled and Twilight blushed.

"Well, you're welcomed around here whenever" Applejack smiled.

"Cool" Midnight started walking away won't Twilight "so miss Sparkle who's next?"

"Oh Fluttershy is next, Rainbow Dash will be later" Twilight answered as they left Sweet Apple Acres, they made their way out of town and Midnight saw a small cottage.

"Huh, cozy little place," Midnight said as she looked around.

"Yeah, oh and Fluttershy's a little shy around new ponies, so please try not to be loud or anything," Twilight asked as she knocked on the door.
'never would have guessed she was shy' midnight mocked in her thoughts.

The door opened to a small butter colored pegasus mare with a light pink mane and tail "Oh, hi Twilight" Fluttershy saw Midnight "Oh, who's that?" She whispered to Twilight.

"Fluttershy, this is my new friend, Midnight Rose, she's new to town and I wanted to introduce her to everypony" Twilight smiled.

"You can just call me Midnight, nice place, I like that it's a bit away from the town making it nice and calm here" she smiled looking around.
Fluttershy smiled "Yes, it is very calm here, the animals and I like that about it".

"Animals?" Midnight asked.

"Oh yes, I take care of animals" Fluttershy answered.

"Huh cool, so what type of animals, dogs, cats?" Midnight asked and she saw a bear in Fluttershy's house "Holy mother of a beaver that's a bear..."

"Oh, he's Harry, don't worry he's very friendly, would you like to meet him?" Fluttershy offered.

"I'll pass, I kinda... have a thing about..." Midnight was backing away from the house as she started sweating "um uh bears and...uh...I-I g-gotta go!!" She ran away from the house as fast as she can.

"Oh, I'm sorry Twilight I had no idea she was scared of bears" Fluttershy apologized.

"It's ok Fluttershy, I didn't know either" Twilight watched Midnight disappear into the distance.

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