• Published 28th Aug 2017
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Precious to Me - Rose Quill

Rainbow learns something about AJ. The trip to apologize for it, however, is a little more demanding.

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What did I do?

“Consarn it, Rainbow!” AJ roared. “Give it back!”

The Pegasus blinked in surprise, her wings going still for a moment, causing her to dip a little in her hover. She took the hat off of her rainbow locks and looked at it.

“What gives, AJ?” she asked. “It’s just a beat-up old hat.” She dropped down and handed it to the farmer, who snatched it from the athlete as though it were her foal, cradling it gently.

“You wouldn’t understand,” she sniffed, running a hoof along the brim. “You think everything is a joke.” She put the hat on her head and turned away, walking stoically away from the town square.

Rainbow settled on the ground, looking confused until the orange pony was lost to sight.

“What was that all about?”

A mug thumped down as the weather pony continued her story.

“It was weird, Shy,” she said, poking at her plate. “I mean, I’ve never seen AJ that mad before. Sure, since we’ve been dating I’ve done a couple of stupid things, but she’s never shouted like that.”

“Oh my,” Fluttershy whispered. “Maybe you should apologize, it seems like you really upset her this time.”

“Ya think?” the cyan Pegasus deadpanned. “What do you think set her off?”

“Well, you did take her hat,” the other mare whispered. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without it, outside of special occasions. Maybe it's special to her, Rainbow.”

The polychromatic Pegasus shook her head.

“It’s just something to keep the sun from her eyes,” she muttered. “It’s so beat up and weather stained it can’t be anything special.”

The next day, Rainbow dropped down a short walk from the door to the Apple’s house. She had been invited the other day for an advance taste of this year's cider. She licked her lips as she climbed onto the porch, she could almost taste the fizzy drink.

Apple Bloom opened the door at the knock, and her face fell when she saw the Pegasus standing there.

“Oh,” she said sourly. “It’s you.”

Rainbow blinked, not used to such a frosty expression from the young filly. “Um…”

The filly turned and stepped out of sight, the door swinging shut between her and Rainbow. The mare blinked for a second before the door opened again and Apple Bloom dropped a bottle of cider in front of her cyan hooves.

“Ya done already paid for that,” Apple Bloom said, stepping back and putting her hoof on the door. “Make it last, ‘cause you won’t get any more.”

“What?” Rainbow gaped.

“Big Sis was pretty clear,” the filly said. “If ya hadn’t already paid for that, Ah’d not even have given it to you.”

Rainbow was astounded, but when the shorter pony started stalking out the door, she couldn’t help but step backward at the anger in her eyes.

“You made her cry,” she said. “Cry, Rainbow. Ah ain’t seen her cry since Mom and Dad died. Ah don’t know what you did, but she don’t want to see you right now.”

The filly paced back into the house and slammed the door.

The Pegasus stood there for a couple minutes, just staring at the door.

Just what in the hay did I do this time? she thought as she picked up the bottle.

Applejack watched as Rainbow left. She didn’t cry, she had no more tears to spare today.

“Ya dad-blamed fool,” she whispered as she felt the stiff felt in her hooves as her marefriend took to the air. “What’d you have to go and get so upset for?”

She turned and set her hat on the top of her bedside table, the only item on it a picture of her parents.

“What am Ah going to do?”

“Sis?” a voice came rumbled outside her door.

“What is it, Mac?”

The door opened and Big Mac stepped in. “You doing ok?”

Applejack stared at the photo for a moment before shaking her head.

“Ah dunno, Mac,” she said. “Ah just got so mad when she did it.”

“That why you told AB to get her gone?”

“Yes. No. Ah don’t know!” She threw up her hooves and fell backward on her bed. “Ah know she didn’t mean anything by it, but Ah just blew up.”

“Considering what she did, Ah can’t blame you,” he agreed. “But now that you’ve cooled down, ya still think everything is square?”

“Just can’t leave well enough alone, can ya?” Applejack huffed. “It’s probably over, and Ah don’t want to see her right now anyways.”

“You forgot you got appointments with the whole gang next week, didn’t you?”

Applejack groaned.

Just great.