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Forever Changed - ShadowedKnight68

A man named James is driving down a dark forest road to meet his girlfriend, when he feels something tugging on something insde him, he is knocked out by an unknown force, when he he wakes up he finds hes no longer himslef.

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A Walk Down Memory Lane

James stood there stunned just staring at the sister of Chrysalis, she was just as power hungry as Chrysalis even at this age.

He honestly couldn't believe he was in her body, how could it have happened and where is she if he's in her body?

Chrysalis was reading through some scrolls, her sister was practicing her magic, levitating objects while also changing them into different things.

James soon came to realize he was like a ghost to them, they could see touch or hear him, he couldn't touch them either.

It was interesting really, he figured all this must be a memory of chrysalis' sisters body.

Suddenly the world went blurry to James and then cleared, he was now somewhere else, it looked like a throne room, but the walls had holes and webbing all over.

He looked around and saw a changeling queen sitting in the throne, she had light blue mane and eyes, at the bottom of the throne were two smaller thrones, sitting in them was chrysalis and her sister.

There was worker changeling standing in front of the thrones "your highness, food is running very low, I'm afraid we don't have enough food for everyone in the hive..." The changeling said with a sad expression.

The Queen changeling sighed "we must make do with what we have until the gathering group returns with more food" she said with a sad expression.

"Why not just take some ponies from a nearby town and drain the love they have?" Chrysalis' sister said.

"We cannot do that...we are not monsters who ponynap ponies" the Queen said looking down at her daughter.

"We're far stronger then any pony, it's pathetic how we're living, we could even take the love from the environment around us, but no you prefer starvation" Chrysalis' sister said glaring at her mother.

"...I will hear no more of this, go to your room" the Queen ordered.

Chrysalis' sister growled and got off her throne and made her way to her room, the Queen sighed rubbing her head with her hoof.

"Ok so...little miss genocide wanted to kidnap ponies and drain them of basically life...I now know why the changelings were scared of me..." He said to himself, the world started to blur once more.

When everything cleared he was now in what looked like another bedroom though much larger including the bed.

There was also a changeling sleeping in the bed, he looked closely and saw it was the Changeling queen.

He heard hooves clopping on the stone floor quietly then the wall opened up.

In the door way stood two changelings he recognized instantly, it was Chrysalis and her sister.

"What are you two doing here?" James asked knowing they couldn't hear him.

Chrysalis and her sister walked towards the bed, Chrysalis' sister looked at her mother "sorry mother but...your rule is over" she charged her horn and touched it to her mothers head, in a purple flash their mothers heart stopped beating, Chrysalis and her sister smiled.

"Oh my god..." James was horrified, they killed their own mother, and she was a good changeling.

The world blurred once more and cleared, once more James was standing in the throne room, but this time there were two thrones side by side, sitting in the thrones were chrysalis and her sister both now adults.

"I sensed a magical energy yesterday, it was very powerful, I was thinking of investigating it, perhaps it could be of use to us?" Chrysalis' sister said.

"Hm go ahead I'll continue to run the hive, contact me when you find it" Chrysalis said.

"Of course" Chrysalis' sisters horn glowed and she teleported away, once she did the world blurred and cleared.

James was standing in a forest one he recognized, it was the one he first woke up in.

"This is where I sensed it but...there nothing" Chrysalis' sister said as she looked around the area.

James looked around too "so this where I came into this horrible new life...so then what happened to you?" He asked looking at her.

Chrysalis' sister then stumbled back and looked at her chest "w-what is this? Ngh..soul magic?!" She opened her wings and attempted to fly but she winced and fell to the ground holding her chest "n-no...this is not how I die!..." She yelled before her eyes went blank and she went limp on the ground.

James looked closely at her, her eyes were unfocused and looked soulless, then her pupils widened making James jump back "jeez!" He patted his chest as his heart was beating fast.

Chrysalis' sisters eyes slowly closed, a few feet away a small tear ripped opened, it looked like a blanket being ripped but it was flouting there, the rip was growling white, then a small blanc box fell out of it, it was the ring box James had.

"...who did this to me?...why would they?..." These were just two of the many questions James had, none would be answered.

The world blurred and slowly turned dark.


James eyes slowly opened and he was once more in the woods, but it was the woods he'd fallen asleep in.

"More and more questions..." James sighed softly and stood up, another day he'd walk around aimlessly in this strange world.

He was becoming so tired of it all, being chased, being hurt, and being hated, what was the point of it all?

James huffed and started walking, he's had enough now, if he's gonna be stuck in this miserable world then he's actually gonna do something, he was tired of moping around, he was gonna help this world, no more goofing around, no more jokes, it was time to be serious.

A snowflake then fell onto his nose catching his attention, he looked up at the sky and saw snow starting to fall, his eyes widened in happiness, memories of running and playing in the snow from childhood flooded his mind, he missed doing those things so much.

He then began running around trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue, he didn't care if he looked foolish or ridiculous, he was enjoying the fond memories he'd almost forgotten.

He eventually caught one on his tongue and smiled, he remembered doing the same thing when he was kid, things were so simple back then.

James sighed and looked up at the clouded sky, he watched the small snowflakes slowly fall, each so different none the same.

He started walking around, every breath he left out a puff of white would come out, even with how drastically different his body was, something were still the same.

James stopped walking after that thought, things were still the same even when so many are so different, his eyes soon burned with furious determination, he was gonna save this world, even if everyone on it had treated him like shit he wasn't gonna do the same to them, he loves this world and he's not gonna see it burn.

He marched in a single direction, he knew the only way to help was to go straight towards ponyvill, he could still help by telling them everything he knew, chrysalis was definitely planning something, he could warn them before it was to late.

"Finally I found you!" A green blast of magic was shot at James exploding and sending him slamming into a tree.

"Ngh..." He looked up to where it came from and saw Chrysalis.

"I knew if I sent you into those memories if be able to track your mind, and now here I find you" Chrysalis charged another blast in her horn.

"Hrrr I've had enough of you!" He yelled as his honor ignited in a purple glow, he then fired a blast of purple fire at her, Chrysalis easily dodged it.

"Hrr!!" James kept firing blast after blast at her, each time chrysalis would dodge them, James was getting angrier.

"Hehe is the little monkey getting mad now?" Chrysalis teased as she kept dodging the blasts.

James growled and kept firing, but the flames were starting to get smaller and smaller with each one he fired at her.

"Aww is someone loosing strength? How pathetic, you have the body and magic of a changeling queen and you can't even last more then a few minutes in a fight, you should be happy when I put you out of your misery" she chuckled as would barely even move and dodge the flames, half of them weren't even making it to her before they extinguished.

"Hrr..." He shot more and more flames at her, his horn kept sputtering out sparks half the time.

"Hahaha! Oh I'm sorry but it's actually hilarious watching you attempt to use magic, your like a foal attempting magic for the first time, I'll tell you this when you dead I'll be sure to remember you like this, a pathetic foal trying to use magic" she laughed hysterically.

He was now panting as his horn sputtered out some sparks, he gritted his teeth, he wasn't weak, he wasn't a foal, he wasn't gonna listen to this anymore.

"Just die already!!!" He yelled as a large purple sphere formed at the tip of his horn, he then swung his head at her sending the magic sphere shooting at her.

Chrysalis gasped as she lit her horn up, the blast hit her and exploded in bright flash of purple and green, the explosion sent James shooting into the sky with a trail of smoke, he then crashed to the ground just outside the forest.

Where the explosive happened was now a large smoking crater, trees were burnt al, around it.

James groaned as he tried to stand up, large cuts and gashes covered his body all of them leaking green blood, some was even coming out of his mouth and nose.

He was able to stand himself up but just barely, his head was pounding and his ears were ringing, even though everything was blurry he was able to focus his visor enough to see ponyvill, he started walking towards it.

But it was more like limping as he was dragging one of his back legs, it he couldn't feel it at the moment, he dragged his injured body down the dirt road into town.

Some Ponies gasped other yelled at James, but their yells went to deaf ears, James couldn't hear anything besides ringing and his heart beating, he didn't pay any attention to anyone around him he was focused on only one thing.

Some ponies got in front of him threatening him to leave but James just walked past them leaving them stunned, more and more ponies were watching James with less and less anger and fear but more with sorrow, they all saw his injured from, the green blood trail he left behind him.

James could see his destination so close now, he was almost there so close, but his legs gave out under him making him collapse to the ground just a few feet from the the crystal castle doors.

He struggled to pull himself forward towards the doors, everything was getting so dark, he lost his strength and his legs went limp, he stared at the door, he was so close and now because of his body he couldn't make it.

His eyes slowly started closing, this was it he had no more strength left to keep going, he was going to die alone in the cold.

~~~~~~~~~~<Changeling Hive>~~~~~~~~~~

Chrysalis appeared in the throne room of her hive, she had a few scratches and burn marks on her "hrr that little pest!...how dare he?!" She shot s blast at the wall blowing a hole in it.

"When I find him I'm gonna crush his skull under my hooves!!" She growled and paced around the throne room when she stopped as she had an idea.

"No...I won't crush his skull, I have something far better in mind for him" she chuckled and walked to her room.

Once chrysalis was in her room and looked through her books till she found what she was looking for, she looked at the one page "hehe...yes like killing two birds with one stone..." She laughed maniacally.

Author's Note:

Edited by yours truly

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