• Published 8th Jul 2017
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My Little Pony: Son of the Night - HunterBrony101

The story of how Princess Luna met a brave and noble knight and gave birth to a son.

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Chapter 1

In the land of Equestria, years before the return of Nightmare Moon, there was a knight named Lionel.Sir Lionel Lionel was a famous knight in the town of Bethlehem, for he always saved it from evil that threatened it. He had a lovely wife named Jessica. http://hunterbrony101.deviantart.com/art/Jessica-632805008One day, Jessica gave birth to a colt with a white and bluish green mane and tail. They named him, Lancelot. http://hunterbrony101.deviantart.com/art/Sir-Lancelot-498189119

Lancelot lived a happy life in his parents' cottage. He played in the fields, helped his mother around the house, and learned sword combat from his father. Lancelot dreamed of becoming a knight just like his father, which he did. When he was nearly 19, he heard about the return of Princess Luna from the moon. Years later, came a day that would forever change Lancelot's life.

Lancelot was practicing with his sword when a messenger pony came up holding an envelop.

"Message from their imperial majesties."

Lancelot opened the envelop and saw what looks to be an invitation which read, "Princess Celestia and Princess Luna cordially invites your attendance of the Grand Galloping Gala at Canterlot Castle".

Lancelot then pulled out the invitation and smiled. He thanked the messenger pony and went to tell his parents of this high honor invite.

Jessica, Lancelot's mother was thrilled that her son had been given an invite to such a high class event.

"Oh Lancelot! This is so exciting, our son attending one of the biggest events in Equestria!" She chirped hugging her son tightly.

"I never thought I'd see you get to go." remarked Lionel. Hesmiled with pride equal to his wife.

"I know, this is a real big thing here...I-I don't know how I got this..." Lancelot responded honestly.

"I can imagine it now... My son walking into the Gala looking handsome, greeting others, finding his special somepony!"

"Mother!..." Lancelot groaned embarrassed by his mother's enthusiasm.

"Easy now Jessica, we shouldn't get our hopes up, even if it were possible."

"Um, well either way, I think the Gala might be a fine thing to go to." Lancelot said blushing at such plans set for him even though they were not his own.

Soon, the day of the Gala came. When Lancelot reached the palace in Canterlot, the place was packed full. Princess Celestia was greeting everypony at the entrance.

"Welcome to the Gala, good evening Lancelot." Celestia acknowledged turning to Lancelot as he walked up.

"Evening your grace." Lancelot greeted bowing in respect before proceeding inside.

In the ball room, everypony chatted amongst each other. Suddenly, trumpets sounded and everypony turned to the chamberlain.

"Her Royal Highness, Princess Luna!"

Down from the royal stairway, Princess Luna came into the ball room. In the crowd, Lancelot looked with amazement at the beautiful moon alicorn, his gaze transfixed on her beauty as the midnight blue maiden appeared.

Everypony bowed as Luna passed by. Luna walked up to Celestia, and the two sisters nuzzled.

"Glad you could make it Luna."

"Of course Sister, it's been over a thousand years since I've been to the Gala."

Lancelot, struck with the opportunity once it was ripe, walked up to Luna and tapped her on the shoulder; she turned around to meet his eyes.

"Oh, Hello."

Lancelot bowed. "Your Highness."

"And what is your name?"

"Lancelot..... Sir Lancelot."

"Pleasure to meet you, Sir Lancelot."

"You as well, Princess." He replied trying to maintain his composure even though he was enamored by her beauty.

The orchestra started playing slow music, which was another chance to gain Luna's attention.

"Care to dance with me?" He boldly asked while he bravely, yet with some trepidation extended his hoof.

"I'd love to." Luna cooed with a smile as she took his hoof, Lancelot's heart skipped a beat on contact with her.

They walked down to the dance floor and danced together as though rehearsed.

"Well you sure know how to dance."

"You as well, Princess...But I suspect you would...Better than I." Lancelot remarked trying to be suave.

"Tell me, do you adore night time?"

"I do, especially if it involves you." He answered coolly, catching the Night Princess by surprise.

Luna blushed from the remark, "I am flattered."

"I can tell~"

As the two danced, their hearts melted into each other; is seemed though planned...The two felt a spark between them, like they knew each other before and were rekindling a lost flame.

After dancing a while, they walked into the royal garden for some privacy and to engage in friendly conversation.

"I never had this much fun at the gala." Luna giggled.

"Me either, it's more than I expected."

The two sat on a bench and watched the stars.

"So Lancelot, tell me a little about yourself." Luna requested, curious about this handsome stallion who caught her attention.

"Well, my Father is Sir Lionel, and my mother is Jessica, I grew up in a cottage with them; I learned sword combat from my father and helped my mother around the house. I dreamed of being a knight just like father and that's what I am today."

"Fascinating." Luna replied with genuine interest.

"Now tell me about yourself."

"Of course you know me as the Princess of the Night, but I have done some bad things in the past. When I became Nightmare Moon."

"How did it happen exactly again?"

Luna sighed as memories flooded back before she spoke, "It's a long story really. It was over a thousand years ago. Everypony adored my sister's day, while they all slept through my night. I grew jealous."

"And that's when you became Nightmare Moon?"

"Yes, and then Celestia banished me to the moon."

Lancelot feeling sorry for her hugs Luna in comfort, "I feel bad for you."

"It's alright, thanks to Twilight Sparkle and her friends, I'm back to my true state." Luna said blushing from the embrace.

Lancelot feeling emboldened pressed on, "And how beautiful you look."

Luna blushed more from how romantic Lancelot was being, "Thank you..."

Lancelot feeling the moment was right took Luna's hoof.

"Luna, I know we just met this night but...Would you be my Special Somepony?" Lancelot asked timidly.

But to his relief Luna replied with a smile, "Yes."

The two then looking into each other's eyes feeling warmth from the moment, leaned into each other and kissed.

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