• Published 28th Aug 2017
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Precious to Me - Rose Quill

Rainbow learns something about AJ. The trip to apologize for it, however, is a little more demanding.

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Twilight smiled as the music pumped through the air in the Castle of Friendship’s grand hall. Vinyl had really outdone herself with this party. This was probably bigger than the party Pinkie had thrown for Shining and Cadence.

She trotted over to the cyan Pegasus who was resting her leg after a dance with Applejack, who was being fussed over by Rarity on the other side of the room.

“Congratulations, Rainbow,” she said, giving the mare a hug. “I’m so happy for the two of you.”

“Thanks,” she replied, wincing as she shifted slightly. Her leg still bothered her, but in a few days the cast could come off and that would allow for a little more range of motion. “I’m just worried that Rarity is going to force some sort of frilly dress on me.”

“I actually think she’s designing you a suit if everything I’ve heard is true,” she said as Fluttershy came up and slid close to the Alicorn. “Though I’m sure you’d both look absolutely radiant, and it would have nothing to do with the clothing Rarity makes you.”

“Why’s that?”

Fluttershy smiled. “Because the sheer amount of love the two of you share would shine through,” she whispered. “I’m glad you two finally worked through your issues.”

“Ah’d hardly say we’ve worked through all the issues,” Applejack said as she came up to the two. “There’s sure to be a few in the coming months. We’re going to try and empty out the closets of secrets, and Ah’m going to bet there’ll be a few talks about it.”

“Better that way, I suppose,” Twilight said. “I know that Fluttershy and I had a few deep heart to heart talks back in the beginning. One that got a little heated.”

“That’s not what happened,” Fluttershy protested.

“She raised her voice,” Twilight said with a teasing voice. “My hoof to Celestia.”

They shared a laugh, the music drifting through the air.

Applejack slid in close to Rainbow, the Pegasus sliding a wing out to slip over the orange mare’s shoulder. She leaned her head against the lean flyer’s body.

“If y’all don’t mind,” Applejack smiled. “Ah’m going to steal this one away for a few.”

Fluttershy smiled. “Of course.”

As they walked out into the night air, Applejack looked into the red eyes of her fiancé.

“So, you got any misgivings?”

Rainbow shook her head. “Just wondering how to adjust,” she said. “I mean, I’m on tour two weeks out of the month when on active duty, and long days practicing.”

“Apple farmin’ ain’t a short day itself, ya know,” the farmer said as they sat on a hill not far from the castle. “And it ain’t like we’re be moving anytime soon. As long as you come back in one piece, Ah’ll be there t’welcome you home.”

“Maybe you’ll show me how to help harvest,” Rainbow said speculatively. “I’ll have to retire from the ‘Bolts one day, after all. And I want to be able to help out my wife with her labors, especially if we decide to try for foals.”

Applejack looked at her in surprise. “We been engaged less than a day and ya’ll already thinking of foals?”

“Like you never have,” the flyer replied. “Ever since Sunset and the other Twilight started trying for them it’s been on my mind.”

“And that’s assumin’ Ah’ll be carryin’ em,” came a warm reply, emerald eyes glimmering with laughter. “What if it was you carryin’?”

Rainbow nuzzled the orange mare’s neck. “We could take turns, I suppose.”

Applejack smiled.

“How about we get through to the wedding first, sugar cube?”

“I think that’s a solid plan,” Rainbow agreed. “You’re hat’s missing something, by the way.”

“How so?”

The flyer plucked the hat from her head with a sweep of a wing, settling it in front of her. She then brought her wing forward and plucked an older feather from it and settled it into the band that went around the rise of the hat. She picked it up and settled it back onto the farm pony’s head.

“What’s that for?” Applejack asked softly.

“Pegasi give a feather to those they hold dear,” Rainbow said. “So they have something of theirs for when they’re apart from each other.”

Applejack smiled.

“Sounds nice.”

Rainbow woke up the next morning and stretched. That’s when she noticed a red maneband resting on her nightstand wrapped around a folded note. She picked it up and read it.


I wish I could have been there when you woke up, but harvest time is on the horizon and there’s a load of work to be done.

So I left you this. i know you prefer your mane short, but it’s gotten kind of long while you’ve been healing up, so I thought you could use it for the time being.

If nothing else, you’ll have something of mine to keep you thinking of me while we’re apart.


Rainbow smiled, bringing the band up to her nose and sniffing. It smelled of nutmeg and rich earth.

It smelled of her marefriend.

She tied her mane back with it before leaving for the hospital.

Maybe I should try growing it out a bit, she thought absent mindedly

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Y'know, it's rare that a short story like this catches my attention, but I seriously loved what it has to offer!

I'm not sure how long you've been writing, but there are certainly some very heartwarming moments in the story!

For the emotions you display and writing style, I dropped a like and added it to my bookshelf of absolute best reads! Congrats!

Hope to see more!

Long live AppleDash!

D'awww. That was beautiful. Thanks AllyKitty.

Sweet and fluffy, just how I like it. But how did Rainbow get so beat up on her trip?

D'awww! So adorable. I want more well-written fluffy AppleDash fics, please! The only ones I seem to find are ones where they're still fighting and arguing and it ends up with angry kissing and love confessions. Those are still nice, but I want fluffy sometimes! Lots of fluffy Fluttercord fics, but I need some AppleDash cuteness too.

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