• Published 30th Jul 2019
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Winter & Dagi - Sparkling blaze

Adagio was depressed,then Winter found her and they fell in love with each other,in this story you'll see their romantic life.

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Adagio is sick? (Part 1/2)

Winter's POV

Today I entered in Adagio's house and everything was a mess, Adagio hadn't even had breakfast yet, but she was sitting in her room's ground like she had fell, looking at herself at the mirror and murmuring something, I'm now taking breakfast with her and she is definitely not normal....

She seems like she hasn't slept in days, she is a little pale too, she also is coughing a lot,she also is saying that she haves a lot of headache, I think... No. I am sure, that she is sick.But she keeps saying that she's okay.

I just want her to be really okay, because Adagio is my friend, I'm really worried about her, I like her so much.

Why doesn't she tell me when things are wrong? Is it a sign that she likes me too? Is it a sign that she don't want me to worry about her? Or is it a sign that she simply don't trust me?

She seems very bad, she barely touched her breakfast.

"Hey, are you sure you're okay, Adagio?"

"Yeah, why you keep asking that?" She answers me with a cough.

"Let's see, when I arrived you didn't had your breakfast yet, barely could stay up,was saying you had a terrible headache, you are super pale, don't stop coughing,and barely has touched your breakfast." I say listing my reasons to ask if she is okay, then put my hand in her shoulders and look deeply in her magenta eyes. "C'mon Dagi, you know you can trust me, if you're not feeling well we can go get you checked up. "

Adagio's POV

There's so much sincerity and worry in Winter's eyes right now,but I don't to leave he that much worried.

I already know I'm sick, I also know what I have, but Winter wouldn't understand,because I let myself get sick.

What do I mean by it? I mean that I got in Aria's room, and then witha machine that sucks air, I sucked the air and the germs that let Aria sick, but for me to discover how that let Aria sick I had to stay in contact with that germs for a long time.

Good news? I discovered what killed Aria.

It was a siren sickness, but that was not a surprise after all,we haven't had our real feeding, in months, technically we were starving for negative energy, so Aria died of lack of nutrients needed for a siren, Sonata didn't got sick, because in some way she was more pony/human than siren, and for me I could resist until now, but I don't know if I'm going to die,or if there's a cure for me without my necklace and my sisters.

Oh my god, my head won't stop hurting, great, now I feel dizzy too.

I don’t want to return to the hospital.



"You got up from the table and almost passed out! Are you really sure we don't have to go get checked up?"

"Yeah Winter, I'm okay. I'm going to my room okay?"

"Okay, but I'm going with you."

He is so sweet.


Winter's POV

I won't stop until I discover what is wrong with Adagio.

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