• Published 30th Jul 2019
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Winter & Dagi - Sparkling blaze

Adagio was depressed,then Winter found her and they fell in love with each other,in this story you'll see their romantic life.

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First Date

Winter's POV
I looked upstairs, I couldn't believe it: I was having my first date with Adagio, I was so so nervous, nothing could go wrong.

I was wearing a suit,and a tie and tight plantas, I looked to the mirror to make sure everything was alright.

"You got this. You got this,dude." I said trying to calm myself down.

I heard someone coming downstairs, when I looked it was Adagio, as beautiful as she could be: she was wearing a beautiful long red dress, gold fancy gloves, and red high wheels. Her hair was whole let down,her beautiful magenta eyes were highlighted by a wine eyeshadow, her beautiful eyelashes were highlighted by her mascara,and she was wearing an red lipgloss.

"How am I?" She asked in an sweet voice.

"Amazing." I said smiling like a doof.

She gave a little laugh.

I still couldn't believe I was her boyfriend.

We walked to my car,flirting and joking with each other.

I opened the door for Adagio to enter the car.

"Ladies first." I said, holding out my arm.

"Wow,what a gentleman!" She said in a joking tone,we both began laughing.

We stayed in silence for a few minutes,until Adagio broke it:

"You're very handsome, Winter."
I blushed a little.

"Thanks Adagio, you're a very pretty girl too."

"Thanks." She blushed.

I was unsure what to talk about with her, she didn't seem like she had much to talk either.

"Soo..."I said. "What do you like to do?"

"Sing and write off songs are my favorite things,although I like to read." She said.

"Read? That's kind of unexpected caming from you." I say interested.

"Yeah,I know, everybody tells me that,you're disssapointed?" She says a little embarrassed.

"No way,that’s awesome,I also like to read, what kind of book do you like?"

"Romance the most,but I also like Sci-fic."


"Yeah. I'm more than just a pretty face."

We laughed a little.

"Oh,we arrived. Close your eyes,Adagio. Don't open then till I say. "

"Ok,they're closed,but how I'll know where I'm going then?"

"Take my hand,I'll guide you."
With that she takes my hand and blushes a little, and I start taking her to my surprise.

"Once you told me you liked french food,right?" I asked her.


"Well, you can open your eyes now."

"A french restaurant,oh my god, I don’t eat french food since I was fifteen, thank you,thank you,thank you!" She thanks me excitedly then hugs me.

"You're welcome."

We entered the restaurant, and eaten our food as our chat didn't end,it was worth it paying an expensive restaurant,drive away from Canterville, and pass through a forest to see Adagio smile and laugh this way.

"Winter." Adagio called me,while hugging me.


"Will you love me forever and never leave me? No matter what happens. "She says insecure.




"And you,will love me forever and never leave me?"

"I promise.....I love you,Winter."

"I love you too,Adagio... But why did you asked me that,Dagi? Like didn’t we promised this to each other a lot of times before?" I ask her.

"I just discovered I might die,I discovered what killed Aria." She says while she lies on my lap.

My heart pratically stopped when she said that, I had lost my whole family,I can't lost my girlfriend, I can't lost my best friend.
"What do you mean by it,babe?" I say.

"It was a siren sickness,Aria caught it first because her immune system was the weakest, Sonata was in someway more pony/human than us, and my immune system were stronger." She said with an soft voice. "And by what I had last week,I think I might have the same thing as Aria,but I don't know if I'm going to die, if I'm not. I just want to make sure you will love me,if either of these things happen."

"I'll love you forever Dagi...Forever..."I say already crying,putting my face next to her hair.

"Don't cry,Winter... I remember Aria and Sunset had a plan for try to stop it from happening." She kissed my mouth. "Don't cry... I'll promise I'll do what I can to stay here with you."

"I love you Adagio! I love you very much..."

"I also love you very much Winter."

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