My Little Pony: Son of the Night

by HunterBrony101

First published

The story of how Princess Luna met a brave and noble knight and gave birth to a son.

Princess Luna meets a knight named Lancelot and the two fall in love. They marry and are happy together. What makes this relationship more special is they become the parents of the long awaited savior for the world of ponies: The Star Prince.

This story was made with editing help from BlackHat6

Note: This contains religious themes. Don't dislike it without a reason, thank you.

Chapter 1

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In the land of Equestria, years before the return of Nightmare Moon, there was a knight named Lionel.Sir Lionel Lionel was a famous knight in the town of Bethlehem, for he always saved it from evil that threatened it. He had a lovely wife named Jessica. day, Jessica gave birth to a colt with a white and bluish green mane and tail. They named him, Lancelot.

Lancelot lived a happy life in his parents' cottage. He played in the fields, helped his mother around the house, and learned sword combat from his father. Lancelot dreamed of becoming a knight just like his father, which he did. When he was nearly 19, he heard about the return of Princess Luna from the moon. Years later, came a day that would forever change Lancelot's life.

Lancelot was practicing with his sword when a messenger pony came up holding an envelop.

"Message from their imperial majesties."

Lancelot opened the envelop and saw what looks to be an invitation which read, "Princess Celestia and Princess Luna cordially invites your attendance of the Grand Galloping Gala at Canterlot Castle".

Lancelot then pulled out the invitation and smiled. He thanked the messenger pony and went to tell his parents of this high honor invite.

Jessica, Lancelot's mother was thrilled that her son had been given an invite to such a high class event.

"Oh Lancelot! This is so exciting, our son attending one of the biggest events in Equestria!" She chirped hugging her son tightly.

"I never thought I'd see you get to go." remarked Lionel. Hesmiled with pride equal to his wife.

"I know, this is a real big thing here...I-I don't know how I got this..." Lancelot responded honestly.

"I can imagine it now... My son walking into the Gala looking handsome, greeting others, finding his special somepony!"

"Mother!..." Lancelot groaned embarrassed by his mother's enthusiasm.

"Easy now Jessica, we shouldn't get our hopes up, even if it were possible."

"Um, well either way, I think the Gala might be a fine thing to go to." Lancelot said blushing at such plans set for him even though they were not his own.

Soon, the day of the Gala came. When Lancelot reached the palace in Canterlot, the place was packed full. Princess Celestia was greeting everypony at the entrance.

"Welcome to the Gala, good evening Lancelot." Celestia acknowledged turning to Lancelot as he walked up.

"Evening your grace." Lancelot greeted bowing in respect before proceeding inside.

In the ball room, everypony chatted amongst each other. Suddenly, trumpets sounded and everypony turned to the chamberlain.

"Her Royal Highness, Princess Luna!"

Down from the royal stairway, Princess Luna came into the ball room. In the crowd, Lancelot looked with amazement at the beautiful moon alicorn, his gaze transfixed on her beauty as the midnight blue maiden appeared.

Everypony bowed as Luna passed by. Luna walked up to Celestia, and the two sisters nuzzled.

"Glad you could make it Luna."

"Of course Sister, it's been over a thousand years since I've been to the Gala."

Lancelot, struck with the opportunity once it was ripe, walked up to Luna and tapped her on the shoulder; she turned around to meet his eyes.

"Oh, Hello."

Lancelot bowed. "Your Highness."

"And what is your name?"

"Lancelot..... Sir Lancelot."

"Pleasure to meet you, Sir Lancelot."

"You as well, Princess." He replied trying to maintain his composure even though he was enamored by her beauty.

The orchestra started playing slow music, which was another chance to gain Luna's attention.

"Care to dance with me?" He boldly asked while he bravely, yet with some trepidation extended his hoof.

"I'd love to." Luna cooed with a smile as she took his hoof, Lancelot's heart skipped a beat on contact with her.

They walked down to the dance floor and danced together as though rehearsed.

"Well you sure know how to dance."

"You as well, Princess...But I suspect you would...Better than I." Lancelot remarked trying to be suave.

"Tell me, do you adore night time?"

"I do, especially if it involves you." He answered coolly, catching the Night Princess by surprise.

Luna blushed from the remark, "I am flattered."

"I can tell~"

As the two danced, their hearts melted into each other; is seemed though planned...The two felt a spark between them, like they knew each other before and were rekindling a lost flame.

After dancing a while, they walked into the royal garden for some privacy and to engage in friendly conversation.

"I never had this much fun at the gala." Luna giggled.

"Me either, it's more than I expected."

The two sat on a bench and watched the stars.

"So Lancelot, tell me a little about yourself." Luna requested, curious about this handsome stallion who caught her attention.

"Well, my Father is Sir Lionel, and my mother is Jessica, I grew up in a cottage with them; I learned sword combat from my father and helped my mother around the house. I dreamed of being a knight just like father and that's what I am today."

"Fascinating." Luna replied with genuine interest.

"Now tell me about yourself."

"Of course you know me as the Princess of the Night, but I have done some bad things in the past. When I became Nightmare Moon."

"How did it happen exactly again?"

Luna sighed as memories flooded back before she spoke, "It's a long story really. It was over a thousand years ago. Everypony adored my sister's day, while they all slept through my night. I grew jealous."

"And that's when you became Nightmare Moon?"

"Yes, and then Celestia banished me to the moon."

Lancelot feeling sorry for her hugs Luna in comfort, "I feel bad for you."

"It's alright, thanks to Twilight Sparkle and her friends, I'm back to my true state." Luna said blushing from the embrace.

Lancelot feeling emboldened pressed on, "And how beautiful you look."

Luna blushed more from how romantic Lancelot was being, "Thank you..."

Lancelot feeling the moment was right took Luna's hoof.

"Luna, I know we just met this night but...Would you be my Special Somepony?" Lancelot asked timidly.

But to his relief Luna replied with a smile, "Yes."

The two then looking into each other's eyes feeling warmth from the moment, leaned into each other and kissed.

Chapter 2

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So it was, Lancelot and Luna began dating. They would go out to dinner, stroll through Canterlot, take boat rides, even watch the stars at night. They started to know more about each other making their love even stronger.

One year later, Lancelot came to Luna to ask her a very important question.

"My dear Lancelot!" Luna said as she ran up to her coltfriend and hugged him. "I missed you."

"I missed you as well, Luna."

"So what have you got going on today?"

"There's something I want to ask. Can we go somewhere private?"

"Of course my love...Where would you like?"

"The Royal Garden feels like where I wish to talk."

"That would be lovely my beloved, lead on dearest."

The two went to the royal garden together, leaning on each other as they walked.

"What do you have to say to me when we arrive Lancey?" Luna cooed at him hoping to coax an answer.

"It's a surprise~" Lancelot chuckled teasing Luna's curiosity, Luna gave in and decided to wait, as impatient as she was; once at the garden Lancelot took her to a lovely spot.

"Alright Lancelot, what is it you want to ask me?" Luna asked trying to show patience.

Lancelot takes a deep breath then he spoke, "Luna, our time together has been the best time of my life, and I don't want it to ever stop."

"Neither do I Lancelot...You are a stallion handsome and kind."

"I can think of only one thing that would make me happier, and that's just one little word from you."

Lancelot then timidly pulled out a small box from out of his saddlebag

"Luna..." He began as he opened the box revealing a gold horn ring with a diamond. "...Will you marry me?"

Luna could not believe what was happening, she was totally caught by surprise, staring at the ring she teared up and smiled; there was one answer she had... "Yes!"

Luna, not able to contain her joy pounced him and while on the ground kissed him over and over again.

And So, they began preparations for the wedding. They sent invitations, looked over the food, flowers and dresses, and made sure there were no evil changelings(Thorax and his changelings being the one exception). Luna even chose Starlight Glimmer to be her mare of honor.

Soon the day of the wedding arrived. Luna was in her dressing room with Rarity and Starlight getting ready. She was wearing the wedding dress Rarity made her admiring it.

"So what do you think Princess?" Rarity asked Luna, but Starlight gave her 2 cents before Luna.

"I think she looks lovely." Starlight commented.

"It looks beautiful. You did excellent work as always, Rarity." Luna complimented smiling warmly.

A knock was heard at the door interrupting them.

"Come in." Luna softly ordered.

The door opened revealing a guard walking in and stopping to salute.

Princess Luna, everypony is ready for you.

"Thank you guard." Luna said, being a little nervous.

The wedding hall was packed. There were flowers, and ribbons everywhere. Everypony was excited, including Twilight, her friends, Shining Armor and Cadence, Flurry Heart, even Lancelot's parents, Lionel and Jessica. Lancelot stood on the stand with Celestia excited on the inside, on the outside he was to the mares in the room adorably nervous.

The ceremony then began as the wedding march sounded, Bridesmaids and Grooms-ponies walked down the Isle. Finally, Luna came down with the wedding dress Rarity made.

Lancelot watched with pride as his bride approached, he knew she was beautiful but now? She was more stunning than he ever saw her before; Luna soon made it to her destination.

The two faced Celestia who signaled everypony to take their seats, Celestia then spoke.

"My dearest subjects, we are here today to celebrate the love of my sister Princess Luna and Sir Lancelot. They are standing here today to come together as one."

A young colt brought out the rings to the two lovers.

Celestia turned first to Lancelot and asked, "Do you Sir Lancelot, take Luna to be your wedded wife, through sickness and in health, as long as you shall live?"

"I do." Lancelot answered smiling at Luna for all the world with a burning love in his heart and eyes.

Celestia turned to Luna, "And do you Princess Luna, take this stallion to be your wedded husband?"

"I do." Luna said proudly, tears leaking as she smiled.

"Then by the power invested in me, I pronounce you Stallion and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Luna and Lancelot kissed as the crowd cheered. The couple walked out onto the balcony and waved at the cheering ponies. They passed the crowd and climbed into a cart. Luna tossed her bouquet to Starlight who caught it with a smile.

That night the reception went on. Everypony enjoyed the refreshments. Lancelot and Luna nuzzled each other. They met up with Lancelot's parents. Twilight then sang the same song she sung at Shining Armor and Cadence's wedding, and everypony danced. [link]

Soon the party ended. Lancelot and Luna bid farewell to their friends and families and walked to a carriage that was set for their honeymoon.

Luna could only smiles as she cuddled with her new husband, "This has been the best wedding yet, dear."

"It certainly has been my love." Lancelot hummed back at her.

"So, What do you plan on doing on our honeymoon?""

"It's a surprise."

"Hm... I wonder what it will be?"

"You'll see~" Lancelot teased, knowing Luna got annoyed by that, and she enjoyed it as well; the carriage then rode off into the night.

For their honeymoon, Lancelot decided to take Luna to the beautiful green paradise he would often play in as a colt. There were fields of flowers, woodland creatures that frolicked around, and a river with a small waterfall.

Luna was amazed by what surrounded her, "It's so beautiful."

"I knew you'd like it."

"Like it? I love it!"

So Lancelot and Luna enjoyed the paradise. They would sit among the animals, have a picnic, walk along the river, and at night, they watched the stars in the sky.

After a month, the loving couple returned to Canterlot where Celestia was happy to see them again. That day, Amalthea sent one of her angels to deliver great news for Luna.

Luna was resting in the palace until she saw a bright light.

The light faded revealing the angel of Amalthea.

"Greetings, you who are highly favored! Amalthea is with you."

"Who are you?" Luna asked feeling startled.

"Gabriel. Fear not, for you have found favor with Amalthea. You will conceive and give birth to a son. He will be great and will be called the Star Prince. He will reign over Amalthea's ponies forever; his kingdom will never end."

Luna naturally was confused and explained why, "How can this be? For I am a virgin."

"The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the the power of Amalthea will overshadow you. That child will be the Star Prince. Even Elizabeth, your good friend, is going to have a child in her old age, and she who was thought unable to conceive is in her sixth month. For with Amalthea, nothing is impossible."

Luna bowed in reverence in her bed, "I am the Lady’s servant, let it be according to your word."

Gabriel smiled and disappeared shortly after.

Luna then felt the holy spirit touch her, and she realized she was expecting.

"Just wait till I tell Lancelot the good news."

Luna found Lancelot in the royal garden.

Luna then called her husband in a sing-song tone, "Oh Lancelot~"

"What is it Luna?"

"I have some good news to tell you~" Luna chimed smiling.

"Good news?"

"Yes, we're going to be parents~!" Luna chirped excitedly.

Lancelot excited as well replied, "Really?!"

Luna nods and answers, "Mmhmm~"

"Oh Luna!" He shouted picking Luna up by the waist and twirled around. "When and how did you find out?"

Luna simply grins and answered, "Let's just say, an angel told me."

"An angel?" Lancelot asked perplexed.

"Yes. It was strange, but he told me we are going to have son."

"A son? Another colt to train for a knight!" Lancelot proclaimed proudly.

"And a new prince." Luna added warmly.

So it was, Luna and Lancelot prepared for their son's arrival as the months passed. Everypony else was happy about the news, even Cadence helped Luna through her pregnancy.

As the months passed by, Luna became more destined to see her new son. One day, she visited her good friend Elizabeth to help her untill her child was born. When Elizabeth gave birth, she and her husband Zechariah named him John. Unkown to everypony, John would help prepare ponies for the way of the Star Prince.

Chapter 2.5

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Not too far away from Canterlot, over the mountains, there laid the golden city of Tambelon. It was a brilliant place, It's structures were made from pure gold bricks with jewels that shined as bright as the sun. The streets glowed with happiness, the markets were festive with great variety, and the ponies lived in spiritual splendor.

All this wonder was done under their ruler, Prince Daniel. He ruled Tambelon with a fare hoof and an open heart. Of course, no one loved the joy of the city more then Daniel's co ruler, Princess Odette.

These two loved each other very much, together they brought peace to their land and everypony loved them for it. Despite ruling a peaceful and happy kingdom, Prince Daniel was sad, for he had no child to inherit his throne. For a time, Daniel and Odette longed for a foal. Finally there wish was granted. A son was born, an alicorn, and they named him... Aiden, for he was like a flame of hope.

Daniel and Odette loved their son, and gave him everything a foal would want. Sadly, this family happiness was not to last.

One day, a huge terrible storm of nature was heading towards Tambelon. Daniel, with an army of unicorns and pegasi went out to fight the great storm. They fought greatly eventually beating the storm back, but at great cost. During the battle, Daniel was struck down by a bolt of lightning, ending his life.

When news of Daniel's death reached the city, everypony was heartbroken, but not as much as Odette and Aiden(4 yrs old).

Odette continued running the city as before, but not a day went by that she stopped thinking of her beloved Daniel. Aiden just couldn't understand why his daddy would leave him and his mommy so suddenly.

One day, Odette knew that Tambelon held too many painful memories for Aiden. So she decided to send him to Canterlot to learn the ways of a prince.

Aiden always wondered what the rest of Equestria was like, now this was his chance to see more of it even though it meant leaving his home. Before leaving, Odette told Aiden that he would do great things for Equestria and his ponies.

Aiden was off to Canterlot on a train to learn more about the world. When he got there, Aiden was escorted by Princess Celestia who took him to the palace.

Aiden met many ponies, including Celestia's sister Princess Luna, who seemed to have a much rounder figure then any other pony. Aiden soon got use to the place. He loved it in Canterlot, but he still thought about Tambelon.

He would often write letters to his mother telling her how he loved it in Canterlot.

Unknown to Aiden, something grand was going to happen, one that would change his life forever.

Chapter 3

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One day, 30 days before Luna's child was due to be born, it was decided that a census should be taken, that every pony was to return to the place of their birth to be registered.

"So what's all this for?" Twilight inquired Luna when she came to ask the reason for this unique census recording.

"This is for the Canterlot population. Now that we are increasing the number with a new foal coming." Luna answered.

Just then Aiden came up wondering what was the excitement, "What's going on here?"

"Hello there Aiden. We're just doing a census for the Canterlot population." Twilight told him.


"It's a form or record for the population of ponies."

Aiden understood Twilight's information easily, Starlight not knowing Aiden and meeting for the first time decided to ask about him due to what he was.

"So where did you come from young colt?"


"That's a far away land from here." Luna noted.

"That's amazing. And wow another alicorn! Are you like the prince of Tembelon?" Starlight asked curiously.

"Yeah. How did you guess?"

"Because you're an alicorn of course."

Aiden blushed at Starlight's remark on her guess of what he was and from where he came.

"I don't think I've introduced myself yet. I'm Starlight Glimmer. Twilight's student. Of course you may know her and Luna."

"Yes, and Luna's going to be a mother?"

"That is correct."

"Cool!!!" The young prince replied excitedly.

"I'll be due in another month."

"I'd like to see your foal once it's born."

"I'm sure you will." Luna said smiling, seeing perhaps the chance her foal and Aiden would be close friends.

15 days later, Lancelot felt because he was born in the town close to Canterlot, he felt he should go there to visit his parents, and he decided to bring Luna with him.

"It's nice of you to bring me to your parents, Dear."

"Well, I'd like for us to get together since they will be grand-parents soon."

Luna smiled at the idea, and the joy her In-laws must've felt at the approaching birth of their grandson.

The two left walking together to the cottage Lancelot grew up in. It was 3 pm when they reached the cottage.

"So this is where you lived in?" Luna asked curiously, embarrassed a little she in all this time had not come here.

"It is." Lancelot replied smiling at the concept of a slightly humble origin.

Lancelot knocked on the door and it was answered by Jessica.

"Lancelot! I missed you so much!" She stated embracing her son and future father to her family's newcomer.

"I missed you too Mom."

Jessica then turns to Luna for motherly affection, "And there's our Mother-to-be."

"Hello again, Jessica." Luna greeted warmly, Lancelot and Luna walked in with Jessica and were greeted by Lionel.

"Son!" He greeted embracing Lancelot firmly.

"Hey Dad." He replied nuzzling him.

"This is quite the reunion." Luna chuckled softly her heart warmed by familial love.

So the days went by while Lancelot showed Luna around the cottage. He showed her his toys from when he was a colt(including his wooden sword), his family pictures and showed her the animals that they had on the property.

Then one evening while Luna was with Lancelot in the stable, she felt some pain in her body.

Luna feelt the baby kick sharply!

"Lancelot! It's... it's time...!" Luna said panting.

"Oh no!!! Stay calm Luna, I'll get Mom. " He said as he rushed to get Jessica returning with her several seconds later.

Luna breathed heavily trying to ease the pain of oncoming labor.

Jessica carrying pain relief herbs approached Luna, of course having been a mother she expertly assisted Luna,

"Keep breathing Luna, I'll help you."

Luna breathed heavily as labor hit hard and would be hours long.

Jessica gave Luna the pain relief herbs all the while, "Get ready when you feel the urge to push."

Luna breathed heavily then started to feel the urge.

"Now, Push!!!" Jessica ordered

Luna pushes hard after many times of doing so and with one cry, the foal soon came out.

Luna panted from giving birth and at last heared her foal crying.

The foal was a colt with a blue coat. His mane was a mixture of dark and light blue.

"Is he alright?" Luna asked nervously.

"See for yourself." Jessica said as she gave Luna her foal.

Luna naturally as most loving mothers do was overwhelmed with joy to the point of tears looking at the life she gave.

"Lancelot, come see our new son. Isn't he beautiful?" Luna asked tears streaming as she smiled proudly.

Lancelot looked to the foal and replied with an equally tearful smile of pride, "He's perfect." Then nuzzled his wife.

"This is what Amalthea has sent us." Luna stated petting him tenderly.

"What shall you two name him?" Jessica asked.

"I was thinking... Jason." Luna replied.

Lancelot nodded and said, "A perfect name."

Unknown to them, a new star was shining in the sky....

In a field, Twilight, Aiden, Spike, Shining Armor, Cadence, Flurry Heart, Starlight Glimmer, Sunburst and Twilight's friends were sitting among sheep when Twilight saw the strange new star in the sky.

Twilight: Guys look! A new star!

Starlight: What do you think it is?

Twilight: Let's go find out

They followed the light which lead to Luna and her new born foal. 1:26-3:41

"Hey everypony." Lancelot greeted.

"We followed the star which lead us here." Twilight informed.

"You've arrived at the perfect moment." Lancelot stated as he let everypony come near.

"Would you like to see him Flurry?" Luna asked.

"Yes Auntie." Flurry then sat next to her.

Jason opened his eyes which were bright blue and looked up at Flurry, she smiled seeing his attention was on her.

"Hi Jason." She greeted warm and friendly.

Jason giggled reaching a hoof up to her nose.

"He's so adorable." Flurry remarked.

Aiden held Jason next and was fascinated with the foal, like he had a new brother.

Just then, a group of shepherds came in to the stable.

"Greetings Shepherds." Luna spoke.

"Is the new prince here?" The first Shephard asked.

"Over here." She showed the new born colt to him.

"Just as the angel had told us." the second Shepherd stated.

Luna smiled proudly all the while as her son was given revered attention.

Some days later, there came three magi from the east who followed the star searching for the new born prince.

"Welcome to you all as well."

The three Magi each brought gifts for the baby prince one after the other.

"Gold is for a prince, the riches of his glory." The first one Melchior informed.

"Frankincense is for prayer, a fragrant offering to Amalthea." The second named Caspar added.

"Myrrh is for sorrow and the day of death, the door way in to life." Balthazar finished.

"Thank you all." Luna said accepting each gift.

Just then, a young colt with a brown coat and black mane an tail walked in to the stable. He had a drum with a rope which he carried around with him.

"And who might you be?" Luna inquired.

"Aaron." He replied.

"Care to play your drum, Aaron?" Luna asked.

Aaron looks at his drum and then Jason and answered smiling, "I'd be honored." He stated as he started playing his drum,
Luna enjoyed the sound from the young colt. Little Drummer Boy

And as Aaron looked at the babe, he thought it was the most beautiful site he had ever seen.

"Such beautiful music." Luna complimented.

"Your gift for Prince Jason, Aaron, is perhaps the one favored above all." Caspar observed.

Luna agreed with him as Aaron humbly bowed.

Yes, it seems everypony was happy about the arrival of Jason. When Lancelot and Luna returned to Canterlot with Jason, they went to the temple to give offerings to Amalthea and dedicate Jason. There was an elder stallion named Simeon, Amalthea told him that he would not die until he had seen the Star Prince.

Luna and Lancelot met the old stallion. Simeon took the colt in his arms and praised Amalthea.

"Sovereign Lady, now let your servant die in peace, as you have promised. I have seen your salvation, which you have prepared for all. He is a light to reveal Amalthea to the nations, and he is the glory of your ponies."

"He is special." Luna said.

Simeon blesses Jason's parents and turns towards Luna.

"This child is destined to be Equestria's greatest champion, he will be a joy to many. He has been sent as a sign from Amalthea, he will strike fear into those who threaten Equestria, but many will oppose him. He will cause the fall and rising of many in Equestria, and to be a sign that will be spoken against. As a result, the deepest thoughts of many hearts will be revealed. And a sword will pierce your own sole as well. May Amalthea guild your child as he grows."

Lancelot and Luna then left with Jason soon after.

But there was one who was not pleased about the new prince....A stallion named Herod, one of grand dukes in Equestria. Herod knew that the Star Prince would become a great ruler when grown up, and that would mean the fall of his position as a duke. Herod would not let that happen, he set up a plan to kill Jason.

But, Gabriel appeared to Lancelot in a vision.

Gabriel in a vision spoke urgently, "Lancelot, get up. Duke Herod is searching for Jason attempting to destroy him. You must take Jason and his mother to Dodge Junction."

Lancelot woke up and rushed to Luna who was nurturing Jason, "Luna!"

"What is it Lancelot?"

"We need to leave Canterlot, Jason's life is in danger!"

Luna gasps in fear for her son's life and quickly made her escape.

Lancelot and Luna took Jason and fled. They stayed in Dodge Junction until Gabriel told Lancelot that Herod was dead. They then returned to Canterlot, and Jason grew strong in spirit, and the grace of Amalthea was upon him.

The End.